Anker SoundCore Icon Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Anker Soundcore Icon Bluetooth Speaker combines great quality, great sound and great durability!  Quite a lot packed into small size speaker but for the current Amazon price point of £54.99 I really do think this speaker packs in a ton of features that make it perfect for those on the go, inside or outside making it the perfect speaker to take with you on your travelling adventures.

The best adventures always have a killer soundtrack. So when the good times start, take Icon along for the ride.


Inside the box you get the Soundcore Icon along with a micro USB charging cable and basic instruction sheet.  For me it’s all about ease of use and set up – I want something I can take out of the box and find fairly simple to work and this is exactly that.

The Icon sits firmly on a solid surface with two small silicone feet on the underside while the touch function buttons are across the top.

Each charge lasts for up to 12 hours which is pretty good going and I’d say that seems pretty accurate, I tend to play music for around 2-3 hours a day and this easily lasted me 4-5 days before I needed to recharge.  Once charged I simply used my phone to pair it up via Bluetooth, it found it immediately and then played my favourite tunes via Spotify.  As well as the on/off button on the top of the speaker there are volume buttons and a play/forward/back button in the centre.

Design & Durability

The Soundcore Icon is a solid but fairly lightweight speaker and one thing I love about it is it’s easy to hold and carry in your hand due to its long, oval, slimline shape making it really portable.  It also has a unique feature of a detachable strap making it perfect for hanging up somewhere or onto something either in the home or out and about.  Again making it the perfect travel companion.

Detachable Strap

So let’s look at bit more at the detachable strap – it is incredibly strong and durable and really doesn’t feel like it will break despite you stretching it and wrapping it around things.  The strap comes off of both sides of the speaker so if you happen to have a different coloured one you can always swap them around. The other benefit of owning two Icons of course is that you can pair them up for stereo sound.

The bonus of this strap is that you don’t have to find a surface to put your speaker on or you can simply carry it with you on your bag, bike etc.

If I can get few minutes peace from the children and it’s a sunny day I do like to sit outside reading a book and instead of burying my speaker among the grass I can simply hang it from a tree!

The strap has many uses such as to aid me to listen to my tunes in the shower or hang it from my kitchen window sill out the way as I cook or I even love hanging it from the bar of my Velux window in my attic to admire the glimpse of the sea I get above the rooftops – one of my peaceful places to hang out at home!

Being perfect for out and about and travelling I can hang the Icon onto my bag or pack it in my case knowing I’ll have great sounds wherever I go!

Ultimately though you don’t need to use the hook, you can simply sit the Soundcore Icon on the side of your bath while you have a soak, because if it did happen to fall in – you know you are safe as it is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating!!  This does also mean it’s protected from dust and dirt so wherever you are you know it’s safe wherever it is.

Final Opinion

For me this is a great speaker to move around or carry around a lot for two reasons, it’s durability and portability.  Soundwise – I personally think it sounds great for the size and compared to another branded portable speaker of similar spec that I own, they sound pretty much the same, although the other speaker cost twice the price of the Icon.  I look forward to taking this away with me on weekend trips and our family Summer adventure in Europe later this year knowing that we can have music wherever we are, whether that be beside the pool, on the beach or having a picnic in the country.  Knowing that the Soundcore Icon will be safe and is tough enough for anything my kids will put it through, makes it the ideal on the go speaker for me and my family!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

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