Actimel For Kids Yoga Challenge

Actimel bottles of yoghurt drink are a firm favourite with my two children, they love the taste, they love drinking out of the little bottles and they love the characters on the bottles so when we were asked to join in with the Actimel Kids Yoga Challenge I knew they’d be up for it.

actimelThe challenge provided us with a booklet of ten yoga poses of which it suggests getting the children to do two each morning to wake them up and get them feeling ready for the day ahead.  Both my children were eager to do the yoga poses and tended to do more than two each morning as when they saw each other doing one, the other had to copy!

They did make me laugh trying out the moves, but they had a good go and really enjoyed themselves.  Yoga is very calming and helps to improve focus and concentration which is just what a child needs ahead of a day at school.

Here are my two demonstrating the Crescent Moon, Downward Dog, Aeroplane and Tree poses:

actimel 2After all their hard work each morning, they were rewarded with one of their favourite Actimel drinks.  They come in various fruity flavours although we love the strawberry ones. As well as yoghurt each drink is packed with billions of L.casei live cultures, fruit puree, calcium, vitamin D and protein.  They are great for pack lunches too, and I often include them in their school bag as a lunchtime treat.

actimel 3Why not get your kids in on the challenge and try out a couple of yoga poses each morning to get them feeling ready for the school day ahead?

We were sent some goodies/vouchers in exchange for sharing our yoga challenge with you.

Yoga for Weightloss with Roxy Shahidi DVD – Review

Yoga for Weightloss with Roxy Shahidi DVD is perfect for working out to at home.  With not much spare time and little time to get away from the children to reach a gym, this dvd is something I can do in my own time, as and when I get an opportunity.

yogaThe DVD is broken down into sections and consists of a warm up along with three different programmes and some winding down stretches at the end.

WARM UP: (10 mins) This fluid warm up is designed to gently wake up the body and get your energy system flowing so you may start your practice feeling invigorated and awake.

SEQUENCE 1: Cardio & Standing Series (20 mins) This flowing sequence consists of the classical sun salutations all constructed to raise your heart beat and build strength.  As we build heat in the body we begin to detoxify and purify ourselves allowing us to work off that extra weight and tone up our muscles.

SEQUENCE 2: Core strengthening (20 mins) This core sequence focuses on the mid-section of the body with focus on your abs and lower back.  We all tend to store most of our extra weight in this area so this firming sequence is targeted to build up your muscles to provide you with a solid core.  The lower back movements help improve your posture to prevent slumping, as good posture promotes correct organ function and aids in elimination of excess calories.

SEQUENCE 3: Seated Flow (20 mins) This gentle flow is designed to help you unwind and relax.  Stress is one of the main causes for over-eating or over-indulging but there are better ways to calm you and release tension.  Stretching the body will help you let go of any mental, physical and emotional blockages that are keeping you from being the best you can be.

BREATH: (10 mins) The breath is the quickest way to invigorate and open the body.  This breathing practice can be done anywhere and has been formulated to energise you to start your day or re-charge yourself periodically when you need a lift.

SAVASANA: (5 mins) The savasana is a full relaxation practice to help you let go and completely unwind and put you in a meditative state.  We all need to rest and this time allows all the work you have done in the previous flows to integrate into your system allowing change to take place.  Roxy uses these practices to keep her in shape and looking and feeling her best!  So come join Roxy in this yoga practice to rev up your metabolism and firm your core so you can look and feel great!


I found Roxy Shahidi very easy to watch and follow.  The DVD was very clear and she guides you with ease through the workout.  Yoga is normally thought of to be relaxing, rather than for weightloss, but this DVD really does get you moving, in particular I loved the stretching and how flexible it’s making me feel.  Although I know I should be exercising more than I do, I would rather do something like this than a fast paced cardio workout that I wouldn’t stick to and keep doing.  Knowing this yoga routine is gentle yet effective, I try to fit it in a couple of times a week and I’m certainly feeling better for it.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the dvd in order to write the review.