Vanish Stain Removal Review & Giveaway

Vanish is my number one go to for stain removal.  Since having children, the vast array of stains they produce is unbelievable but with a little helping hand,  I can usually vanish most of them away!  We received some of the latest Vanish products to try out and you can win a set too, just see below.

vanishIt didn’t take long to find a stain to test them out on, 4yr old Mister B came home from nursery last week and was delighted in telling me about the new “mud kitchen” they have at nursery to play with.  A “real” sink, saucepans, pots, wooden spoons and a unused flowerbed for them to dig in to their hearts delight!

vanish 2Not only was his top covered in mud, but underneath his white vest looked dreadful.  Wet mud is never a good idea (not that I want to spoil his fun) but trying to get rid of the stains is a nightmare so before washing I applied some Vanish Gold Powergel quite liberally over the marks and left if for 5 minutes before putting in the wash.

And this was the result:

vanish 1I’m quite pleased with it and it was simple and easy to do.  A few squirts of the gel and it really helps with the stain removal.  I’m sure if I hadn’t used it I would have ended up with a vest still covered in mud stains.

Vanish have products to attack stains in all areas from clothes to carpets so it’s well worth giving them a try to get rid of those nasty spills and marks.

If you’d like to win a set of Vanish products then just fill in the Gleam widget below:


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.


303 thoughts on “Vanish Stain Removal Review & Giveaway

  1. Grass stains – my two boys love their football, rugby and cricket so they are always coming home with grass stains!

  2. My husband is worse than a child,he no sooner sits down to his evening meal when I hear “oops !”,every time,every single time.From curry and stews to beans,up comes the cry again,and again.As you can imagine Vanish and I are old friends !

  3. My husband and son are terrible for stains. I would use it on grass, blood, chocolate and curry stains and that’s just for a start!

  4. I have brand new t-shirts for my LO with pasta sauce, and chocolate icecream stains on! Only worn once, so I really don’t want to bin them!

  5. It will be either chocolate ice cream or tomato from pasta bake and usually when I’m wearing a white top.


  6. It would probably be easier to use it on my hubby and make him vanish! He’s terrible, spills drinks and food down himself, so I would probably use it to treat the grease marks they are a real pain!

  7. to get curry stains out of a rug! ahh I actually tried loads of things ..carpet cleaners etc but the thing that worked the best was vanishX

  8. Pretty much any stain gets the Vanish treatment in our house. Pasta sauce is the classic one though. We have a lot of pasta, and need to resort to Vanish afterwards pretty much every time.

  9. I have a 7year old and a 2 year old so I would use this on everything they wear. Vanish is amazing, now if they could invent a stain-repellent that would be great.

  10. My son is a messiest little monster ever so it would be great to get rid of his messy stains and grubby marks

  11. Curry stains on my sons t’shirts, why can’t the manage to get it in their mouths (I know why but can’t put it on the comments)

  12. My husband has to wear white shirts to work and always seems to get these dirty marks around the collar so hopefully this would help out!

  13. My daughter is a beauty therapist, so is always getting various stains from products on her uniform. Anything that gets them out easily sounds great.

  14. Goodness knows what, my son comes home with so many stains on his white school shirt, I have no idea where they all come from, I struggle to keep them white

  15. My mum spilt tea and jam on the carpet a few months ago and it still won’t come out, so I’d have a good go at that

  16. I love cooking but am not the neatest :/ so I get fat, tomato, soy sauce and all sorts all over me so this would be really helpful. Also my boyfriend gets food all over himself while inhaling his meals!

  17. My 2 year old would give me lots of options: food, paint, marker ink, potty training accidents, and general dirt from play.

  18. I have a number of stains on the childrens clothes. Think they consist of food. Why is childrens food alway orange.

  19. For some reason I always manage to get food and muck stains out or almost out but am doomed with any makeup stain – a drip of foundation or smear of lipstick.

  20. The stains that I tend to have issues with is grass stains. I’m yet to find a product that can remove grass stains (but I haven’t tried vanish yet).

  21. fruit tea stains on the carpet – my toddler is forever spilling her drinks & refuses to use a sippy cup any more!!

  22. lots of different stains, my little one seems to attract them all, the flavour of the month is grass stains at the moment.

  23. Its those pesky white school tops that come home smothered in food and adorned with permanent pen that need some vanish help!

  24. Sharing my house with a husband four sons a grandson two cats and a dog the options are endless but tomato sauce is always a challenge

  25. I can’t eat curry or anything tomato sauce based without getting it down my front. However hard I try, it’s guaranteed!

  26. My little boys potty accidents which are everywhere in the house at the minute and on his underwear! Not successfully managing to get it into the potty just yet :S

  27. My hubby works at a bird sanctuary so would try it on his work uniform which believe me has seen some horrors

  28. you want me to list my stains? going to be a lot of dirty sounding people on this thread!

    Ok – my girlfriend Sarah spills her tea. A LOT. So, tea stains for me.

  29. My partner has an old Land Rover he is fixing up and the oiliness he is covered in is mad, so this would be fantastic to use on

  30. Food Stains – I work in a kitchen and despite washing my clothes thoroughly they still end up stained – this morning, I went into work with faint tomato stains on my shirt that I hadn’t even noticed :/

  31. I would definitely try to get rid of biro, the amount of work blouses I have ruined thanks that item!!

  32. I’d use the products on all the food stains I struggle to get out of my children’s clothes – mainly tomato based foods! Also, a few pen stained items of clothing and recently I got some make-up on a shirt of mine which I just can’t get out! I’d use the carpet cleaner on my bedroom carpet too, as there’s some staining on that from where our radiator exploded with hot, oily water (after the new carpet had only been fitted 2 months before!)

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