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Eye Care with Biotrue and TheraPearl

Looking after my eyes is always something I’m careful about doing as I want to keep them in optimum condition but am prone to small infections such as styes several times a year.  I tend to wear eye make up at least six days a week, and it’s important to remove every last trace which can be hard when you have eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow lodged around the lash line after a long day at work.

I’ve been trying out Biotrue, a preservative and detergent free eyelid wipe for daily use.  They are so gentle you can even use them on babies.  Each wipe is individually sealed for hygiene and to keep them sterile until use.  I found each wipe to be a generous size and plentifully moist to really cleanse the eye area and remove any last traces of dirt or make up that are left behind after my regular cleanse.  They leave your eye feeling fresh and clean and hopefully free of infection.  Also if you have an infection, be it a stye or something like conjunctivitus then these would be brilliant for using each morning and night to really help remove bacteria and clean up your eyelid in a gentle way.

Moving on to the TheraPearl eye mask, a new favourite of mine.  This reusable mask can be used hot or cold to relieve dry eyes, headaches, puffy eyes and more.  In this cold weather and with long days I’m incredibily tired in the evening after a day at work and I’ve found this to be a great way to relax before I go to bed.  When the kids are tucked up in bed I gently warm this up in the microwave, go and lie on my bed for 20 minutes with the mask on and totally relax in peace, which sets me up perfectly to drift off to sleep after releasing all the stresses of everyday life away.

It can also be used cold by keeping it in the freezer for a couple of hours which I have tried and it feels great to soothe sore, puffy, tired eyes but I think this will be better used in the Summer months when the weather is warmer and the cold mask will have maximum effect and feel like a total treat.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







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  1. EyeSoothe says:

    Therapearl eye mask is one of the best ways to deal with eye infections. This is a reusable eye mask and can be used hot and cold therapy. My eyes were always puffy and swollen When I woke up in the morning. I tried this mask and got relief after trying it.

  2. Dr. Mayur Jawale says:

    Thank you for sharing the blog.
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  3. Macuvite Eye Care says:

    Im in the midst of naturally healing my eyesight-one key factor i’ve found is to A) take a look at the eyes anatomy (each eye has 3 muscle sets) and thus you begin to B) understand that these muscles can succumb to stress and exhaustion as well as dehydration -especially since we are now constantly looking at intense micro-flashing computer screens all the time -im heat as well but ive notice great results putting my face into ice water -this stimulates the microfibers into acute flexing and stimulates strengthening and regeneration of the muscle fibers surrounding the eye – hope that adds to your arsenal 🙂

  4. Discovering gentle and effective eye care solutions like Biotrue eyelid wipes and the TheraPearl eye mask is a game-changer for maintaining eye health and comfort. These products not only provide a thorough cleanse but also offer relaxation and relief from common eye discomforts. Their ease of use and the versatility of the eye mask for both warmth and cold therapy make them essential tools for anyone looking to pamper and protect their eyes in today’s demanding environments.
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