Actimel For Kids Yoga Challenge

Actimel bottles of yoghurt drink are a firm favourite with my two children, they love the taste, they love drinking out of the little bottles and they love the characters on the bottles so when we were asked to join in with the Actimel Kids Yoga Challenge I knew they’d be up for it.

actimelThe challenge provided us with a booklet of ten yoga poses of which it suggests getting the children to do two each morning to wake them up and get them feeling ready for the day ahead.  Both my children were eager to do the yoga poses and tended to do more than two each morning as when they saw each other doing one, the other had to copy!

They did make me laugh trying out the moves, but they had a good go and really enjoyed themselves.  Yoga is very calming and helps to improve focus and concentration which is just what a child needs ahead of a day at school.

Here are my two demonstrating the Crescent Moon, Downward Dog, Aeroplane and Tree poses:

actimel 2After all their hard work each morning, they were rewarded with one of their favourite Actimel drinks.  They come in various fruity flavours although we love the strawberry ones. As well as yoghurt each drink is packed with billions of L.casei live cultures, fruit puree, calcium, vitamin D and protein.  They are great for pack lunches too, and I often include them in their school bag as a lunchtime treat.

actimel 3Why not get your kids in on the challenge and try out a couple of yoga poses each morning to get them feeling ready for the school day ahead?

We were sent some goodies/vouchers in exchange for sharing our yoga challenge with you.

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