Tidlo Lorry Shape Sorter by John Crane – Review

We were asked to review the wooden Tidlo Lorry Shape Sorter by John Crane for izziwizzikids.

On opening the box I knew the quality of this wooden toy was going to be good – Miss M received the Tidlo High Tea Shape Sorter for Xmas – which has led to no end of delicious tea parties, trips to Miss M’s cafe for tea & cake and buying mouth watering cakes from her grocery store!

The Lorry Shape Sorter is a delightfully made wooden toy, a variation on traditional toys with a shape sort element in that the shapes are cut out of square blocks and placed over shaped pillars.  All of the lorry and the wooden shapes are very smooth to touch and beautifully painted.  The trailer is removable from the front of the lorry and there are 16 squares with cut out shapes to place over the shaped posts on the trailer.

The Tidlo wooden lorry is very easy to put together and the wooden shapes are perfect for small hands.  There are many skills to be learnt using this toy including colour recognition, shape recognition, hand eye coordination and of course excellent play value as a vehicle toy.  I found Miss M taking the wooden lorry to the factory to deliver the shapes and then it had an accident as it was zooming around the lounge, resulting in Mister B’s toy police car having to come to the scene to sort things out.

The one minor disappointment we came across initially was the little wooden man driving the lorry – I must have been asked over 20 times “Mummy, why doesn’t the man come out to play with?”.    With all the other play aspects of this enchanting wooden toy the little man was soon forgotten about and endless hours of play have followed.

I love the versatility and originality of the Lorry Shape Sorter and think it is of excellent quality.  It has many hours of educational and play value and with it’s durability it will be a toy to treasure for many years.

Here is our video review of the Tidlo Lorry Shape Sorter:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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