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The Secret Life of Pets is a film that both of my children have watched and thoroughly enjoyed.  The tale is about a dog Max who isn’t very happy when his owner takes in a stray called Duke who makes Max feel a bit left out.  If you haven’t seen it, then you must do as the kids found it to be a great afternoon of entertainment.  To celebrate the success of the film is this fabulous The Secret Life of Pets bedding set and cushion from Character World.  As you can see my little boy was absolutely delighted with it and couldn’t wait for me to put it on his bed for him to sleep in.


We also received a double sided cushion which proved to be a huge hit with Mister B.  He is forever cuddling it and uses it downstairs when he watches tv as well as on his bed at night time.  It is soft and smooth and really comfortable.

secret-life-of-pets-duvet-3The duvet cover itself is double sided.  One side showing all the main characters of The Secret Life of Pets and the other side has smaller images and phrases written across it.  The pillow is mostly plain white but in the corner is a large image of Sweet Pea the bird.

secret-life-of-pets-duvet-4My little boy loved his new duvet set and couldn’t wait to go to bed as soon as I changed his sheets which is always a good sign at night time.  It is a great way to encourage children to go to bed when they have a duvet cover they love and can’t wait to snuggle up in, so I’ve got a great opportunity for one of my readers below to win a duvet set for themselves!

For a chance to win The Secret Life of Pets duvet set then simply fill in the Gleam form below:


The Secret Life of Pets duvet set giveaway

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







303 thoughts on “Win The Secret Life of Pets Duvet Set

  1. No I’ve not seen the film. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  2. I saw it with my grandson we both loved it. The humour is judged perfectly for young and old sluke and the “drawing” is fantastic

  3. My son loves animals but he’s a bit too young for the cinema so we are waiting for it to come on Saturday Movies for Juniors so we can go!

  4. I haven’t seen it but i call tell you just by watching the previous its a cute and fun family movie waiting to buy it when it cones out can’t wait but my kids love there items love to win this set

  5. Yes we watched it last weekend and all thought it was really good. It’s a good family film because some of the jokes are clearly aimed at adults too. My almost 3 year old kept asking me what I was laughing at, bless him. He did enjoy it though!

  6. I’ve seen it in the cinema with my daughters. It was funny and the characters were endearing, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I thought it would be more about how pets spend their time not a rescue story, but it was still good.

  7. Yes, I love this film and will be putting the DVDs on my Christmas list. I think the film makers must have had secret cameras in my house as my pets get up to all sorts of antics too!

  8. Yes we saw this at the cinema and absolutely loved it, so funny and entertaining. One of our favorites this summer.

  9. I havnt had the chance to see the film yet however my grandkids have and absolutely adore it . What a treat this would be for Xmas!

  10. We haven’t seen it yet but if the trailers are anything to go by it’s amazing! I’m sure our little girls will love it.

  11. I have mot seen it but my daughter has costing me a fortune she loves collecting the tys and anything sticker related lol

  12. My Grandaughter has with her mum, and at 7 years old, she found it very funny. I asked her better than Disney cartoons? and she said yes, more jokes.

  13. yes i went to the cinema to see this the day it came out! me and my little boy loved it, the DVD will definitely be getting purchased when it comes out

  14. Me and my friend took a group of six children to see it and I can’t remember having so much fun watching them all giggle all the way through it. My little guy knows all the pets’ names…it’s incredible.

  15. Yes my daughter loves it top of her xmas list is the little dog that walk on a lead from this film she enjoys watching

  16. I haven’t BUT my kids and fiance have…. he took them to see it whilst I tried on my wedding dress for the first time!! 🙂 They said it’s brilliant !! x

  17. I dont know if my comment went through :/
    We have seen it, I liked it for the most part but thought Snowball was a bit OTT xx

  18. I haven’t but the kids have and they loved it! I’ve promised I’ll get the DVD for them so we can all watch it together.

  19. I’ve not seen it yet but my kids have and informed me it is brilliant so I’m looking forward to watching it with them at some point!!

  20. I took my 4 year old daughter and she loved it. She loved Max the dog, i thought she wouldn’t sit through it all but she did.

  21. yes, went to the cinema 3 times with my daughter, she loves it. she now thinks our 4 cats have lots of adventures when we leave for school

  22. ive seen about the first 20 minutes and it looked good, not had chance to watch it all yet, youngest daughter has watched in one night in bed and enjoyed it.

  23. I`ve seen it. Personally not my cup of tea. Wasn`t impressed but I guess 38 year olds were not the target. Characters are cute though.

  24. I personally have not seen it but my daughter did take my son and grand daughter to see it and they all thought it was good and funny, it came highly recommended from them all.

  25. Yes, we have seen it and I think I laughed harder than the kids, it is a fantastically funny film and my daughter is now mad on it, her favourite is Gidget .x

  26. Yes I have seen it, and can’t wait to get it on DVD. There was loads of laugh of loud moments from both myself and my daughter.

  27. I haven’t seen the film but I want to. Will most prob buy it when it’s on dvd so that my little boy (21months old) can watch it.

  28. Yes we went to see the film and both myself and daughters loved it, it was fun, cute funny and it really made me think about what our doggies get up to when we’re not there

  29. Yes, I took my grandson to see it and it was so good we kept laughing out loud. Kevin Hart was just incredible with his voiceover.

  30. I haven’t srrn the film but I am hoping it will be shown on my flight to California next month because it looks really good 🙂

  31. Not yet! As a family of five we all are patiently waiting until 2december when it goes on kids am at vue we save over £50!! We’ve seen the trailers and can not wait!! Looks so funny

  32. We went to the cinema to see it first and have been back a second time!! We all love the film me (32) Jack (11) and Bella (8) the music is fab and the characters so lovable!! we laughed out loud many times!! When we got back from the cinema the first time Jack & Bella went and sniffed our family pet to see if he had been on his own adventure in the sewers!!

  33. yes we have seen it and loved it thought it was so sad at the start of the film but loved that things turned out for sausage dog

  34. I haven’t seen the film yet but hoping to go this half term as the clips I’ve seen look funny and I’m a sucker for these type of films

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