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The World of David Walliams Gangsta Granny Stash the Swag Board Game – Review & Giveaway

The World of David Walliams Gangsta Granny Stash the Swag Board Game from Paul Lamond Games is a fantastic game for fans of David Walliams books and that includes my two children who read each new title as it is released.  With World Book Day on the 7th March this year it’s a fantastic time to get reading and being able to play a game associated with a book is always a lot of fun and helps bring your favourite characters to life.  With Gangsta Granny among my children’s book collection they were excited by the prospect of a board game featuring team Granny & Ben on a mission to stash the Crown Jewels without being caught by the Queen.

The Gangsta Granny board game is presented in a fantastic tin which a great way to store the parts ensuring they last making it a durable game to play over and over again.

In the tin you will find:

  • Game board
  • 4 Granny & Ben play pieces
  • 1 Queen play piece
  • 24 Jewel tokens
  • 2 Dice

The aim of the game is to collect all the letter ‘jewels’ to spell out the word GANGSTA but watch out because the Queen is on the prowl and if you get caught by the Queen before stashing your jewels, they all have to be returned!

Each player moves by rolling both dice and moving the number on the white one themselves and the number on the black one for the Queen, therefore with everyone moving the Queen ahead each time she gets around the board quite quickly chasing everyone for their jewels. When you do catch a jewel of your colour you can stash it in your player’s piece until you pass the swag bag and can put it safely on the appropriate letter in the word Gangsta.

We found this Gangsta Granny Stash the Swag game fun and something that all the family enjoyed.  With four of us this game was perfect although can be played with between 2-4 players at a time.  Suitable for ages 7+ meant that this was perfect for all of us as my youngest is 8 and he really enjoyed this and particularly got excited as the Queen chased us all around the board and loved crossing the board using the secret passageways.  We found game play to last around an hour as although it seems easy enough to collect your Gangsta jewels, the Queen is always hot on your heels to steal them!

When someone does manage to collect all of the jewels and spell out the word ‘Gangsta’ they become the winner of game!

If you’d like the chance to win a copy of the board game Gangsta Granny Stash the Swag from Paul Lamond games then just complete the Gleam widget below:

Gangsta Granny board game

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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  1. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Fairground rides are mine

  2. Emma Walters says:

    mr stink would be fun!

  3. Nikki Cook says:

    Mr stink !

  4. Maxine Lewis-Enright says:

    I think Mr Stink would be a good board game 🙂

  5. Natalie Burgess says:

    Mr Stink xx

  6. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would love to see Billionaire Boy turned into a board game – it could be a bit like Monopoly!!!

    1. Sean Eccles says:

      Bad dad would be fun I would love to play gangsta granny!

  7. iain maciver says:


  8. Amy Butler says:

    I think Bad Dad would be hilarious as a game

  9. Tracy Nixon says:

    Grandpa’s Great Escape!

  10. Karen hutchinson says:

    Billionaire boy

  11. olivia Kirby says:


  12. clair downham says:

    mr stink

  13. Georgina Prince says:

    Mr stink would be good, my boys love that one x

  14. Anthony Harrington says:

    `Mr Stink would be fun!

  15. Sarah-Jane Carter says:

    Billionaire Boy would be an interesting board game xx

  16. melanie stirling says:

    Grandpa’s Great Escape, my nephew’s favourite book.

  17. Laura Banks says:

    Billionaire Boy

  18. Tony Metcalfe says:


  19. Margaret Wacey says:

    I think Grandpa’s Great Escape would make a great board game!

  20. Solange says:

    Mr Stink.

  21. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I think i would have to say Mr Stink

  22. Peter Watson says:

    Mr Stink would make a great game.

  23. Danielle Pooley says:

    Mr stink would be a fun game

  24. Kate Davies says:

    Grandpa’s great escape.

  25. Maria P says:

    Fing – there are many adventures 🙂

  26. Sandra Fortune says:

    Mr Stink would be good

  27. I would love to see the Midnight Gang, fab competition thanks for the chance! x

  28. Jackie Dawson says:

    Ratburger would be fun

  29. Rachel Butterworth says:

    The Queens’ Orangutan.

  30. Kerrie-ann Fitzpatrick says:

    Mr stink

  31. TRACY JAMES says:

    i think mr stink would make a really fun game

  32. Helen Arlow says:

    Bad dad x

  33. janine atkin says:

    Mr Stink!!!

  34. Angela treadway says:

    mr stink x

  35. Margaret Clarkson says:

    Mr Stink

  36. Sally Collingwood says:

    The Queens’ Orangutan, such a fun book so would make a great game!

  37. Susan B says:

    Billionaire Boy might be fun as a board game.

  38. Caroline A says:

    Billionaire Boy

  39. Laura Wheatley says:

    The Ice Monster – my daughter has recently read it and said it was fab

  40. Jo m welsh says:

    Have to agree with the majority and say mr stink think the kids would love it

  41. How about Rat Burger – that could be a fun game x
    Christine Taylor recently posted…EasiYo – Make Your Own Yogurt at Home #ReviewMy Profile

  42. Sara Straw says:

    Mr Stink!

  43. Janine says:

    Mr. Stink. My kids would love that

  44. Katrina Adams says:

    Grandpa’s Great Escape would make an awesome game and could be sold as a box set with Gangsta Granny

  45. Irene Gilmour says:

    Billionaire Boy

  46. Geri Gregg says:

    A Mr Stink game would be awesome

  47. mr stink would be a fun game

  48. Ruth Harwood says:

    A Mr Stink game would be fun to create, I reckon!! And fun to play, obvs!

  49. Ursula Hunt says:

    The Midnight Gang

  50. Christina Palmer says:

    Mr Stink would make a wonderful game

  51. How about Mr Stink, that could be fun x
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  52. Karen Usher says:


  53. I think ‘Awful Auntie’ would be good.

  54. Mr. Stink would be a great game!

  55. Shaun Allan says:

    Mr. Stink would be a great game! I know my daughters would love to play it.

  56. Becky Yeomans says:

    I would like to see Mr Stink turned into a game!

  57. Lisa Everaert says:

    Mr Stink would make a brilliant game!

  58. Pauline Hill says:

    Mr Stink would be a good choice

  59. laura milton says:

    The worlds worst children for us. They are my daughters favs!

  60. Jo Carroll says:

    Billionaire Boy would be great I reckon?

  61. Claire Nutman says:

    Demon Dentist !

  62. Sarah Lambert says:

    Rat burger would be fun

  63. Pat H says:

    Ratburger for sure.

  64. Kirsty A says:

    ‘Billionaire Boy’ or ‘Awful Auntie’.

  65. Katie B says:

    Mr stink or billionaire boy!

  66. Victoria N says:

    Mr Stink would be great!

  67. Jo Jones says:

    It has to be Mr Stink!

  68. Amy Bondoc says:

    I think Mr Stink would be a super fun lhilarious game

  69. Gavin Robertson says:

    Mr Stink for sure!

  70. Louise Fairweather says:

    The Ice Monster – my boy is reading it at the moment

  71. Corinne Henson says:


  72. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    World’s Worst Children

  73. Jade Jones says:

    without shadow of a doubt – has to be bad dad

  74. Anthony Worth says:

    Midnight Gamg for me!

  75. leanne weir says:

    Has to be ratburger

  76. Helen Tovell says:

    We would pick Awful Auntie

  77. Erica Dittman says:

    Mr Stink would be fun

  78. nicola dean says:

    Definitely Mr Stink.

  79. Emily Neasham says:

    Grandpa’s Great Escape!!

  80. cheryl hadfield says:

    The boy in a dress

  81. J Matcham says:

    Billionaire Boy might may a cool game

  82. Rich Tyler says:

    Mr Stink

  83. Christopher Read says:

    I think Mr Stink would make a great game 🙂 Thanks for running this comp

  84. Jade Hewlett says:

    I think Mr Stink would be a great game

  85. Claire Woods says:

    Grandpa’s great escape

  86. Christine Lockley says:

    Billionaire Boy but there are so many great David Walliams books that could be adapted to games

  87. amanda walsh says:

    Mr Stink would make a fab board game

  88. Katie m says:


  89. kris mc says:

    Mr Stink

  90. katrina walsh says:

    Mr Stink

  91. Tanya Deliyska says:

    I would also like to see David Walliam’s Billionaire Boy turned into a board game.

  92. Susan Willshee says:

    I’d like to see Bad Dad turned into a game.

  93. Gary Topley says:

    Mr Stink, thankyou for the competition x

  94. jules Eley says:

    Billionaire Boy

  95. Stef Acaster says:

    Awful aunty

  96. Leila Benhamida says:

    Billionaire Boy will be fabulous

  97. Diana says:

    Mr Stink! 🙂

  98. Emma chapman says:

    mr stink would be awesome

  99. Simon Orme says:

    Mr Stink

  100. helen says:

    mr stink

  101. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Billionaire Boy

  102. Lynn Neal says:

    Billionaire boy

  103. Sam Parkes says:

    Would love to see Billionaire boy in game form

  104. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Mr Stink would be a good board game

  105. Phil O'Neill says:

    Mr Stink.

  106. Nicola Marshall says:

    Mr Stink would be a good one.

  107. Ann Marie Gould says:

    Bllionaire Boy played like a game of monopoly

  108. Rebecca Whatmore says:

    Billionaire boy

  109. Ben Palmer says:

    Ratburger, my son would love

  110. Sheri Darby says:

    Mr Stink could be fun

  111. Jenny Rogers says:

    Billionaire Boy

  112. Sian Buckingham says:

    All of his books that we have read have been wonderful, but my sons favourite was Awful Auntie, so I’d say that one!

  113. ellie spider says:

    Ratburger would make a great game

  114. Christina Curtis says:

    Billionaire Boy

  115. Michaela Turner says:

    Bad Dad

  116. Rebecca roberts says:

    Definitely bad da that would be so much fun!

  117. Ro day says:

    Grandpa’s great escape.

  118. Rebecca Smith says:

    his new book Fing

  119. Lorna Lyons says:

    Billionaire boy would be fabulous as a game so would Mr Stink

  120. Jo Hutchings says:

    The Slightly Annoying Elephant would make a fun board game.

  121. Margaret Dixon says:

    Billionaire Boy

  122. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    Billionaire boy

  123. paula cheadle says:

    would pick Awful Auntie, I think it would be awesome

  124. Shelly Wenn says:

    Billionaire Boy would be awesome!

  125. Kim Neville says:

    Billionaire Boy

  126. Anna Brown says:

    Awful auntie

  127. sharon martin says:

    Billionaire Boy

  128. Laura pugh says:

    I think midnight gang could make an excellent game

  129. Vicky Allum says:

    Mr Stink! Thanks for the chance to win.

  130. Adrian Bold says:

    Billionaire Boy

  131. Labra says:

    Grandpa’s Great Escape

  132. Gemma Clark says:

    Either Mr Stink or Billionaire Boy

  133. Natalie Crossan says:

    Billionaire Boy

  134. Lisa Pond says:

    Mr Stink 🙂

  135. Tee Simpson says:

    I would love to see ratburger turned into a game

  136. Lia Burns says:

    The midnight gang! It’s my favourite anencephaly my children’s too x

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