How to Support Your Children Through the Death of a Loved One

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The death of a loved one is a difficult event in life. Dealing with this loss while parenting young children makes the experience all the more taxing. You must make sure your children remember and honour the deceased, providing lots of comforting love during such difficult times.

This article will examine ways to navigate mom life during a family member’s death by creating heartfelt tributes as an emotional support system and offering love, remembrance and support during an emotionally trying journey.

Encourage Expression of Emotions

Grief can be an intensely personal emotion for all involved; your kids are no exception. Help facilitate healing by encouraging your kids to express themselves freely by writing tributes or using another healthy outlet such as art therapy. Remember that encouraging children to share difficult emotions does not involve crafting the perfect sentence or the ideal amount of tears; rather it should focus on raw expression that brings profound healing instead.

Seek Support From Funeral Homes

In times of profound emotion and confusion, funeral homes can provide invaluable support. Their professionals extend an empathetic hand, so you can focus on honouring the one you love in ways that truly represent them. When helping children through difficult times it’s comforting knowing there will be someone by your side taking care of paperwork, funeral arrangements and more.

Understanding the Healing Power of Tributes

Tributes offer comfort during times of sorrow by remembering those we’ve lost with fondness. Tributes also present an ideal opportunity to introduce children to death while paying our respects as part of an act of commemoration for a life well lived.

Selecting an Appropriate Tribute

Finding an appropriate memorial to commemorate a loved one’s memory can be challenging, yet selecting a tribute that helps your children process this loss can make all of the difference in how they cope. Each option – be it a carefully curated scrapbook with snapshots and favourite memories preserved within, a beautiful garden filled with living memories, or tangible fragments from years gone by – offers something different which helps your kids come to terms with loss.

Personalising Your Tribute

Personalisation is the art of imbuing your tribute with memories from the relationship – laughter shared, stories retold and precious moments shared together. By including symbols that remind both yourself and children of them specifically, you make the tribute that much more symbolic.

Engaging Your Children in the Process

Engaging your children in creating a tribute is like providing them a map to navigate their emotions as they deal with grief and loss – your support will provide an outlet for these complex feelings while honouring and remembering the deceased through this shared project.

Maintaining the Connection

Grieving for someone we have lost should not be thought of as a one-time celebration. Instead, it should be considered an ongoing journey, with birthdays, anniversaries and holidays providing us opportunities to remember their legacy of love while reminding us they remain with us always.


We play an invaluable role in supporting our children as they navigate the arduous path of grief. By comforting and helping our children process the emotions caused by loss, and finding ways to express it by remembering or honouring those lost, we foster in them resilience and empathy that they’ll carry with them forever.

Remind yourself that during this difficult period, you are creating emotional ties that will shape your children’s journey into adulthood and demonstrate to them how, even after passing on, loved ones always remain a part of their lives.

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