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Horlicks Review & Giveaway

Horlicks is a drink I remember fondly from childhood, as a warming drink on a cold winters day, or a drink before bedtime to give me a good nights sleep.  They now produce a ‘Light Chocolate’ version with 55% less fat than the original recipe, meaning less calories per cup – perfect!

WP_20160219_14_38_14_ProA mug of Horlicks Traditional is packed with 14 key nutrients including Vitamin B6 which contributes to the normal functioning of both the nervous and immune system and can reduce tiredness and fatigue. It is also low fat and a source of protein.

As well as the powedered drink, Horlicks have released some vintage inspired goodies to store your Horlicks in and drink it out of.  I love the old fashioned style tins and they make a great accessory for the kitchen.

I’ve been having a nightly cup of Horlicks over the last week or so when the evenings have been chilly and have to say the taste really surprised me.  It seemed nicer than I remember from years ago and definitely a drink I’ll include in my bedtime routine over the winter months.  It’s frothy and creamy yet so simple to mix up with hot water, well worth a try!

horlicksIf you fancy trying the Light range of Horlicks along with the memorabilia shown above, then just enter my giveaway below to win a bundle of goodies:



All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. melanie stirling says:

    Reading before bed helps me sleep better.

  2. Leila Benhamida says:

    Quiet time before bed to feel more relaxed, warm bath and a good book in bed works wonder for me.

  3. tracy k nixon says:

    Switch technology off at least half an hour before bedtime.

  4. Louise Gardener says:

    I always have a little read of my book.

  5. ashleigh allan says:

    read a book to relax

  6. Julie T says:

    I don’t sleep too well but clean sheets are one thing that does help.

  7. olivia Kirby says:

    I’m always tired so always have a good nights sleep. I make sure it’s completely silent and dark.

  8. Sandra Clarke says:

    A warm shower, hot drink and relax with a book.

  9. Tracey Peach says:

    Read a book this always helps me get to sleep 🙂

  10. Paula Barker says:

    I always read, then listen to natural sounds, to help me nod off

  11. Tania Atfield says:

    Lavender spray on my pillow helps me sleep better

  12. aaron broad says:

    Get into a routine and no caffeine

  13. Michaela Smith says:

    I spray a lavender product onto my pillow every night 🙂

  14. Lisa Deller says:

    I always make sure everything for the following day is done at least an hour before going to bed. That way I can start winding down before snuggling up in bed with a good book 🙂

  15. julie eley says:

    I find a bath and a book helps me sleep 🙂

  16. laura henney says:

    No screen time half an hour before hand and no eating two hours before bed.
    Basically half hour of chilling out before bed.

  17. Reading a magazine makes me drift off almost immediately.

  18. Ruby Spiteri says:

    story time before bed always works for me x

  19. Annabel Greaves says:

    A nice relaxing bubble bath with classical music xx

  20. Lorna Ledger says:

    A special cuddle, haha 😉

  21. Harline says:

    Nice relaxing bath a mug of horlicks and read a good book

  22. tracey hunt says:

    warm milky drink and to relax before bed

  23. KATHY D says:

    Warm milky drink and eat a banana (read it somewhere – tried it – and it really works)

  24. Ema J Lowe says:

    don’t use your phone or tablet in bed, its stimulates the brain.

  25. Kim M says:

    Chamomile tea x

  26. Nice cup of Hot Chocolate x
    Wendyg recently posted…#MySundayPhotoMy Profile

  27. Stevie says:

    Eating at a sensible time.

  28. laura stewart says:

    i warm my pj’s on the radiator 🙂

  29. Julie Ward says:

    Nice long soak in a bubble bath, I don’t have any problems sleeping

  30. Kevin Honey says:

    Be tired!

  31. Susan Smith says:

    Normally have a hot milk

  32. silvana martins says:

    Listening music helps me sleep when I have a rough day.

  33. Kelly Goodall says:

    Bath and hot chocolate

  34. Kathryn Joyce says:

    Definitely no ipad or TV in bed, and read a book or kindle (but not kindle on an ipad or kindle fire etc).

  35. Hannah Smith says:

    My top tip is to relax before going to bed.. so I have started switching off the laptop about an hour before and doing some colouring instead!

    Hannah x

  36. Eva Appleby says:

    A nice hot cup of Horlicks always helps me get a good nights sleep and it so soothing and delicious

  37. Henry Little says:

    a nice hot shower before bed, fresh sheets, makes such a difference

  38. Ms Suan Watts says:

    A warm bath, milky drink and a good book

  39. Keith Hunt says:

    A cool bedroom and a warm bed.

  40. GEOFF WICKENS says:


  41. laura banks says:

    i have a bath before bed

  42. rachel ford says:

    a nice hot bubble bath with lavender

  43. Joanne Hutchings says:

    Never go to sleep on an argument!

  44. Mummy of Two + 1 says:

    Don’t have kids 😀

  45. sarah rees says:

    nice warm bath, hot drink, comfy pjs and reading/audiobook

  46. patrick quilty says:

    close your eyes

  47. Rachel Craig says:

    Warm drink (non-alcoholic) and a snack about an hour before going to bed to settle to sleep.

  48. abigail edkins says:

    a cold pillow…but then my hubby thinks Im mad

  49. don erwood says:

    A good book usually helps me get in frame of mind to sleep

  50. Lee cowling says:

    Go for a run, then relax with a nice warm cup of Horlicks 🙂

  51. James Harris says:

    Make sure you are really tired before trying to get to sleep.

  52. laura says:

    A warm bath and a good book

  53. laura says:

    A nice warm bath before bed.

  54. Paula Readings says:

    Nice hot bath before bed, relaxing.

  55. Amanda says:

    A warm bath and the house all peaceful and quiet at least a good hour before bed

  56. samantha nickells says:

    Nice soothing music with the headphones on…or even a meditation app..I never hear all of it!

  57. Gill Holmes says:

    A cup of chamomile tea and a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow

  58. Katie says:

    Yoga before bed

  59. clair downham says:

    avoiding caffeine

  60. Emma Ellams says:

    Read a book, a proper book, even if only for a short while until you feel sleepy

  61. Alison Paffey says:

    A hot bath and a good book of course! X

  62. Karen Richards says:

    A relaxing bath and a good book

  63. Jo McPherson says:

    Relax before sleeping, I always read a book. I also switched off the clock radio in our room as I found myself constantly waking up and checking the time – I sleep much better now.

  64. Kelly L says:

    Nice clean sheets!

  65. Eliz Ml says:

    a warm milky drink

  66. Keep a good, straight-forward and easy routine!
    Angela McDonald recently posted…Limited Edition Vanilla KitKat!My Profile

  67. Em hunt says:

    Lavender is lovely to relax the body in a bath and on the pillow. Plus, I always find reading helps me to get sleepy. ☺️

  68. Lara Latchem says:

    A nice hot bubble bath and a cuppa hot chocolate

  69. Sharon L Johnson says:

    nice hot choc and chill for half hour then sleep x

  70. kaye talvilahti says:

    reading helps me

  71. betony bennett says:

    I always try and switch off by losing myself in a book for half an hour in bed.

  72. Michelle Sykes says:

    Hot chocolate about half an hour before bed

  73. srephen smith says:

    a hot bath warm drink and a good book is what i do

  74. Corinne Peat says:

    A nice long walk and a bath.

  75. michelle smith says:

    relax in a hot bubble bath.

  76. Nat thomason says:

    A good book and lavender oil

  77. Gwyn Sharps says:

    No technology for at least an hour before bedtime.

  78. KathV says:

    a bath and a book

  79. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Reading a chapter or two of a book always help me drift off to sleep

  80. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Making sure I turn don’t use my phone, tablet or laptop after ten at night seems to help me x

  81. Pauline Wilson says:

    Good pillows, clean bedding, a nice book to read and preferably a hubby who doesn’t snore!

  82. Rebecca Austerberry says:

    A bubble bath & book

  83. Lesley Bradley says:

    I always like to have a read before bed

  84. amy bondoc says:

    i always have a nice relaxing bath before bed, and put a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow

  85. barbara daniels says:

    hiot bath, good book, windows open and of course a cup of horlicks!

  86. Lisa Parker says:

    I try not to use any technology at least an hour before bedtime, clean sheets, I always turn my pillow over at night as dust and pollen settle on it during the day.

  87. kate philpott says:

    a lovely bath , fresh bedding aswell

  88. Ruth Harwood says:

    Don’t have technology in the bedroom – the rules of feng shui suggest that anything other than sleep should be done elsewhere 🙂

  89. Heather Swain says:

    I always listen to calming music to wind down when I’m in bed.

  90. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    Turn off all the gadgets (hard to do I know!), make a hot drink and try to wind down before you turn the lights off 🙂

  91. Leah says:

    Read a book

  92. Adele L says:

    Nice fresh clean bedding and comfortable snuggly pyjamas

  93. Barry Page says:

    A milky drink and a good book generally work for me

  94. Rebecca Williams says:

    Reading before bed makes my sleepy. 🙂

  95. Iris W says:

    I always drink a mug of nighttime tea an hour before bed and read a few pages in bed. I use a lovely smelling lavender pillowspray too that usually does the trick

  96. Claire Grigg says:

    Reading always makes me drop off….just wish I knew how to stay asleep 🙁

  97. Kathleen Bell says:

    Having a hot drink and reading a book before bed helps me sleep.

  98. Louise A says:

    Good curtains to block out light and noise

  99. Emma Nixon says:

    Warm shower and climb in to a freshly made bed. Bliss

  100. tracey ryder says:

    I read befor I go to bed it makes me tired

  101. Suzanne says:

    A warm drink and unwinding with a good book.

  102. Silvia says:

    A long, steamy bath does the trick for me!

  103. Rebecca E says:

    Turn off the TV and mobile. Put your worries to one side. Cup of tea.

  104. Zoe G says:

    Definitely wind down before bed, a nice soak in the bath and a good book

  105. Catherine Whetton says:

    Read before bed

  106. Katie skeoch says:

    Listening to some thunderstorm soundtrack makes me fall right off to sleep!

  107. Sheila Reeves says:

    Warm bath and lavender oil on your pillow – helps me drop off

  108. maddalena dalton says:

    fresh cotton sheets

  109. Julie Henderson says:

    some instrumental music playing softly while you nod off

  110. Jodie Darnley says:

    Don’t take your phone to bed with you, stops you from the urge to use and helps your mind unwind

  111. Annette Oliver says:

    Read a good book with a hot drink

  112. Mark Barlow says:

    Keep away from phones laptops and tablet devices for at least an hour before bedtime

  113. Karen R says:

    My best tip is not to have children! but failing that, going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time each day, and a milky drink, like horlicks before bed

  114. stephen ashdown says:

    A nice warm bath with a glass or two of wine, a nice massage then a good book (just a chapter or two)

  115. Jacqueline Mclean says:

    Warm milky drink and my kindle works nightly..

  116. jo hutchinson says:

    Lavender spray on the bed sheets.

  117. Stephanie Tsang says:

    A warm milky drink before bed always helps me to sleep better.

  118. Krzysia says:

    Don’t watch anything violent, loud or troublesome on TV right before bedtime.

  119. Laura Nice says:

    Leave your mobile downstairs!

  120. Sammie Hodges says:

    Turn off technology at least 1 hour before you want to go to sleep!

  121. claire woods says:

    try to relax before going to bed.

  122. Caroline H says:

    Wear something really comfy in bed. Nice, soft fabrics, nothing with straps that dig in or something that twists round you in the night.

  123. Rie Tetley says:

    Get into an evening routine, and stick to it as much as possible (even on weekends!)

  124. Marycarol says:

    Nice bath and warm drink x

  125. Bob Clark says:

    avoid watching TV for the last hour before bed

  126. Stacey Carnell says:

    Have a notebook and pen on the side table, that way if you find that you have thoughts running through your mind preventing you from sleeping you can write them down. This will remove them from your thoughts and let you sleep peacefully.

  127. fozia Akhtar says:

    No technology an hour before bed

  128. Tamsin Dean says:

    a fantastic warm bath

  129. Sherri Hough says:

    a warm bubble bath

  130. Tara Clover says:

    I put on Mellow Magic on my DTV and turn the volume down low. With the ‘sleep’ timer set I listen to slow songs to drift off to sleep.

  131. SARAH BIRKETT says:

    fresh air in the bedroom, and a regular routine

  132. Milo says:

    Definitely try to read before bed to take your mind off your worries!

  133. Rachael Mccadden says:

    a relaxing bath

  134. Sophie Marie Cartwright says:

    Leave the window slightly open for fresh air x

  135. Tracy says:

    No screens, a warm drink and a cool room!

  136. Wendy Becker says:

    A large brandy

  137. kate knight says:

    Don’t use your phone right before bed

  138. Julie D says:

    nice hot shower, fresh bedclothes, bliss!

  139. Corinna Ball says:

    A hot steamy bath with candles and a bath bomb.

  140. Tony Metcalf says:

    I read a few pages of a book.

  141. msedollyp says:

    always sleep with the window open just a little

  142. S Bufton says:

    Don’t use technology before bed

  143. Lindsey Jones says:

    A relaxing bath and book before bed

  144. Naz M says:

    Use apps such as flux if you use technology to dim the lights on your laptop/phone when the sun goes down and have a set bedtime, go to bed around the same time each day.

  145. Lyla says:

    A hot milky drink and lavender essence on my pillow

  146. nicola clarkson says:

    a nice warm bath then reading a book in bed

  147. Tracy Gladman says:

    Bath before bed

  148. carolyn joyce says:

    watch an ASMR video on youtube – they are very relaxing and help you fall asleep

  149. iain maciver says:

    a wee bit of reading

  150. Adele Hill says:

    warm milky drink and to relax with a book before bed

  151. It’s all about routine – deviate from it at your own risk!
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Grow your blog with StumbleUponMy Profile

  152. Ruth Tesdale says:

    A hot milky drink before bed

  153. helen tovell says:

    Leave technology, games and tv alone for half and hour before going to bed and it should stop your mind from racing when in bed.

  154. Liam Bishop says:

    No phones in the bedroom.

  155. Johanne currie says:

    Don’t watch tv an hour before you go to sleep

  156. linda curtis says:

    warm bath dimlight and quiet reading

  157. leanne weir says:

    Wash your sheets frequently. Nothing better than clean sheets to help sleep

  158. Heather T says:

    A very dark bedroom

  159. Jane H Shaw says:

    A warm shower and some quiet time Thanks

  160. Tom Humphries says:

    No technology in the bedroom

  161. Angelica Dimeo says:

    I like listening to music before bed

  162. Clare B. says:

    Warm shower or bath and a hot drink

  163. Natalie Crossan says:

    Read a good book to relax

  164. Make sure your bedroom’s not full of clutter! An untidy room makes it more difficult to relax and sleep…
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  165. says:

    Whiskey and Horlicks works everytime

  166. Lucy I says:

    Quiet time before bed, no TV or phone

  167. Jo Carroll says:

    I always warm the bed first before getting in…I hate the chill of cold sheets on my legs 😉

  168. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Have a quiet relaxing time reading before bed.

  169. Alice Colling says:

    no caffeine after 8pm,

  170. Becca Staples says:

    Send the kids to their grandparents 😉 Or a nice warm milky drink before bed x

  171. nuala r says:

    Use a nice relaxing music in the background blocks out noises and helps take your mind off stuff

  172. m knight says:

    Turn off any screens at least half an hour before sleep time (i.e, mobile, laptop, tablet, TV etc)

  173. Anna Brown says:

    I hot bath, cosy pj’s a warm drink and then wrap up in bed with a book

  174. Janet Robertson says:

    Turn off the telephone

  175. Sarah Rees says:

    A nice warm bath before bed

  176. Alice OConnor says:

    cool, dark room with lavender essential oil drops on your pillow xx

  177. val cooper says:

    Warm bath and a good book xx

  178. Richard R says:

    Reading a good book before going to bed

  179. Amanda noble says:

    A lovely steaming mug of chocolate horlicks and i read a book til i drop off…always helps x

  180. jayne kelsall says:

    A nice hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book .x

  181. paul langford says:

    horlicks and a dash of rum to make you sleep like a baby

  182. Hannah Scudder says:

    I find turning off technology and writing down things helps me calm down enough for sleep.

  183. hot bath & a hot chocolate

  184. Jayne says:

    A bath and a good book

  185. Solange says:

    A hot bath and reading before bed helps me sleep better.

  186. says:

    A hot bath, no caffeine and a good book <3

  187. Ruth Goddard says:

    Leave all electronics out of the bedroom

  188. gemma hendry says:

    nice bath and hot drink will send u on nice sleep (and pregnancy pillow atm)

  189. Natalie Gillham says:

    A hot bath, warm milky drink and a good read snuggled up in bed always help me get to sleep and sleep well x

  190. Catherine says:

    Lavender body lotion

  191. Michelle O'Neill says:

    no caffine or computers an hour before bed x

  192. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Try to relax before bed with a book or a hot bath

  193. Matt McAndrew says:

    Comfortable pillows! No neck aches, back aches or head aches.

  194. Maureen M says:

    A hot milky drink and a good book to read

  195. says:

    always have a cold room – makes me want to snuggle under those duvets and get a good nights sleep even more

  196. jackie curran says:

    A nice warm drink and bubbly bath .

  197. Gemma Massey says:

    Lavender pillow spray helps me sleep x

  198. Evelyn Moffat says:

    I have a hot drink. Either Horlicks or Hot Chocolate. I also find eating a Banana 15 minutes before bedtime, helps me sleep xx

  199. pete c says:

    read for 45 minutes before going to bed

  200. Jess Mary says:

    Having a good one hour read before bed! Best way to relax for me 🙂 x

  201. Kayley Hill says:

    Hot bath with a cup of horlicks and clean bedding with a disney movie

  202. Cheryl Price says:

    a nice relaxing bath before bed always calms a child down

  203. cathyj says:

    milky drink

  204. don’t watch scary tv programmes or films before bedtime

  205. Michelle Carlin says:

    No caffeine after 6pm, hot bath, Horlicks and read a relaxing book – nothing scary or too exciting!

  206. Fiona jk42 says:

    turn off electronic devices at least half an hour before bedtime. I don’t drink coffee or tea after 4pm. If I want a hot drink I have fruit or herbal tea, or hot chocolate.

  207. carole n says:

    Have a nice warm bath

  208. Angie Hoggett says:

    make sure your bedroom is at the right temperature and that it is a quiet, peaceful room that you look forward to relaxing in at night

  209. Lyndsey says:

    spray a lavender scent around the room

  210. Susan B says:

    Don’t do any computer work after dinner and begin dimming lighting and noise at least an hour before bedtime.

  211. Kerry W says:

    I try and use a few relaxations techniques and some meditation.

  212. EJ Dunn says:

    A good routine works wonders for me

  213. Emma Rawlinson says:

    A mug of warm milk before bed

  214. michelle speight says:

    clean sheets and cut out the coffee

  215. tracy james says:

    my tip would be a warming drink and quiet time befoe bed x

  216. Christina Brown says:

    Sleep at the same time every night!

  217. Caroline Blaza says:

    Lovely warm bath and read a book before bed x

  218. Elspeth MacMillan says:

    Warm drink and a good book

  219. Victoria Prince says:

    Get a routine, turn all gadgets off at least an hour before bed and ban them from the bedroom!

  220. says:

    a hot bath with some lavendar bath bubbles, then jump into bed and read a book until i cool down a bit and fall asleep

  221. Debbie Louise Davies says:

    If you have a snoring partner or other noises going on, then ear plugs work wonders for me. Nothing fancy, think mine were a quid from a local discount store! xx

  222. Kristy Brown says:

    Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature

  223. Jo Glasspool says:

    I like to read in bed, this always helps me get to sleep.

  224. Isabelle Smith says:

    a cup of chamomile tea x

  225. Sally Collingwood says:

    Relax for half an hour reading or watching tv before bed.

  226. Eleanor Powell says:

    keep the electronics out of the bedroom

  227. Lauren Old says:

    I have a little bag of lavender that I keep my bed as that makes me so drowsy

  228. A.E. ADKINS says:

    warm bath, warm drink then bed & book

  229. claire wilkinson says:

    nice warm bath, clean bedding and pjs & a horlicks

  230. rebecca courtney says:

    clean sheets and a warm drink works for me every time

  231. Eirinaki Nikos Tsolak says:

    nice warm bath, clean bedding and pjs & a horlicks

  232. Helen A says:

    No caffeine after 6pm and don’t look at your phone/ipad within an hour of going to bed!

  233. Andrea A says:

    Switch technology items off at least an hour before going to bed.

  234. Sarah Lewis says:

    Keep to a routine!!

  235. Sheri Darby says:

    Think nice thoughts, remember good holidays and I’m soon asleep

  236. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    No computer screens an hour before bed!

  237. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I always read a good book

  238. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Clean sheets and clean pj’s – bath before bed and no phones/technology in the bedroom.

  239. Danika Grace Lloyd says:

    no bright lights or gadgets for an hour before bed

  240. Debbie Preston says:

    I read for about half hour

  241. Adrian Bold says:

    A good routine is essential. For us its a bath about 30 mins before bedtime that usually works perfectly.

  242. Ellen Stafford says:

    Switch technology off an hour before sleep. I always read a book.

  243. claire little says:

    have a routine

  244. Deborah Bird says:

    Always wind down so you feel relaxed and sleepy. I can never sleep if I go to bed before I get tired!

  245. Ellen Stafford says:

    Switch off technology an hour before sleep. I love to read a book.

  246. jamie millard says:

    temperature. cool room is better than hot. you’ll be warm under the duvet anyway

  247. lia sturman says:

    i read a book x

  248. claire fawkner says:

    Nice relaxing bath, hot drink and a good book

  249. Saran Benjamin says:

    Hot drink, read book, dark room that is not too warm

  250. Rachel Heap says:

    A nice hot bath does it for me

  251. Relax before bed
    Lydia Graham recently posted…St. John AmbulanceMy Profile

  252. Francesca Harrod says:

    No TV in the bedroom!!

  253. Julie Camm says:

    A bath, fresh bedding, and reading my book…

  254. Diana says:

    No screens at least an hour before bed. Cup of tea, classic fm and a book! Will put you to sleep real quick! 🙂

  255. James Holyland says:

    Go to bed exhausted

  256. Helen Maddock says:

    nice bath, warm drink and a good book

  257. Dawn Hull says:

    Turning TVs/laptops off half an hour before bed.

  258. Amy Eastwick says:

    No tech after lights out makes a massive difference.

  259. Angela Williams says:

    Send the kids to the Grandparents for a sleep over

  260. Rich Tyler says:

    No sugar before bed – makes you way too buzzy!

  261. Margery L says:

    Don’t take smart phones and tablets into the bedroom

  262. Kelly Goodall says:

    Warm drink and a warm bath

  263. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Leave your bedroom window open a crack to air the room out before bedtime.

  264. Amy Jane Beckett says:

    A nice hot bath

  265. MichelleD says:

    Read a good book for at least ten minutes before going to sleep!

  266. angela edmonds says:

    to share with my three grandsons xxx

  267. Having a routine before bed – e.g. milky drink, bath and bedtime story and then to bed the same time each night.

  268. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Turn off all gadgets an hour before bed. Then a hot drink and a good book 🙂

  269. Gillian Brewster says:

    Turn off your phone notifications, TV etc no reaching to check messages. That screen will suck you in and keep you awake!

  270. Aaron Milne says:

    You can’t sleep if you are not tired

  271. Anneka Hulse says:

    not to take smart phones or tablets in to the bedroom

  272. Emma Fox says:

    A relaxing bath

  273. Laura Graty says:

    reading in bed with a hot drink x

  274. Michelle Hughes says:

    Lock the hubby in the shed, send the children their grandparents and star fish 🙂

  275. Angela Paull says:

    No gadgets for an hour before bed time!

  276. Spencer Wright says:

    I grate a little nutmeg onto my hot chocolate. A tip handed down from my nan. 🙂

  277. Susan Carruthers says:

    Listening to some relaxing music and Lavender room spray

  278. M Allen says:

    Read for at least half an hour, but longer if you don’t feel tired. just keep reading until your eyelids droop.

  279. pauline black says:

    I always have a warm bath and read a book before bed

  280. Karen Howden says:

    a nice mug of horlicks

  281. Julie says:

    A bubble bath and no phone or computer screens for an hour before bed.

  282. Champaklal Lad says:

    enter competitions

  283. Caroline Signey says:

    Relaxing bath before bed

  284. Christopher Read says:

    If you can’t sleep, get up and have a walk around the house and then return to bed

  285. Amy Jo McLellan says:

    Some lavender on your pillow

  286. George Worboys Wright says:

    A cool dark room helps!

  287. Leanne Bell says:

    Limit the use of screens before bed 🙂 x

  288. Jade says:

    Don’t eat too late.

  289. no screen time for at least an hour before bed and no screens in the bedroom not even to charge.
    ellie spider recently posted…Weeks 2 & 3My Profile

  290. Natasha R-M says:

    I read – it makes my eyes tired and I soon drop off to sleep.

  291. Michelle Wild says:

    Reading helps.

  292. Danielle Kennedy says:

    I have a relaxing bath with the lights dim and some candles then I put warm pjs on and get into bed with a hit milky drink 🙂

  293. Samantha Bolter says:

    blackout curtain all year long 🙂

  294. liz ferguson says:

    fresh air and exercise induces sleep x

  295. Penelope Riley says:

    I always read before going to sleep, although sometimes this results in me falling asleep before I put the book down!

  296. I have an Horlicks any time especially love to have one in bed before having a good sleep

  297. Dale Dow says:

    swap computers and android devices for a good book at least an hour before sleeping

  298. Elaine Skye Clark says:

    A relaxing bath and a mug of Horlicks with a plain Biscuit….zzzz

  299. Dawn Thompson says:

    Turn off the TV an hour before bed!

  300. Scott Fallon says:

    Turn off gadgets

  301. esther james says:

    read a good book before bed

  302. Aideen McElhone Patel says:

    A cool Holicks an hour before bed and some guided meditation 🙂

  303. says:

    Kick the husband out of bed before he starts to snore like a warthog <3

  304. Evette Gabriella Williams says:

    Have a warm milky drink before bedtime

  305. Katie Chamberlain says:

    Nice hot bubbly bath helps me

  306. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Black out blinds are fantastic

  307. Chloe Bailey says:

    Don’t have children!

  308. Lisa Lewis says:

    a nice hot bubble bath and a warm milky drink like Horlicks 🙂

  309. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Keep the temperature down a little in the room as it can disrupt sleep if it’s too hot 🙂

  310. Karen Dixon says:

    A warm bath before bed

  311. zoe dennett says:

    A nice warm bath with a cup of horlicks!

  312. Lorna-Jane Holland says:

    I have an hour of reading with no interruption from screens before bed x

  313. matthew monnes says:

    love it

  314. Rebecca whale says:

    I spray my pillow with lavender sleep spray

  315. Beryl drake says:

    To relax and clear your mind

  316. Nicole S says:

    Reading helps me to settle down

  317. Cassie says:

    A lovely cup of horlicks before bed 😀

  318. sharon martin says:

    a warm bath, then relax reading a book

  319. Don’t eat late at night

  320. Lynn Woodcock says:

    A nice milky drink and a clear conscience

  321. Carole Sylvia Hiscock says:

    A nice hot Horlicks and a warm bed.

  322. Chris Fletcher says:

    No electronic devices an hour before bed!

  323. amanda greensmith says:

    lavender linen spray on the bedding

  324. SUNITA VERMA says:

    I find a banana really helps me sleep and some warm milk

  325. Michelle Pierce says:

    Read a book before bedtime sends me off to sleep

  326. Keeley Shaw says:

    Reading tends to send me off. As does watching Match of the Day with my fiance!

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