Day to Day

2 hours of child free mummy me time!! Woohoo – or so I thought!!

So finally came the day when my dear little boy had his 2 hours settling in session at nursery. Miss M had already gone to nursery at 8am and now I was taking Mister B, having prepared myself for 2 hours of childfree time – still chores to do unfortunately – but time without Miss M constantly demanding food and Mister B from grabbing everything that isn’t actually a toy and eating it!!

So walking home from the nursery up to my front door I dig into my pocket for the house keys – and out comes the car keys – arghhh!!!!

I have no phone or money on me having only popped round the corner. Next stop – the neighbour next door but one.  I try endlessly calling the husbands mobile to no avail – help!!  I eventually call his place of work who manage to locate him, only to find he was on a course and his mobile had been set on silent.

Being in possesion of the car key I drive up to get the key and promptly arrive home with 10 minutes to spare before it’s time to pick Mister B up.

Bang goes those peaceful 2 hours where I planned to be super efficient and make a big dent in my “to do list”.

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