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One thing young girls love to do is style hair, so when we received a VIP Pet to review, I knew Miss M would be happy.  There are six dogs in the VIP Pet range to collect, each with their own personality and style.

product-julietWe received Juliet a red headed VIP Pet with long flowing hair curled slightly at the end.  She comes with her own hair rollers,  a headband with bit bow, some ribbons to tie her hair and of course a hairbrush.

Miss M got stuck in straightaway styling the hair asking me to assist her with plaits – although it gave her good practice.  She enjoyed doing ponytails and tying ribbons in various places.  Juliet also comes with a removable collar which Miss M thought was very pretty and loved taking on and off.

Vip pets 2VIP Pets are a good concept and seem to have a lot of appeal to girls of Miss M’s age range – she is currently 5yrs old.  I did think though that they could have been improved a little in that it was hard to balance the dog to do the hair, and the curlers would only stay in place with a very small strand of hair in them – something that frustrated Miss M.

Overall Miss M loved her VIP Pet which at the end of the day is the main aim of the product.  She has tried lots of different hairstyles, having fun giving Juliet lots of different looks.  She also took Juliet under her wing and carried her out and about and put her on the bedside table while she slept.  It definitely appeals to young girls and is a little carry around pet with a bit of glamour!

I’m sure VIP Pets will be a big hit this Christmas for lots of little girls and would also make an ideal party present.

VIP Pets1All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I think my youngest daughter would love Juliet thank you!

  2. Pam Gregory says:

    These look wonderful!

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