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Jubilee Festivities!!

For the Queen’s diamond jubilee last weekend, the road in which we live held a street party.  Unfortunately the skies stayed grey and the day was littered with light, drizzly showers but none of them put a dampener on our spirits as we all had a throughly enjoyable afternoon despite some of the time being spent huddled up under garden umbrellas with our hoods up!!

Preparations began the day before with Miss M making some princess themed bunting to hang up and mummy doing the supermarket shop for some jubilee party essentials – Pimms.

And then the party began with people appearing from various houses, some we knew, some we recognised from getting in and out of their cars and some we didn’t even know lived there!  But it was amazing how everyone came together bringing various bowls of salads, jugs of Pimms, cakes and even little gifts for the children (Miss M has carried her little union jack purse around ever since offering to pay for things as it now has real money in it).









The finale of the afternoon came when one of the neighbours brought out their homemade jubilee cake.  We lit the little union jack flag on the top and all stood round singing the national anthem before letting the children blow the candle out.


It was a wonderful day had by all and lots of fun for the children.  It was great to see the community spirit of the day and makes me wish we had more events like this in which to bring everyone together.  I think we are already planning a big lunch street party next year to which I am already looking forward to – not that I want to wish this year away – there’s many precious memories to be had yet!!

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    These pictures are great! Share them and your stories (even the rainy bits) with us on the Jubilee Time Capsule at!

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