Win a Case of Bahlsen Pick Up! Biscuits

Pick Up! are an exciting new biscuit from Bahlsen, consisting of a slab of chocolate sandwiched between two crisp biscuits.  I know my two children would be eager to get their hands on these and they come in handy individually wrapped packets – perfect for snacks on the go!

pick upWith a pack containing 5 wrapped biscuits and a case containing 14 packs, that means I’m offering you the chance to win 70 of these rather scrummy looking biscuits, great for pack lunches, days out, morning snack at work or simply a treat whilst at home.

Why not check out the Ninja Chihuahua TV advert for Pick Up! biscuits:

So if you’d like a chance to win, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UK only
Winner will be contacted within 24 hours of giveaway end

I have received some packs of Pick Up! biscuits in return for running this giveaway.

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  1. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Mid morning around 10.30am

  2. Naughtily I like to eat biscuits in the evening 😀

  3. Oh, I LOVE Bahlsen biscuits! My favourite time for eating a biscuit of them would be mid afternoon with a cup of my favourite tea.
    Yum. Bring on the biccies….
    wendy recently posted…A day out at Bolton Abbey, YorkshireMy Profile

  4. Sharon E Charles says:

    I start nibbling biscuits at 7.30 pm (when Corrie’s on) lol.
    Thank you. X

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    Mid morning with a latte!

  6. clair downham says:

    mid afternoon as a pick me up

  7. Mummy of Two says:

    Anytime of day is good for eating biscuits! I have been known to eat them for breakfast!

  8. kim plant says:

    has to be just before bed naughty I know x

  9. Tracey Peach says:

    Morning Snack Time Yum!

  10. melanie stirling says:

    Breakfast time.

  11. Denise (mum on a mission for a better life) says:

    Once the kids are in bed!

  12. Jo Hutchinson says:

    In the afternoon with afternoon tea.

  13. Helen Battle says:

    In the early afternoon with my cappuccino

  14. iain says:


  15. Janice Papworth says:

    I like to eat a biscuit as a ‘pudding’ at lunchtime

  16. Keith H says:

    Its 3.30am being a night worker.

  17. anna says:

    I like to eat them any time! 😉 Lunch time or about 5pm is good sometimes i need a boost at that time!
    anna recently posted…Outdoors Flowers and Garden PhotosMy Profile

  18. kim neville says:

    Around 10.30am and 2.30pm

  19. Chrissie Curtis says:

    I love them in the afternoon!

  20. Martina Pichova says:


  21. Andrew Petrie says:

    Late afternoon

  22. cherie shaw says:

    Night time with a nice cup of coffee

  23. Greig Spencer says:

    lunchtime with a cuppa

  24. Susan Lloyd says:

    After the school run x

  25. emily omara says:


  26. When Monkey’s at Nursery School and I have a quiet five minutes to myself!
    over40andamumtoone recently posted…Eco Friendly Toy TesterMy Profile

  27. Chris Davies says:

    Pretty much all day!

  28. laura banks says:

    the evening when i’m chillin after a hard day at work

  29. sylvia hughes says:

    just when the mood takes me

  30. about 5pm when my husband comes home from work – cuppa and a biccie time!

  31. Jayne T says:

    In the morning, but to be really honest any time would suit for me when it comes to biscuits.

  32. Lisa Pike says:

    Biscuit time is any time!

  33. Emma Nixon says:

    Mid afternoon with a cuppa tea..

  34. Laura Caraher says:

    mid morning 🙂

  35. Nicole Flynn says:

    A couple of hours after waking up. Best time of day for it with a cup of tea or espresso with a dash of creamer.

  36. Nicole Flynn says:

    A few hours after waking up with a nice cup of hot tea and a dash of milk.

  37. frances hopkins says:

    with a cuppa about 11am

  38. Tina Mansfield says:

    I like to eat biscuits NOW! anytime is a good time. 🙂

  39. Angie Hoggett says:

    on an evening after work to wind down

  40. Shelly Beckman says:

    Mid morning for biscuits, with a cup of tea for me and a glass of milk for the children.

  41. karen cowley says:

    Mid morning for a “pick me up” lol xxx

  42. Harley says:

    Mid afternoon just before the school pick up. 15 minutes to myself x

  43. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Mid afternoon

  44. Paula Hambly says:

    About 4pm at work!

  45. Liam Bishop says:

    Just before lunch!

  46. tracey huber says:

    All the time!

  47. ELISHA says:

    who needs time, eat when I want it 🙂 that’s my favourite time of the day

  48. Spencer Broadley says:

    dunking in coffe or tea at luchtime

  49. caroline cordery says:

    round about midnight

  50. Miriam Said says:

    11.00 a.m. and after 14.00 p.m.

  51. michelle banks says:

    anytime! lol

  52. Jane Green says:

    Mid mornign snack

  53. Michelle says:

    In the morning with a cup of tea!

  54. richard hill says:

    after my main tea as a treat with my coffee to dunk them

  55. Zoe Roxby says:

    Mid morning break with a cuppa and some good TV

  56. Catherine Williams says:

    I love a mid morning pick me up

  57. Mid morning with a cup of coffee, before I head out to nursery pick up.

  58. KATHY D says:

    My favourite time is ANY TIME

  59. MARK THOMAS says:


  60. Toni W says:

    Anytime….with a cup of tea! 🙂

  61. Rita Hutton says:

    Watching TV in the afternoon

  62. Any time of day … I’m really naughty!
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  63. says:

    anytime I have a cup of tea

  64. Susan Sargent says:

    Mid morning when I have a coffee

  65. joanne darnell says:

    at work on the night shift

  66. Paula Barker says:

    When I get in from work

  67. amy davies says:

    In the afternoon with a cup of tea while my little one naps

  68. Angela Cole says:

    As soon as the kids are in bed 🙂

  69. Joanne Beale says:

    Mid-morning with a cup of coffee

  70. Anneka Hulse says:

    Morning work break

  71. Emma Collins says:

    there’s no best time to eat biscuits in my house im guilty of finding any excuse for a good biscuit

  72. Kevin Honey says:

    Mid morning with my tea at work

  73. Stacey Tripconey says:

    After lunch

  74. olga carpenter says:

    for my lunch

  75. Emma Sant says:

    Evening for supper.

  76. Daniel Stacey says:

    After picking the kids up from school

  77. Lauren Old says:

    Always in between meals, so mid-morning or mid-afternoon. I think it’s an addiction!

  78. Joy Portas says:

    Elevenish when having mid morning coffee

  79. Lynn Heath says:

    Any time I have a cuppa!!!!

  80. Angel says:


  81. Simon Fullard says:

    The day time 😉

  82. Laura Morris says:

    Mid morning with a lovely cup of tea!

  83. Laurie-ann smith says:

    In the evening with a cuppa : )

  84. Caroline Blaza says:

    About 10:30 am

  85. Rachel Craig says:

    Afternoon, with a cup of tea.

  86. maria blythin says:

    i sneak a couple with every cuppa lol x

  87. Sara Davis says:

    4pm when i get home from work 🙂

  88. Sarah says:

    Thats easy, my favorate time for eating is all the time!!!!

  89. Claire D says:


  90. laura stewart says:

    couple of hours after dinner

  91. lauren tourle says:

    late afternoon when ive put my daughter down for a nap and im tired out from the day and need some me time 🙂

  92. AliceColling says:

    Afternoon with a cup of tea.

  93. Michelle Smith says:

    Mid morning tea break

  94. JULIE WARD says:

    After work with a brew

  95. William Gould says:

    Mid morning OR mid afternoon – not both!

  96. Tina Holmes says:

    Got to be evening 🙂

  97. Michael Griffin says:

    afternoon tea

  98. Andrea Williams says:

    Mid afternoon to keep me going till the end of the day x


    When the soaps are on with a brew 🙂 xx

  100. Laura Pritchard says:

    After work when I’m peckish.

  101. claire woods says:


  102. Shirley Lancaster says:

    Any time of the morning

  103. Lyla says:


  104. Abigail Cullen says:

    In the evening

  105. Allan Wilson says:

    With my mid morning cuppa

  106. Elizabeth Ferguson says:


  107. Scott Fallon says:

    in the evening

  108. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    in the afternoon

  109. Catherine Jones says:

    I can eat biscuits anytime of day! But mid morning and evening are usually when it happens 🙂

  110. Frances Wood says:

    Mid-afternoon with a cup of coffee at my desk

  111. tracey thompson says:

    Anytime is a good time

  112. Susan Ellams says:

    Love biscuits anytime of the day

  113. Elisabeth Moore says:

    When i get home from work and have a cuppa about 4pm !

  114. Kate Johnson says:

    After tea time!

  115. Charlotte Hood says:

    In the evening in front of the tv!

  116. Melissa Red says:

    In the evening watching tv.

  117. Angela M says:

    Around 11am with a cup of coffee


  118. Tracy Sinclair says:

    Usually mid morning and late afternoon x

  119. Rey Chunara says:

    Usually mid-afternoon is biscuit time for me

  120. Rebecca Gransden says:

    Love a biscuit with lunch. Sweet and filling treat.

  121. emma thackery says:

    with a cup of coffee after work

  122. Laura F says:

    About 11am with a cuppa.

  123. katie skeoch says:

    around 3pm as an afternoon pick me up x

  124. emma falvi says:

    about 11am

  125. Rishona Taylor says:

    anytime I can get to eat them without the kiddies stealing my share! lol

  126. Gemma Clark says:

    In the evening with a cuppa!

  127. Lucie Faraday says:

    With my morning hot chocolate or milk!

  128. Natalie White says:

    11am – Elevensies!

  129. Nicola Holland says:

    In the evening with a cup of hot chocolate 🙂

  130. Lisa Valentine says:

    In the afternoon when I’m in need of a sugar rush!

  131. Michelle Murray says:

    I snack in the evening with a cup of tea

  132. Helen Huxley says:

    I’m a Sunday morning in bed snacker with a brew served by the children

  133. Damian Walton says:

    Afternoon time

  134. Emma Howard says:

    Evening time, once the kids are in bed, snuggled on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate!

  135. David Douglas says:


  136. Christine Caple says:

    Mid afternoon.

  137. says:


  138. When there’s no one around to pinch them! xx

  139. Kat Glynn says:

    Mid afternoon with a nice cup of coffee 🙂 x

  140. Angela Webster says:

    I eat biscuits with my afternoon brew when the little one has gone for a nap.

  141. Patricia Walker says:

    I’m an elvenses person myself – just the right time to have a biscuit to stave off hunger till lunch!

  142. Kelly Webb says:

    Everytime I have a cup of tea! x

  143. Laura Coe says:

    In the evening with a nice cup of tea

  144. michelle pierce says:

    night time before bed

  145. carly bryan says:

    anytime of the day !

  146. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Lunch time 🙂

  147. Catherine Bell says:

    Lunch time

  148. Sarah Hollins says:

    A chocolate biscuit helps get through the afternoon – these looks like the perfect option

  149. Anthea Holloway says:

    I like to eat a biscuit at coffee time at 10 am.

  150. jessica newman says:

    in the afternoon with a cup of tea

  151. Rebecca Powell says:

    In the afternoon with a nice cup of tea

  152. sadie vawser says:

    with a hot chocolate in the evening

  153. alex fowler says:

    in the evening with a brew

  154. kellie law says:

    11am or 3pm 🙂

  155. elaine stokes says:

    in the evening just after the kids have gone to bed….. That way I don’t have to share!!!!!!!

  156. monika s says:

    in the evening after kids are asleep and I can relax on the couch x

  157. Jacqui says:

    After the school run in the morning! Just a 15 minute ‘me-time’!

  158. Deb Alexander says:

    I start work at 4am as an home shopper for online grocery deliveries and I get home at about 11:15am so I treat myself to a couple of biscuits with a nice cup of tea to warm me up as I pick on the chilled section!

  159. claire matthews-curtis says:

    After the school run, with a nice cup of coffee 🙂

  160. becca staples says:

    Suppertime x

  161. claire toplis says:


  162. Phyllis Ellett says:

    3pm always

  163. I like biscuits whatever the time of day, not sure I have I particular favourite time. They are good for elevenses though. And mid afternoon. And evening. Oh dear.

  164. Ruth Davies says:

    7.30pm Coffee time!

  165. christine szlobodnik says:

    Anytime 🙂

  166. Sarah S says:

    When I come in from work in the evening I always sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit.

  167. Angela Kelly says:

    Mid afternoon

  168. sharon johnson says:

    first thing in the morning with a cup of tea, yummmmmy x

  169. Sue McCarthy says:

    Anytime !

  170. after tea while relaxing on the sofa!
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  171. lia burns says:

    morning time!

  172. says:

    In the evening with a cuppa

  173. Jackie Allum says:

    After dinner for a treat in the evening x

  174. Lauren Reed says:

    Elevenses! With a lovely cuppa x

  175. olivia kirby says:

    Mid morning

  176. S. Larkin says:

    Anytime with a lovely cup of strong coffee

  177. Robby Price says:


  178. George Brown says:

    8.00 9.00 10.00 you get the picture!

  179. Michelle Ferguson says:

    About 10.30 at work

  180. Kirsty Woods says:

    Afternoon cup of tea and biscuit, lovely

  181. mel c says:

    in the afternoon

  182. Sheri Darby says:

    Anytime is biscuit time

  183. tazzy keen says:

    after the schol run about 4pm

  184. Bridget Anderson says:

    I always get a snack attack after the school run pick up. Gotta be biscuits!

  185. tarbs gill says:

    1.45pm whilst watching neighbours!

  186. claire little says:

    anytime 🙂

  187. Laura Vitty says:

    Break at work, mid morning 🙂 x

  188. Julie Roo says:

    Any and all times of day is a good time for biscuits.

  189. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    Mid morning with a lovely cup of tea 🙂

  190. Charmian Filewood says:

    Evening, while sitting on the pc lol which I know is bad 😛

  191. Joseph Mitchell says:

    At night when I get home from work – I make a nice cup of tea and dunk my biscuits in the tea!

  192. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    After the school run with my morning coffee

  193. Barbara Tanner says:

    A Perfect Biscuit for anytime of the Day x

  194. Michelle Wild says:

    Anytime is biscuit time…..

  195. Bonnie King says:

    In the evening when I’m feeling a bit peckish

  196. Brenda Wilkes says:


  197. alice lightning says:

    have to be suppertime with a nice hochoc when its all died down from the day

  198. Debbie Creasey says:

    Anytime! lol

  199. debbie jackson says:

    in the evening with a drink winding down from the busy day

  200. Brad Start says:

    With my mid morning coffee.

  201. Hayley Todd says:

    My favourite time for eating biscuits is with my afternoon coffee break!

  202. Gina M says:

    Mid-morning with a cuppa!

  203. Katie Gould says:

    breakfast biscuits for me

  204. carol boffey says:

    morning coffee

  205. Susan Carter says:

    Just after work, before all the family get home and I have the house to myself.

  206. katherine b says:

    Afternoon with cup of tea x

  207. Kimmie Alex says:

    In the morning with a mug of coffee

  208. Anne Woodthorpe says:

    Anytime is biscuit time!

  209. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    in the afternoon before dinner

  210. TRACY MOORE says:

    At 3pm its my works Tea Break.

  211. Eleanor Powell says:

    10.30am coffee break

  212. Becci Cleary says:

    When the kids are in school so I don’t have to share!!! *CRUEL MUMMY*

  213. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Anytime is the right time

  214. Hayley Davies says:

    Early evening

  215. trevor linvell says:

    As a snack settling down to watch tv in the early afternoon

  216. Joanne Higgins says:

    In the afternoon with mug of tea mmmm

  217. jo maxted says:

    either mid morning or around 7ish when kids are in bed x

  218. Kim Campbell says:

    In the afternoon with a cuppa

  219. catriona nation says:

    at night when the kids have gone to bed

  220. Emma Ellison says:

    In the afternoon with a cuppa before the school run x

  221. Emma Biddulph says:

    In the evening, with a hot drinks for dunking them in!

  222. clare d says:

    after work with a cup of tea and when ive got my jarmies on 🙂 x

  223. In the morning with my tea 🙂

  224. Emma Price says:

    Any time of the day is biscuit time! Maybe with Chico Time playing in the background!

  225. Chris Fletcher says:

    Elevenses were designed for tea and biscuits!

  226. Sheila Reeves says:

    Afternoon with a cup of tea

  227. carly marie finnerty says:

    for me its mid morning when my little mans at nursery x

  228. Michelle speight says:

    Mid morning just after my shift at works done with and I’m home with feet up

  229. Anita says:

    Early afternoon when I have those cravings

  230. Chantelle Kemp says:

    I love enjoying mine in the afternoon 🙂

  231. CAROLINE WATSON says:

    W e my cup of coffee at 11am

  232. Barbara Edwards says:

    Mid morning with a coffee

  233. Peggy Muncie says:

    at the end of the day, when everything is done

  234. just before bed with a cup of tea

  235. amy webb says:

    I always have a few crafty biccies with my cuppa tea at night when the kiddiwinkles have gone to bed, while I’m making their sandwiches for school the next day!

  236. tony houghton says:

    afternoon with a cupa

  237. emma kinsey says:

    mid morning when kids have gone school

  238. Linda Streater says:

    Mid morning with a Mug of Coffee

  239. Kirsty Partridge says:


  240. mary orme says:

    After 9pm with a movie

  241. Kirsty Mills says:

    In the morning with a cup of coffee. Yum 🙂

  242. charlotte summers says:

    Any time is buiscuit time!

  243. Tara Davies says:

    Tea time of course , can’t beat a good dunk 😉

  244. Heather Tinkler says:

    Mid morning. Before lunch with a nice cuppa.

  245. David Winter says:

    Any time really, but around about lunchtime is when i eat them

  246. Lynsie Lynn says:

    I love biscuits anytime of day or night! But I do most of my biscuit munching in the evening just before be with a nice cup of tea so I can dunk them in! 🙂

  247. lisa tebbutt says:

    in the evening

  248. sandy henry says:

    Any time of day x

  249. Erica Field says:

    In the evening x

  250. Jill Fairbank says:

    Mid afternoon

  251. Wendy Guy says:

    Playtime at school

  252. kim heeps says:

    in the evening

  253. tracey dowell says:

    Mid morning with a coffee

  254. Lucy Irving says:

    any time of the day

  255. Jo-Anne holton says:

    About half 2 just before school pick up!!!

  256. Evening snack
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  257. Michelle lintern says:

    Mid morning with a cup of tea

  258. julie booth says:

    mid morning

  259. Gail Bennett says:

    About 11am with a coffee 🙂

  260. sarah louise gray says:

    mid afternoon when you get that lull. coffee and biccies. yum. x

  261. Lucy Mayer says:

    10am – just after my littlest has gone down for a nap. 🙂

  262. Natalie Crossan says:

    in the evening 🙂 yum!

  263. Jackie Rushton says:

    All day long!

  264. Victoria B says:

    3.30 is a good time for me – starting to flag at work so a good pick me up

  265. Kirsty Greer says:

    Mod morning x

  266. Debbie Preston says:

    In the afternoon

  267. Eva Churchill says:

    In the evening , sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea .

  268. Naomi Buchan says:

    Early evening, watching tv x

  269. Naomi Buchan says:

    Early evening, watching tv xx

  270. pam Lawrence says:

    I think mid afternoon, with a nice cup of tea, is my favourite time, although I seldom would refuse a biscuit if offered!!

  271. lucy rose says:

    About 10. 30 in the morning, sat in the garden…..A biscuit and a cup of tea…. that’s if it’s not raining !!!!!

  272. Breakfast time! Ok, so I don’t do it very often, but I do love a biscuit for breakfast!

  273. Mid afternoon when my energy dips.

  274. Brenda Bradley says:

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  275. Champaklal Lad says:

    Anytime O’clock

  276. Sarah Davies says:

    Mid afternoon with a cup of tea. (But now you’ve made me think about it, I really fancy one now!)

  277. jackie curran says:

    In the afternoon with my cup of tea

  278. Elaine Hollis says:

    Afternoon with a coffee

  279. Natalie Gillham says:

    In the afternoon 🙂

  280. Diana croos says:


  281. Gul C says:

    About mid morning with a cuppa

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