Keeping the House Clean with Dettol – Review and Giveaway

One daily battle I have at home with the children is keeping their hands clean.  They are forever outside, collecting mud under their fingernails, or inside using arts and craft materials.  I’m constantly asking them to wash their hands whether it’s after using the toilet or before they have something to eat.  Dettol have come up with a great solution, Automatic Hand Wash.

dettol 2How cool is this?  I just love the sleek silver dispenser and no more messing around pressing fiddly hand soap pumps, just pop your hands underneath and a blob of soap drops onto your hands!

dettol 3This is perfect for my children to use and leaves no excuse for washing their hands.  I know my little boy would often say he couldn’t push the pump down on a normal soap dispenser but with this it’s so simple.  The hand wash is anti bacterial too, just what you need for muddy hands.  Both my children have been using this daily and I can definitely say they have been washing their hands more willingly.  When the soap runs out, you can simply buy a refill pack and it just pops inside, in place of the empty bottle.


I’ve also been liking the Power & Pure Multi Purpose Kitchen spray from the Dettol range.  With active oxygen and killing 99.9% of bacteria, this foamy spray is great for all round use in the kitchen.  This easily dissolves grease, dirt and soap scum, and I’ve had great results on my hob, draining board and around the sink leaving them shiny and clean.

dettol 4Also in the range is a Surface Cleanser spray which has no odour and is great for surfaces you want to place food directly on such as in the fridge.  Power & Pure Advance Bathroom wipes have a lovely mountain fresh fragrance.  They are large wipes and with 80 in a pack will last a while.  These are ideal for giving the bathroom sink a wipe round and over the taps.  I also used these around the bath and across the tiles.  They are so handy for a quick clean and being disposable means they are hygenic and not collecting germs like cloths can sometimes.

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All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

316 thoughts on “Keeping the House Clean with Dettol – Review and Giveaway

  1. I use Dettol Mould & Mildew Remover for cleaning grout on bathroom tiles. Just spray on and leave to soak, then a quick clean and the results are amazing.

  2. I try to do a bit every day so it never gets to bad. In particular the oven I clean quite regularly before it all gets dry and difficult to clean

  3. Don’t do all the cleaning by yourself, motivate the people you’re living with to keep the house clean so you can all focus on your daily activities!

  4. Get your kids to help out from the start, including taking responsibility for their room and putting washing in the laundry etc. Make them aware when their clothes are still in a heap on their floor that they don’t get washed and picked up on their own!

  5. Use a lemon wedge and a bowl of water in the microwave on low for 30 seconds to help loosen stains and improve the smell!

  6. My best cleaning tip is to put de-scaler down the toilet and leave it for an hour or more when u go to clean it with toilet brush all marks just wipe off with no effort and it looks as good as new.

  7. Little and often. My husband has a habit of leaving things (ie empty crisps packets, receipts etc) in random piles around the house. I have a rule for myself that if I enter a room I have to tidy something up, this takes 2 seconds but saves the messiness building up to a big job that could take hours

  8. Try and be disciplined and do it every day….I recently got caught up looking after an ailing mu and left my own housework aside…it became at marathon….never again!

  9. I find doing little and often helps, i try and do my bathroom every day as there are 5 of us so you can imagine how dirty it can get

  10. Write lists of jobs you never get round to doing (like cleaning the leather sofa, washing windows, etc) and each week, do one of them on top of you regular cleaning.

  11. Clean and tidy as you go along so you don’t have a whole ton to do at once, failing that do what I did which is marry a man who is borderline OCD!

  12. Clean in the ad breaks during tv, it’s amazing how much you can get done. Also get youngsters doing cleaning, it is a valuable life skill, especially when they move out and get their own place.

  13. Little & often. Hubby cleans the kitchen everyday & I clean the sinks in the bathrooms on a rotating basis so that they never get out of hand & look like a big job. Same with dusting – a room a day.

  14. Keep a basket in each room then anything that is out of place can be put in it and then you can just pick the basket up and carry to put away,

    Always keep a packet of wipes handy to quickly spruce up dust, dirt, spills quick and easily

  15. If you are in a hurry, spray your bathroom tiles, basin etc with cleaner, switch on the shower to hot, switch off the fan, close the door and window and leave it to build up steam for a minute. The dirt just lifts off and wipes down really easily.

  16. I deep clean one rom every week, and every weekend allocate myself a specific task or room ie clean the oven, or defrost the freezer

  17. Do it little and often…. oh, and always have your hands full when going to another room! Theres always something to take and put away x

  18. Try and tidy up as you go, I hate a massive pile of washing up so always try and wash up the pots and pans as I use them so after dinner I am not left with a massive tower of dirty plates, pots and pans!

  19. Cleaning the microwave YUK ! whizz through this by popping half a lemon in a glass bowl – heat on high for 3 mins and wipe away. Your Kitchen smells lemony fresh too 🙂

  20. Each month I do a deep clean of a room – then through the month just clean up after use –

    White vinegar is best – use it in every room

  21. Do a little bit in the morning before work (eg: half an hours ironing or cook dinner). It’s horrible at the time but lovely to come home from work and actually relax!

  22. use natural products you create when you’re cooking! for example use lemon halves (after you’ve squeezed them for their juice in cooking) around the rim on the kitchen sink! smells nice and is effective too!

  23. Smelly scouring pad? Don’t throw it away. Dampen it and drop some lemon juice or natural oil on it. Mcrowave for 30 seconds and voila, any nasty germs or smells will have been zapped. Plus your microwave smells nice!

  24. When cleaning teh kettle put half a lemon in mash it up with water then boil the kettle. Same with microwave half lemon in a bowl turn it on all the muck should slide of.

  25. If your washing machine starts to smell of stagnant water do a hot wash empty and put some white vinegar where you would put detergent in and it will freshen it up!

  26. Clean up as you go along; lemon juice keeps things nice and fresh; and don’t feel bad getting some help in if housework is something you dislike.

  27. Decent music, having something to distract from the cleaning actually helps you clean better. It’s all about psychology !!

  28. Clean up as soon as it needs doing then there is very little to do and you won’t get snowed under. I always keep an old toothbrush handy for those hard to clean areas such as around cooker knobs or at the base of taps on the sink

  29. It might sound obvious but try to keep on top of it, cleaning is so much easier when it’s done regularly. Antibacterial wipes are brill for giving things like the toilet and door handles a quick clean in between cleaning days

  30. as a new single mummy i find that keeping on top of the cleaning when i can helps as i dont have that much spare time, just when my baby is sleeping. i spray everything with dettol everyday!

  31. Have a spray bottle of water that contains a very small weak solution of bleach, and before leaving the shower, spray over the tiles to prevent grime and mildew

  32. Put newspaper on top of kitchen cupboards and wardrobes so you only need to roll it up with all the dust and grease and throw away without any cleaning effort

  33. Get someone else to do the cleaning with me its Hubby lol. My top tip is antibacterial wipes to clean surfaces as they are great

  34. saliva breaks down blood. blood stain? cut while shaving and spilt on your white shirt? spit on it, let it soak in and gently rub. wash as normal

  35. rather than blitz the whole housee which can be off putting, do one room a day then cleaning doesn’t see, so challenging

  36. Distilled white vinegar for removing limescale from stainless steel taps – brings them up lovely and sparkly!

  37. Spray the area you are going to clean and leave it for a while before actually cleaning it to make the dirt easier to come off

  38. Crush a dishwasher tablet and mix with water into a paste. Apply to oven door or encrusted oven pans. Leave for a while then wipe off for amazing results.

  39. Cut a lemon in half and put it in a bowl of water inside the microwave, and microwave for 5 minutes. The steam cuts through any grease and grime on the inside of the microwave and the lemon makes the kitchen smell lovely and fresh 🙂

  40. Keep on top of the cleaning do a little at a time, I also have a pack of antibac wipes handy to clean things like the bin, floor, fridge, cupboards, all sorts.

  41. Clean alone, boot everyone out the house, blast some music and crack on, people only get in the way, offer distractions or cause more work x

  42. Little & often. Stops it building up to the point where you have to spend all day cleaning! I used to use a cleaning chart too so I wouldnt forget to like dust the TV or something haha!

  43. Your mix of cleaners and the wet/dry vac and brush method works better than any name brand “steam cleaner” or professional I’ve ever used. With the exception of the oxy clean I bought all my supplies at the dollar store. I used a small $20 Stanley shop vac from Wal-Mart.

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