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Toddler safety was an important issue for us when my two where younger.  With a long flight of stairs and one of my children’s bedroom door being right at the top of the staircase, stair gates were an essential for us.  Both at the top and the bottom we found them invaluable and it really helps when you can find a good one that’s simple to use.

Safetots are one the largest retailers offering a wide range of baby equipment, in particular child safety products.  With everything from stairgates, highchairs, changing bags and travel essentials there is a huge choice available.  In fact just checking out the range of stairgates is vast, with something to suit everyone.  I just wish I’d known about this site a few years ago when I was looking for one for my extra wide staircase!

stairgateWith brands available such as BabyDan, Dreambaby, Safetots, Bindaboo, Lindam to name just a few, I’d definitely suggest checking out  their stairgate range if you have a baby who’s getting ready to take those first few steps, before you know it they are off toddling on their own!

Safetots have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win one of their Safetots Self Closing Gate worth £24.99.  It’s pressure fitted and fits openings between 75-82cm.

If you’d like a chance to win, then simply fill in the Gleam form below:

safetots stairgate

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150 thoughts on “Win a Safetots Stair Gate – Giveaway

  1. Once they can pull themselves up and walk around the furniture etc, then corner safety covers, drawer and door safety clips, and plug covers are all must haves! Saves you worrying about your little one cutting their eyes on sharp corners, trapping their little fingers in doors and drawers or pokin items into plug holes!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Remove EVERYTHING! Ha. Any small parts get rid of, move any ornaments to a higher location and don’t leave them unattended

  3. always be on your guard get down on the ground and look from there view and level and look around what could they climb on or pull over or eat !! with toddlers anything can happen be prepared xx

  4. Always empty the kettle once it has boiled and never use the front rings on the cooker where little hands can reach up and grab.

  5. Clips on internal doors to prevent them trapping their fingers in closed doors. If you don’t have any clips to hand, sellotape a tea towel round the end of the door (high up so they can’t pull it off) to prevent the door shutting properly.

  6. Managed to do this wrong! Bad cold going on! This was my tip:
    Keep reminding them when they head towards something that could be dangerous. My son now looks at me to check he is doing the right thing by staying away from something dangerous and he gets heaps of praise for that!

  7. Never leave them unattended! We have a lot of bookcases and a few cabinets, so the main thing for us is making sure they are all firmly fixed to the wall so they can’t be pulled down

  8. My best tip is get down on your hands and knees, get a perspective of what they see it will help you see things to move or baby proof!!!

  9. “Constant vigilance!” That may be a Harry Potter quote (Mad eye moody) but it’s true in this case. As soon as I take my eye off my little niece, she is careering around the house, flinging herself around on the sofa and trying to put random things off the floor in her mouth!

  10. You can’t completely babyproof, they will get bumps and bruises! I would definitely say don’t leave your baby with a sleepy husband as he let my daughter fall off the bed when he dozed off!!

  11. After you have moved everything you want to be left in one piece make sure you also move the DVD player. The number of times I found toast in the video player when mine were little now the grandchildren see what fits in the DVD player

  12. stairs gates are so important…you can blink and your child can be half way up the stairs so make sure there always closed.

  13. Never underestimate them. They learn & develop so fast, something they can’t reach one day they can the next. One step isn’t enough you need to be 5 or 6 steps ahead and just baby proof everything.

  14. Whatever you think is safe and out now.. it isn’t! Just like driving EVERYTHING is a hazard around the child, no matter what they do they will find a way to make it a hazard too.

  15. Take a good look round your home at toddler hight, and remove any reachable ornaments, get protection for sharp edges and corners. Check that your sockets have got safety plugs, fit a stairgate or two (top and bottom) get door stop protectors and catches for any cupboards that you do not want opened. Check that your little one cannot trap their hand behind a radiator (I once knew a little girl who had a nasty burn from this) and make sure that you have a good first aid kit.

  16. Hide anything and everything! Never leave anything out that you don’t want to get chewed or ruined, we’ve learnt the hard way!

  17. Seeing as you cant get eyes fitted in the back of your head, a nice comfy travel cot/playpen is a godsend, you can finally go to the toilet without the need for a babysitter lol

  18. you can never make house perfectly safe , but when your child gets a bump or a scuff , don’t beat yourself over this – it just happens

  19. buy the safety packs you can buy in argos, it includes plug fillers and door and cupboard locks, a must have with toddlers

  20. To be honest its common sense, when they start investigating as babys no small parts or toys they can choke on Tidy up after yourself then there should be less saftery issues if everything isin its place away from little hands.

  21. Invest in those eyes in the back of your head!

    Though seriously a stairgate (or more than one) are a must x

  22. use your common scense make sure things are protected tidy things away but don’t take everything out or how will a child learn not to touch things just make sure you watch them and a play pen is brill to pop them in while you nip to the loo or are taking a phone call etc

  23. Make sure things they can pull down are out of reach and there is nothing they can climb up on to get things.

  24. watch your older kids like a hawk for dropped lego, food etc as it will no doubt find its way in your youngest’s mouth!

  25. My tip is to do a self-risk assessment for anything that can go wrong and then remove everything from rooms that baby is allowed in

  26. Don’t laugh, but we crawled around the house checking to see what was at his eye level and looked enticing.

  27. be prepared for anything and make sure you protect corners and sockets. I also keep baby wipes in every room and in every handbag i own

  28. Parents can’t watch their kids every second, so I agree with the other comments here about installing safety locks on cabinets and cupboards to keep chemicals out of kids’ reach.

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