Armed Forces Day – Plymouth Hoe

Yesterday we attended our local Armed Forces Day on Plymouth Hoe, and we certainly got glorious weather for it.  The skies were blue and the sun was shining so we packed a picnic and set off for a day of fun and excitement to show our support for the all the Armed Forces past and present.

Armed forces1Miss M was eager to sit in all the emergency and armed vehicles that she could, from police motorbikes, to ambulances, fire engines and tanks.  And Mister B proudly tried on the coastguard’s helmet!

Armed forces3

The queue for the tanks was rather long but we eagerly waited and both Miss M and Mister B had lots of fun climbing about inside and Miss M even climbed up for a view out of the top!

Armed forces2There were lots of other fun things to do while we were there – Miss M had her face painted into a butterfly, there was a children’s play area with lots of activities from junk modelling, hula hoops, trikes & scooters, a big bouncy slide and much more.  We could have spent all day there but we made our way around the various stalls to learn more about what the different services do and it gave Miss M a great insight into the world of emergency services and armed forces.  The police took Miss M’s fingerprint and framed it into a keyring for her which she added to her bag of stickers, pen’s, hats and flags that she had collected throughout the day.  At lunch time we made our way to the grass overlooking the sea for a picnic followed by an ice cream.  Just as we were enjoying our ice cream we were treated to an air display with a couple of flyovers then a stunt plane which was amazing but scary to watch with it’s multiple acrobats in the air.

Armed Forces4Overall we had a briliantly fun day out enjoyed by the whole family.  The great weather helped and the children loved having a picnic.  We were all exhausted when we got home with Mister B and daddy falling asleep on the sofa – men!!  It made a fantastic free family day and we are already looking forward to going to next years event.


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18 thoughts on “Armed Forces Day – Plymouth Hoe

  1. You’ve got to love those goodie bags full of rubbish pens and paper hats that kids collect at events like this! It looks like you had a fantastic day 🙂

    • It was a lovely day enjoyed by all, I think the weather helped too though – looking forward to next years events.

  2. This looks like such a fun event,I think it’s so good for children to experience the armed and uniformed services up close like this – it means that they respect their work I think.

    • I agree that it is great for chidlren to experience events like this – I know Miss M picked up lots of information about different forces/rescue services without realising it and she now has a better understanding of them.

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