Songmics Toy Storage and Bookshelves Unit

Songmics have done it again with this fabulous value for money children’s storage unit.  If you are looking for something that doesn’t cost the earth, but looks stylish and holds lots of your child’s books and boxes for toy storage then check out this multipurpose colourful unit.

The unit comes flat packed but I found it very simple to build on my own and did it fairly quickly.  It’s quite light to carry empty and does have supports to attach to the wall should you feel you want to use them.  The colourful toy storage boxes are sturdy and strong and ideal for my 6yr old’s endless little bitty toys that he loves to collect and he can remove a box when he wants and just put it back over the bars when he’s finished.

The book holder is useful and I love the way all the books face you so that the child an select a book by glancing at the front cover easily.  I try and change the books around every few weeks with others so that he constantly gets different ones to look at and choose for bedtime reading. Overall I’m thrilled with this storage idea and it has proved a hit with my boy, he loves seeing all his things and has easy access to them to play with or put back when it’s ‘tidy up’ time.

With this being such a useful, great piece, I’m giving you the chance to win one for yourself – exactly as you see in the picture below.  If you’d like to win then scroll down and fill in the gleam form to get your entries in.

Songmics toy and bookshelf storage

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

189 thoughts on “Songmics Toy Storage and Bookshelves Unit

  1. Have a nice set of colourful storage boxes, each labelled with the toy that is kept inside – if your child cannot read, then stick a picture of the toy on the front (eg LEGO, DUPLO, Cars etc) It will encourage your child to tidy up after them.

  2. Buy storage boxes and put the toys away in a cupboard that don’t get played with and just left on the floor

  3. seperate boxes for everything. so all fireman sam toys in one box. books in another. cars in another. keep all kinds together so u know where they are

  4. I tidy at the end of the day -and I can then put them away neatly . I and the kids would spend to much time putting toys away through out the day otherwise. I do however keep puzzles separate from the rest of toys and we play these together round the table

  5. Bribery! Haha, Reward charts, get the kids involved, A front room box ( one for everyone) that at the end of the day everyone chucks their things in, then at the end of the week, everyone sorts their box out x

  6. a uni with lots of compartments makes it easier to group together different toys and make it easier to organise

  7. Lead by example
    Children learn my copying adult behaviour
    If it’s the norm they are more likely to follow suit-especially when prompted and incentives are in offer

  8. Invest in a few storage boxes of different sizes. Buy large boxes for bulky toys and smaller ones for the flimsy model airplanes, tubes of bubbles and bouncy balls. If your children know that everything has a home it’s easier for them to keep things tidy.

  9. i use the canvas hanging shoe compartments for all their soft toys so they can see them but i can still shut the away in the wardrobe 🙂

  10. Storage containers. Teach them from a young age to tidy up. But I don’t have any kids so don’t know if this would really work!

  11. Try and have a good clear out at least a few times a year. That way things that aren’t played with any more can go to the charity shop or other children that need them, and the place can stay tidy and fresh.

  12. to keep my kids toys tidy i have Ottomans that i can chuck them all into to keep them out of site when i need adult time!!

    • The children’s toys. Then maybe the children should be Responsible for tidying away their toys. Nowadays I often hear of tidy up time. It seems to be what Parents are using to involve their children in being Responsible, Caring individuals. As who wants to trip over a toy, or have a visitor do so.

  13. Keep them all in boxes together like a box for the Lego, a box for figures ect so they can just pull out what box they want then the toys will all be together and once a year have a clear out of any old toys they don’t play with anymore and give to your local school or charity x

  14. Keep everything as organised as possible, Always have storage for different toys and label them.
    Have a clear out at least twice a year 🙂

  15. lots of rewards preferably healthy such as yoghurts, we bought lots of storage boxes until a reward chart was in place they would not put stuff back in the right place

  16. Aim to have sufficient storage. Also “Tidy Up Time” :- Children tidy away their toys immediately after play session. Having that as the normal regular routinue is hugely beneficial, as well as Respectful of toys, space, Parents and Carers. Sets up a positive attitude which will hopefully last a lifetime.

  17. Involve them in ‘tidy up time’ as part of their bedtime routine. Make sure you have a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

  18. Use zip- lock bags to keep smaller toys together, like mini figures, then they don’t get jumbled up inside storage boxes

  19. have things organised best you can then when little ones are looking for something they don’t have to empty everything out, they can just go straight to it. This also helps in stopping them becoming frustrated at not being able to find something with in the first 10 seconds of looking

  20. we have lots of ‘clear outs’ where my daughter chooses which toys to donate to charity. so we dont end up with too many toys.

  21. I have a one down one up rule – they can’t bring another set of toys downstairs unless they tidy the last ones up!

  22. Start as you mean to continue with children and have bright accessible containers for them to put their toys in after use.

  23. Plenty of storage so your little one knows what goes where and put away some toys before getting out more. Help your little one pack up so they don’t see it as a chore

  24. Storage!!! And I encourage the children to rehome toys they don’t want anymore so there isn’t loads of unloved toys taking up valuable space.

  25. Lots of brightly coloured boxes with pictures of books or soft toys or games on them so that the items can easily be sorted by children and adults too.

  26. different colours of storage boxes – make it a game same kind of toys in same box. or same colour of toys in same box

  27. We always make tidying away a fun time, sometimes we have a little race,or I might close my eyes and count to ??? then see how much has been put away

  28. Buy some plastic storage boxes with lids – any old toys they haven’t played with for a few months can get spirited away!

  29. Throw them all away lol…no just joking but do have a clearout every so often or maybe a carboot sale to make money for new toys? Regarding tidying up I always ask my children to tidy one thing away before getting out another.

  30. We have a one in – one out rule – so when you get a new toy out an old toy gets put back – my son is pretty good at it

  31. Getting your kids into the habit of putting back toys where they found. Also go through the toys every few months to see what they no longer play with and donate them to charity

  32. I have storage box with labels on with which type of toys such as one box is a lego box and another box is just for soft toys and i tell my kids to always tidy up after they have finished playing with the toys

  33. A limit on how many toys can be taken out and played with at any one time (a reasonable 5-7 limit). If the kids are bored and want something else, they need to decide what goes away.

  34. Don’t get them.
    To be serious, get as many small storage containers as possible. I’m actually using a clear plastic container that held chocolates to hold my daughter’s collection of hair ties. Still finding them all over the place, but at least I know where the majority are.

  35. Easy, right from the start teach them to put them away when they’ve used them. Any left on the floor are confiscated for a day 🙂

  36. Best tip for leaving kids toys tidy is leave minimal amount of toys to play and hide the rest. Not sure about others but my youngest son get so much pleasure to getting all toys out at once and making big pile of mess with which he of course don’t play. He is not really into digging stuff out.Fancy storage boxes of course help, to get all stuff back and room looks nice and tidy but it take ages to sort all those legos, train track and other bits. :)))

  37. I just point to Daddy panicking when he can’t find what he’s looking for…which happens nearly every day 😉 No one wants to be like that! x

  38. I use colourful containers with stickers to show what is stored in them, and we make a game of putting things away and tidying up!

  39. Always have plenty of storage for starters…As for playing, suggest maybe 2 or 3 toys out and if your child wants to get another toy out then they must swap one for the other-It encourages tidiness.

  40. Make sure that everything has it’s place then children will know where to put things rather than just pushing it all under the bed!

  41. Label the toybox as a home, for example ‘Bunny’s home’ is where Bunny lives with all of the other toys. It’s where Bunny and the other toys go to bed at night, meaning the room is tidied at the end of every day

  42. Sturdy storage boxes which you can put on top of each other and label. Keep some toys out the way so that every few weeks they can be brought out and looked at and played with, with fresh enthusiasm. Put away a new bundle of toys that aren’t being played with so much. They can be brought out in future. Less toys lying about.

  43. Encourage them to put toys away before getting out a new one. Even better if you have storage space so only one box of toys at a time!

  44. When my children were little I used large margarine tubs on shelves to keep all the little pieces tidy. It worked very well but now I’d like to win this colourful unit for my grandchildren.

  45. Regularly sort and pass on anything that is outdated – and, encourage the nippers to pack away before te next thing can come out.

  46. We use lots of storage boxes / units to keep things tidy. We also have regular ‘clear ups’ where we get rid of toys that haven’t been used in a while.

  47. we have plastic boxes in different colours for different toys. Getting them to put stuff in them is still proving to be difficult!

  48. I turn it into a game with music. I play songs and they have to see if they can get the toys into the toy box before it ends.

  49. when mine were younger we used to make a game out of putting toys away with a small reward for completion (like a pack of stickers or a magazinr or something small cant quite remember as my youngest is 16 now) i think if its made in to fun like a game it doesnt seem so much like a chore and young childrens like toddlers like an incentive of a reward.

  50. When they’ve grown out of them, pass them on to charity or a friend. Too many toys are impossible to keep tidy!

  51. I print off and laminate little labels and label the boxes of toys so toys don’t get mixed up. If toys aren’t mixed up my children will play for a longer amount of time as they have the full set of whatever it is they want to play with and things get put back in the correct boxes (mostly) x

  52. Only allow two or three out at a time, and then they can be exchanged for different toys as long as they are put away.

  53. I love these! Songmics do some great products for great prices too! I’d like one of their book storages, we have WAY too many books lol

  54. I dont keep all toys in the box , i rotate them to not only reduce the amount of them but also to keep it interesting for my girl

  55. have regular clear outs – throw out anything broken and slightly damaged and anything not played with but in good condition donate to charity or sell on – seriously most kids have far too many toys which they dont play with – just keep the ones they play with regularly

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