Term Roll Top Wellies for Kids

Term Roll Top Wellies for children are the toughest and sturdiest looking wellies that I have seen for a while, whilst appearing of a really high quality that looks to be exceptionally durable and lasting.  They come in a variety of colours with contrasting trim on the soles and a fleecy lined sock that is hand washable.

The bonus of the washable sock is that you can actually use this boot over two sizes.  So buy the wellie in the size that your child currently is and it will last through to the next size too.  Hence the higher price for these wellies is easily combated in the dual sizing along with the amazing quality.  Just looking across the boot and the sole you can see you are getting value for money and a seriously well made wellington boot.  On the back there is a little reflective strip which helps them appear noticeable if walking at dusk or night time.

We tried a pair in Navy blue with a dark green trim on the bottom for my 6yr old.  Although the weather has been quite warm and sunny recently, he didn’t hesitate to try them on and proceeded to keep them on all day long!  I asked him what he thought of them and the reply I got was “I love them, they are the best wellies ever!”.  Well you can’t ask for more than that can you.

They look comfortable, stylish and very sturdy.  Being a keen helper Mister B was eager to help us with the gardening and the boots were perfect for him being near the edge of a muddy flower bed.  He even sat and did his yoga in them at the end of the day (don’t ask – it’s the latest thing my kids do, sitting with their legs crossed humming away – if it keeps them quiet for a few minutes, then why not?).

I think the proof of how comfortable they are is in the fact that he kept them on all day and wants to keep wearing them. These are going to be fabulous in the cold Winter months as I know they’ll keep his feet dry and warm – perfect for jumping in all of those muddy puddles and Autumn walks through trails of leaves.

If you are on the look out for a new pair of children’s wellies (which we all seem to be regularly as their feet are constantly growing) then I’d highly recommend checking out Term wellies as so far they are one of the best pairs we’ve had!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Foldable Windsor Wellies from Butterfly Twists

With the weather rather wet at the moment, and Summer failing to make a proper appearance, it means days out can often require a pair of wellies.  Wellies are so versatile and keep you feet dry so are an essential piece of footwear whatever time of year it is.  Butterfly Twists have created a unique style of wellies, that is lightweight, foldable, yet sturdy and strong with a stylish cuff at the top, meaning you can take them on your travels, pop them in your bag on a day out, take them to festivals or simply wear them on the school run!

butterfly twists welliesI chose the Windsor style to try out which comes in a variety of colours for both the actual wellie and the cuff.  The wellie itself is soft and flexible making it easy to get on and off.  The sole is slim but feels sturdy and the cushioning under your feet is really good, making them ultra comfortable to wear and walk about in.

butterfly twists wellies 2The cuff at the top keeps your legs warm and helps prevent any breeze from blowing down inside the wellie.  The result is a smooth looking, easy to wear wellie, that is not too clumpy, particularly for the wet Summer months.  I also like the small Butterfly Twists logo on the heel of the wellie.

butterfly twists wellies 3

The big bonus with the Butterfly Twists wellies over a normal pair is the fact that they fold down for easy storage and portability.  Included in the box is a handy bag with a string at the top to pull it closed and also hang it up.  The boots easily fit folded up in there, it is generously sized and makes it easy to pop in your bag, suitcase, car boot etc.

butterfly twists wellies 4Butterfly Twists wellies are great, I actually prefer them to my traditional chunky wellies as they are easier to wear, more comfortable and a lot lighter.  I can see these being really handy throughout the year, particularly on days out with the children when we venture along trails and woodland paths or trips to the beach in the colder months.

Why not check out the range available, there are several styles and a multitude of colours available?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






A Family walk through the woods – Saltram

Last week, we decided to go out for a family walk and to give Miss M a chance to have a little bike ride.  We drove out to a local National Trust property that is set within a large area of parkland/woods and began to explore the woodland, collecting some twigs and leaves along the way to use for a crafty activity on a day we are stuck indoors.

The children couldn’t wait to get their wellies on and loved going off the track to explore amongst the trees.  And we even found a few muddy puddles along the way that they insisted in sloshing their way through.

Saltram3-001Half way around the walk we came across the estuary which of course Miss M and Mister B couldn’t resist a paddle in!!

Saltram2-001It was great to spend the afternoon outdoors as a family, and although a little chilly we were sheltered by trees for the most part.  We found a great set of trees on the grass by the car park that had all grown into each other at the bottom giving a great climbing platform for Miss M until she spotted the monkey bars!  I was totally amazed to see her dangle herself quite high from the ground and actually make her way the entire length of the bars – how she had the strength I don’t know – I have never been able to cross a whole set of monkey bars!!

Saltram1-001We finished off with a lovely warming cup of hot chocolate in the cafe and shared a slice of cake before heading back home with our bag full of woodland goodies ready for a crafty session in the near future.