Ultimate Spider-Man Go Glow Pal – Review

Ultimate Spiderman Go Glow Pal from Worlds Apart is a wonderful soft Spiderman that you can cuddle that doubles as a nightlight by simply pressing his tummy which lights up his eyes.

spidermanMister B is a huge Spiderman fan and he was thrilled when he saw the Spiderman Go Glow and couldn’t wait to give it a cuddle.  Mister B does struggle with the dark and night so this is a perfect way to allow a little light into his room and reassure him if he feels scared.  Below you can read about a recent survey that Go Glow carried out with parents:


With darker evenings nearly upon us, children’s lighting brand GoGlow® has conducted a survey to find the answer, and it is as simple as fears of what is lurking in the dark.

Asking 1,000 parents, the survey revealed monsters as the main reason under fives were afraid of the dark (67%). With fears of the dark at an all time high in October when the clocks go back and the nights become shorter.


Seven in ten parents make a special effort to walk around their child’s bedroom to prove there are no monsters hiding.  With three quarters of children getting out of bed to seek reassurance from their parents, the survey went on to find night-lights were the most reassuring solution that helped stop scary shadows.

If you are looking for a way to ease your little ones fears of the dark, children’s sleep expert and founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic, Mandy Gurney has a fun tip to help:

“If your child is afraid of the dark, offer them the reassurance of a night light to have nearby when they need it. You could even play hide and seek, in the late afternoon, using a GoGlow® torch, so they realise there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Explore the full GoGlow®  range at:

spiderman 1As you can see above Mister B is really happy with his Spiderman Go Glow, it is well made and a good size, perfect for bedtime cuddles.  There are suckers on the hands to stick Spiderman to your wall or bed while you sleep.  The light is really quite bright and great for little ones to use in the night although the great thing is it switches itself off after 15 minutes.  It requires 3 AAA batteries which are included when you buy it so it is ready to go.

spiderman 2This night light has worked really well for us and totally put Mister B at ease in the dark.  He has wandered into our bedroom in the night a couple of times and we have seen to big white Spiderman eyes glowing guiding his way.  I think it’s great to find a night light with a character your little ones love as it really does help them to drift off to sleep!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the night light in order to write the review.

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