The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue DVD – Giveaway and Review

The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue is one of Abbey Kids Media’s latest  releases, an animated series that follows the fortunes of the extremely cute Bee family, who live together with friends and relations in The Hive.

Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee, Rubee and little Babee are really just like any other family, except they are tiny, stripey and can fly!

The Hive 2D_RGBFeaturing 10 episodes

Buzzbee to the Rescue
A Royal Visit
Postman Buzzbee
Babee’s Room
Useful Bee
Bee in Charge
Computer Bee
Sporty Bee
Buzzbee’s Garden
Teddy Bee Lost

Having never heard of The Hive before, I was eager to sit down and watch the DVD with my children.  My immediate thoughts were that the images were bold and bright, sure to catch a little ones eye.  Almost 6 year old Miss M wasn’t too fussed on this but 3 yr old Mister B was glued to it and wanted it on again and again.  I think this is a really cute animation about a family of bees and their day to day shenanigans.  Mister B found the storylines really enjoyable and something he was happy to watch multiple times (subject to me allowing him!).  We give The Hive a  thumbs up for it’s cute cartoons and fun adventures.

The Hive DVD is released on 7th October 2013 and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists.

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media.

If you’d like to win a copy of the new The Hive: Buzzbee to the Rescue DVD, then fill out the form below for your chance of winning 1 of 5 copies:

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I enjoy a hot bath once the kids are in bed!

  2. lowri earith says:

    cuddling on the couch with my hubby

  3. Lynn Doe says:

    A nice bath, then a cup of coffee made with milk while I catch up with the gossip on facebook 🙂

  4. laura banks says:

    chill on the couch and catch up on my soaps

  5. I like a good soak in the bath…
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Some daddy daughter time….My Profile

  6. Kirsty Fox says:

    Lay on the sofa and watch a film

  7. melanie stirling says:

    Watch tv with coffee and chocolate 🙂

  8. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I love reading

  9. Jade Missy Evans says:

    A nice relaxing bath with a cuppa, lots of bubbles and a good book … Heaven. Oh door locked too 🙂

  10. Claire Butler says:

    play candy crush

  11. kim neville says:

    A nice hot bath then chill in front of the tele

  12. zoe bryan says:

    bath glass of wine and a few candles

  13. KATHARINE B says:

    Cuddle my little one 🙂

  14. victoria taylor says:

    I like a long soak in the bath listening to the radio and wine by my side

  15. a nice cold beer

  16. sandra b says:

    Headphones on, music on,feet up

  17. Gaynor Neal says:

    I run a childcare business called honeytots and we encourage the children to love and respect bees. They would live this

  18. John Taggart says:

    A nice glass of wine and watch a movie:-)

  19. Stuart Edwards says:

    sleep! 🙂

  20. Hannah Oneill says:

    Read a book

  21. louise says:

    blog x

  22. Laura C says:

    Bubble bath whilst reading kindle

  23. kerry Locke says:

    Have a long soak in the bath

  24. Bekki Ryan says:

    read a book in bed

  25. TRACEY HUBER says:

    sit in my hot tub in the conservatory watching the stars with a nice glass of wine in my hand.

  26. Jo welsh says:

    I get 5 minutes to my self when I put their fav CBeebies programme on and I make sure I use it to have a coffee don’t always work but its the only time I get to my self 🙂

  27. Karen Barrett says:

    Relaxing in my garden by myself.

  28. laura stewart says:

    watching tv 🙂

  29. sarah woolcock says:

    My son is an horrific sleeper but when he asleep I enjoy a cup of tea and catching up on TV that I’ve missed 🙂

  30. karen hill says:

    reading, is so relaxing for me, peaceful , thanks for the chance to win this, my nephew loves the hive xxx

  31. Kiya Parker says:

    Comfy pajamas, hot chocolate and the soaps!

  32. sharon oliver says:

    bath, pj’s on then watch tv in bed

  33. Francesca Tuck says:


  34. Rachel Craig says:

    Read a good book.

  35. ashleigh says:

    Read a book or a soak in the bath!

  36. Paula Barker says:

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  37. Rob Griffiths says:

    SIt down with a good book

  38. Knitting always destresses me!

  39. Emma Ellison says:

    I like to read a book in the bath 🙂

  40. Holly Smith says:

    Bubble bath

  41. Scott Holloway says:

    watch tv or play xbox


    Curled up on the settee entering competitions like this

  43. alison johnson says:

    I love to read in bed x

  44. Andy D says:

    Big tub of Ice-Cream

  45. Spencer Broadley says:

    Once the kids in bed asleep – lean back with a couple of nice ciders and pink floyd in concert on dvd (or something similar depending on my mood)

  46. anthony harrington says:

    walking my doggies over the meadows

  47. Kat Lucas says:

    Day in P.J.s and curled up on sofa with favorite movies

  48. Angela M says:

    A relaxing uninterrupted soak in the bath, comfy pjs on then getting lost in a good book….hardly ever happens but when it does its perfect!

  49. Becky John says:

    A hot bath with scented candles and no lights on

  50. Claire D says:

    A nice cold beer with friends

  51. Harley says:

    A really bubbly bath!

  52. Laura Pyper says:

    a nice glass of wine on a friday night,but not this month as im doing sober october to raise funds for macmillian x

  53. Pam Gregory says:

    A nice long soak in the bath with a glass of good wine & a book

  54. sarah rees says:

    a good book or a film 🙂

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    feet up nice cup of tea and a good book

  56. Katrina Day-Reilly says:

    make jewellery

  57. Kay panayi says:

    Read a magazine

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    Sofa and soft music and book

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    A nice long soak in the bath 🙂

  60. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    A soak in the bath with a book & cup of tea!!

  61. Tammy Tudor says:

    Have a nice hot bubble bath 🙂

  62. andrea lloyd says:

    read a book

  63. Jo Twyman says:

    Would love this x

  64. Samantha R says:

    I like to read in the bath

  65. says:

    good book with a glass of wine

  66. Victoria Ann Entwistle says:

    Have a large glass of Baileys!

  67. Sarah Walford says:

    A cup of tea, nice bun and a paper to read in the morning while my little man has a sleep

  68. Angela butcher says:

    Twittering away in the quite

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  70. tracy north says:

    snuggling on the sofa with my boys

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    Hot chocolate! It’s the secret.

  73. Emma Cella says:

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  74. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    I read blogs or crochet

  75. lorraine polley says:

    glass of rose wine and a james patterson book

  76. Carla Mills says:

    Listen to some Zen music. Xx

  77. Carla Mills says:

    Keeps saying I haven’t entered, so won’t let me have any entries but have entered a comment above?

    1. Mummy's Little Stars says:

      Hi, I’ve just checked rafflecopter and it’s showing 3 entries under your name for the blogpost and facebook entries. 🙂

  78. katie skeoch says:

    I’ll get all the housework done and relax with a good book and glass of wine

  79. Elizabeth Smith says:

    escape into a good book

  80. Karen R says:

    When I’ve put my daughter to bed, I make a mug of coffee, get a piece of chocolate and watch some trash on catch up tv 🙂

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  83. Jo Glasspool says:

    I love to read. x

  84. Julie Ward says:

    Doing competitions with a beer.

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    i spent my time relaxing with a cuppa tea entering compertions

  86. Tina Holmes says:

    Reading a book or painting my nails

  87. Hannah Weetman says:

    Nice scented candles, bubble bath with my kindle and a glass of wine to keep me company

  88. Mark Palmer says:

    Read a good book

  89. louise bennett says:

    have a bath

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    Have a cup of tea and read my favourite blogs.

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    pjs on nice cup of tea and watch the TV

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    having a creamy hot choc doing my laptop and watching tv

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    Enter Competitions

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    I sit down with a cup of coffee and a good magazine

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    Read a book.

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    Read a good book

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    I chill out browsing the internet and reading blogs.

  101. kirsty slow says:

    drink green tea x

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    Snuggling on the sofa with a movie. X

  103. A nice hot bubble bath

  104. Kirsty Sparks says:

    chill out on the sofa and watch tv

  105. Sharon Smith says:

    Reading a good book together with a cup of tea plus plenty of yummy chocolates! xx

  106. Robby Price says:

    A nice glass of wine

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    listen to music

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    A nice bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book…heaven 🙂

  109. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Read in bed last thing at night

  110. Hollie Adlam says:

    Nice warm bath, lots of bubbles and candles. Maybe even sneak a glass of wine in too 🙂

  111. Hazel Christopher says:

    Sit down with a good book and escape into a fantasy world.

  112. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    A relaxing bath and a good book !

    Kel x

  113. Joanne Clarke says:


  114. says:

    a read and a bath

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    I like to chill in front of the TV.

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    I like to read a book in a nice hot bubblebath

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    Listen to comedies on the radio.

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    Escape from reality with the soaps

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    Get into bed and read a book with a cup of hot chocolate

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    a bath with a magazine and a lush bath fizzer

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    A nice bath.

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    Soft, film, popcorn

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    Glass of wine and a good comedy on the TV

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    A good book or movie and a glass of vino

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    Soak in the bath 🙂

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    I read x

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    hot soak in the bath

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    A nice hot bath while listening to music!

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    read in bed with a cup of tea

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    A nice walk round the park before its dark. its so peaceful

  133. cathyj says:

    scented candles, light low and chick flick

  134. Paul Witney says:

    I love to read

  135. Jane Middleton says:

    read a book

  136. Jade Walsh says:

    A nice bubble bath with candles and a good book 🙂

  137. Kate Morton says:

    I like to take my children for a walk in the woods

  138. Leanne Newsome says:

    A hot bubble bath but most of the time the kids end up wanting to get in too!

  139. Hazel Markland says:

    Sitting in a hot tub xxx

  140. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Soak in the bath, when I get time or go for a walk

  141. Kelly Webb says:

    Nice hot bath x

  142. Diana says:

    Bubble bath 🙂

  143. David Jackson says:

    a cup of coffee with my feet up

  144. Elvira says:

    a cuppa tea (nothing like it)

  145. Kirsty Woods says:

    Warm bath

  146. abby carroll says:

    my bingo night on a wednesday 🙂

  147. Pam Lawrence says:

    When i am stressed i make myself a cup of earl grey tea and a slice of toast spread with clover honey and take my time over it …. So relaxing!!

  148. emma harvey says:

    A cup of earl grey and cross stitch

  149. jodie harvey says:

    on the rare(very rare) occasion i gett to relax with 4 kids and 7months pregnant, i like a nice warm bath with candles and a book, and the door locked!!!! 🙂

  150. Hayley Todd says:

    Snuggle up on the sofa in my jim jams, under a warm fluffy blanket, with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a good book and some delicious choccies ~ bliss

  151. Laura Sheryl Evans says:

    wine, bubble bath, sorted 😉

  152. Jill Fairbank says:

    A good old read

  153. claire davey says:

    cuddle up with my partner and our baby girl on sofa and watch tv together

  154. Keri Jones says:

    I love to sit in front of the tv with a steaming hot Mocha and watch shows like Supernatural or Breaking Bad 🙂

  155. dawn thompson says:

    Sit down is some comfy clothes with a mug of tea and Downton Abbey!

  156. Amanda Norwood says:

    Long hot bath with a book

  157. Sleep!

  158. Rachel B says:

    feet up in front of the telly

  159. zoey deacon says:

    sit down with a cup of coffee

  160. zoe matthewman says:

    Nice hot bath and then put on my cozy pjs

  161. Helen says:

    A lovely hot bath, lay back and close your eyes!! Aww bliss!!

  162. Danielle says:

    Listen to Mcfly haha 🙂

  163. michaela atkins says:

    i like to sit and do some comps once the kids are in bed ahhhh relax

  164. Kirsty Partridge says:

    I like to sit down with a cuppa and enter competitions 🙂

  165. Joanna Sawka says:

    a glass of wine and a comedy film

  166. Pauline Burroughs says:

    I do competitions – love it 🙂

  167. samantha price says:

    i love to knit for my grandson

  168. sit eating choccy and watching a film when the kids have gone to bed.

  169. Claire Richards says:

    I have a craft room as sanctuary! I made cards or scrapbook to relax.

  170. Zoe Coen says:

    Cuddle to my partner watching tv when the children are in bed

  171. Jayne B says:

    A steaming hot bath with candles, incense, bubble bath, music, face mask & a glass of plonk!

  172. Kirsty says:

    I love to have a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine a good book and plenty of candles

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