Dr. Beckmann Cleaning products Review & Giveaway

Dr. Beckmann have a great range of essential cleaning products for your large kitchen appliances that I wish I’d discovered long ago.  My washing machine often gets a little grubby around the seal, and can get a bit whiffy inside, but I hadn’t realised you could get specific products for cleaning inside.  I usually just run it on an empty hot wash but it never really does the job properly.

Service-it ProductsAfter being given the chance to sample Dr. Beckmann’s simple to use deep cleaning products I couldn’t wait to give them a try.  A few days ago I gave my washing machine a long overdue treat with Deep Clean from Dr. Beckmann, and as soon as the empty cycle had finished, I could immediately see the results – a much fresher, cleaner looking inside to my machine.  It was so easy to use, just tip the powder in the drum of the machine and put it on an empty wash. If I had known about these sooner I would have given my machine a spring clean long before now!

The also have dishwasher cleaning products which I ran through my parents dishwasher and my mum was rather happy with the results.  A dishwasher is on my wish list for my new house and when I get one, I now know what to use to keep it clean.

If you’d like to try a selection of Dr. Beckmann’s Service It products then simply fill in the form below as I have a bundle as shown above to give away to one lucky reader.

Dr Beckmann

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.