Time Bomb Today’s Special Value on QVC

Check out QVC Sunday 12th March 2017 to get an amazing deal on Time Bomb.  The Today’s Special Value offer is selling for an amazing £46 for products that would cost £220 if purchased individually.

The ‘Big Deal Collection’ consists of:

  • Take-Off Time Cleanser (200ml; supersize) – engineered with dermatological grade crystals that gently slough off dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin beneath. Free from drying surfactants or harsh detergents, leaving your skin feeling moist and looking dewy
  • Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel (50ml; supersize) – highly charged with collagen, this potent, moisturising formula is designed to counteract environmental effects on your skin to create a fuller, firmer and smoother-looking complexion
  • Trouble Shooter Neck, Jaw & Chest Cream (100ml; supersize) – visibly diminishing the signs of ageing while soothing and hydrating your skin for an instant firming effect, this targeted treatment helps to enhance the appearance of suppleness and elasticity, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten the appearance of pigmentation for a more even-looking skin tone. Formulated with chrysanthellum extract, vitamin C, lanachrys, pea extract, olive oil, abyssinian oil and hyaluronic acid
  • Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H20mega (150ml; supersize) – a hydrating cocktail designed to support your skin’s surface layers, help retain moisture for an immediate plumping effect, and counter signs of skin fatigue and dehydration. Formulated with a powerful blend of 12 amino acids, two types of hyaluronic acid, high levels of vitamins B12 and B3, plus chia oil, coconut oil and brown algae

Check it out now as this offer is for today only!!

Having used various Time Bomb products both currently and in the past I can confirm that you won’t be disappointed.  They are all packed with high quality ingredients that deliver and help to protect, improve and enhance your skin.  Being in my early 40’s I need skin care with anti ageing properties to keep a youthful glow and Time Bomb works and feels great on my skin.  Get this offer while you can as it’s a great value pack to experience Time Bomb either for the first time or to stock up on your favourites!

This post is in collaboration with Time Bomb skincare.



Time Bomb’s QVC Today’s Special Value Offer

QVC’s Today’s Special Value bundle on the 4th December 2016 will be this amazing Time Bomb skincare bundle!  Don’t forget to check it out as it can be yours at the amazing price of just £47.98!


The offer includes the below products:

  • Brand new Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask
  • Supersize Flashback Night Cream
  • Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll
  • Supersize Collagen Bomb
  •  Supersize Hand Cream

All for just £47.98, which is an incredible deal!!

I’ve been lucky to try out some of the products included in this deal and I can tell you that they are brilliant for protecting and looking after your skin.  They are great for ageing skin and use high end technology and ingredients to really care and treat your skin.


You can read about most of the products in my previous review for Time Bomb but I must just tell you about their newest product.  Instawow is a sparkling facial mask that is new to the Time Bomb range and this is the first time I’ve tried it out myself.

A clear gel is applied to clean skin and almost immediately it starts to fizz across your whole face.  Little white foam bubbles appear and spend the next five minutes fizzing away which does have a slight tickly sensation, nothing like I’ve felt before with a face mask. You then massage any excess away into the face and then rinse off.  It is super light but also very effective

The Results

Wow! This product certainly should be called Instawow, my face was left glowing and fresh, with a light, luminous effect to it.  It also felt ultra soft and smooth, like baby skin – I love it!!

Packed with energising citrus extracts and sparkling glycerine, this mask works deep down in the pores with it’s fizzing to remove make up and debris whilst leaving your skin brighter, cleaner and tighter!  A must have this party season to get your skin looking tip top before a night out, and also clearer the morning after!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Time Bomb Larger Than Life Hair Care

After trying a number of skincare products from Time Bomb, I was excited to try out their Larger Than Life Shampoo & Conditioner.  With the ability to cleanse, soften, detangle and volumise they sounded like just the thing for regular use on my long straight hair.


The products come in easy to dispense tubes and upon opening they smelt absolutely divine!  I couldn’t wait to try these out and when I did, they certainly didn’t disappoint.  The shampoo easily lathered and cleansed the hair really well, the smell was amazing and my hair felt great after that.  With the addition of the conditioner, my hair felt ultra soft and bouncy and of course was wonderfully fragrant.  It also contains a unique vitamin peptide complex helps improve hair’s condition, making it look thicker and stronger

I absolutely love these Time Bomb hair care products and if you are looking for a little bit of luxury for your hair, then these are the products to use.  The tubes are large too, so will last a while which is good because at £16.50 each they aren’t the cheapest of hair products but they are definitely worth it for a treat!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Time Bomb Anti Ageing Skincare Range

Time Bomb is an anti ageing skincare brand that aims to ‘Stop the clock’ quite literally on your face and protect it from all the elements that contribute to ageing by bringing ground breaking formulas such as their complexion cocktails to your dressing tables to give your skin the best chance of looking younger for longer.  Here is just a small selection of the products available.

WP_20160817_14_17_34_Pro - Copy

I just love the packaging of the Powerball moisturiser and Troubleshooter Neck & Jaw Cream.  The ball shaped pots look fabulous on the bathroom shelf, but it’s all about the product inside that counts.


Powerball is an intensive moisturiser aiming to hydrate and plump your skin.  It features bio-protectant Trehalose to help preserve skin’s internal fluidity, keeping it supple, elastic, resilient along with Ectoin, a miracle-working, microscopic protein found in the desert which is known for it’s moisture hoarding properties.

I’ve always found it to be rich, hydrating and leaving skin feeling plumped and protected but non greasy but ultra soft to touch.  You can read more about it in my Timebomb Powerball review.

Trouble Shooter is a new product to me, but I adore it’s silver packaging.  The formula aims to firm skin and lighten age spots.  Packed full of powerful plant ingredients, it really does smell rich and potent as you open the jar giving an immediately good impression.  I spread this over my neck and jaw area and it instantly sunk into the skin and already the area feels tighter and smoother.


Over Exposed is a fantastic product to repair sun damaged skin, something I know I suffer from on my face.  It’s designed to reverse and repair UV damage, to bring your skin back to the smooth, supple feel it once had.  Using Omega9XEster, a vegetable derived emoillent to penetrate deeply into the skin it helps rid the skin of tough, leathery textures and brings back a youthful glow.

Well I tried this on one side of my face and I’m hooked.  It has a smooth buttery texture that quite literally melts into the skin leaving it feeling ultra smooth and soft, I couldn’t believe the difference between the texture in either side of my face – it’s amazing!

Complexion cocktailComplexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 is power blend of 12 Amino Acids and 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s surface layers and helps retain moisture for immediate visible plumping.  It’s so easy to use and can be just patted onto the skin with fingers or a cotton pad. I find these very reviving and boosting, check out my Complexion Cocktail review here.

Some excellent skincare products here from Time Bomb, do check them out, they are perfect for reviving your skin after the hot sunny days we’ve been having and will give your face a great boost before the Winter comes along leaving your skin feeling great!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser

Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser is perfect for your skin over the colder months due to it’s rich, hydrating formula.  Delivered in a spherical pot, this intensive formula is packed full of 21 natural hydrating agents to give you totally moisturised skin.

WP_20151016_12_25_10_ProAlthough rich, this product is instantly absorbed leaving your skin feeling supple and protected.  Being non greasy, make up can easily be applied afterwards on your soft, fresh more healthy looking skin.  I’ve found this has worked perfectly for my face, giving a more plump, hydrated feel to it.

WP_20160124_09_08_42_ProThis is a great moisturiser packed full of benefits for hydrated, youthful looking skin.  With the cold, windy weather we are currently experiencing, Timebomb’s Powerball will definitely give you the protection you need and relieve any dryness or red patches.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails – Review

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails are a range of skin boosting tonics, containing state of the art skincare technology to give your skin a shot of high end ingredients, targetting a specific skin concern.

timebombThe three Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails are:

COMPLEXION COCKTAIL with a shot of B12

Helps reboot skin’s microcirculation with a jolt of energy and restores plump,
healthy tone and lively color.

COMPLEXION COCKTAIL with a shot of Chlorophyll

Detoxes skin-compromising free radicals and restores clarity, calm, even tone and glow.

COMPLEXION COCKTAIL with a shot of H2Omega

Reloads essential fatty acids and critical moisture, restoring smooth, supple, hydrated texture.

Each complexion cocktail contains Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deep into the skin for boosting, plumping and giving the skin a fresh glow.  The tonics have a richer consistency than a toner but lighter than a serum and can be applied with fingertips or applied with a cotton pad.  They are very lightweight and you can feel them instantly sink into your skin.

timbomb 2I have to say I found these a great pick me up for my skin.  I’ve been using them for the last couple of weeks and use whichever one relates to how me and my skin are feeling at the time.  All of them give a refreshing boost and really make a difference to your skin.  They have a feel good factor and leave you feeling refreshed, revived and really pep up the skin from it’s current state to skin that’s feeling good and ready to go.

Use these morning or evening as required to give your skin a boost – they’ve been a great addition to my skincare routine and with now having 40 yr old skin, every little helps!

All reviews are my own and the products were sent to me in order to write the review.

Time Bomb Skincare – Review

Although I’ve always tried to look after my skin, hitting 40 means I want to try a bit harder to protect my skin from ageing, so I was keen to try Time Bomb skincare.  They have a simple but focused approach targeting key areas to fight the signs of ageing.

A collection of powerhouse formulas and breakthrough innovations developed to help women of all ages “stop the clock!”


WP_010446Time Bomb is a stylish but functional range of skincare that looks good on the dressing table but how does it work on the skin?

Powerball Intensive Moisturiser aims to:

– Defeats acute and chronic skin dehydration
– Super surge loads and locks parched skin with critical water
– Restores soft, smooth, moist texture to dry, crinkled skin

I found the Powerball Intensive Moisturiser to be thick, rich but very lightweight and just melted onto the skin.  It felt exceptionally hydrating and a welcome boost to my skin each day.  I have been using this product for the past month and my skin definitely feels more supple, hydrated, softer and firmer, resulting in a more youthful feel.

Youth Juice Secret Oil aims to:

– Mimics skin’s natural sebum to replace oils no longer produced by ageing skin
– Absorbs instantly for non-greasy feel
– Plumps, protects and helps seal in natural moisture

I love the heavenly scent of Youth Juice, the blend of oils hits you as you open the bottle.  Containing olive, kukui, avocado, jojoba and more along with vitamins C and E, this really does enrich your skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft.  This should be applied under moisturiser in both morning and evening and really gives skin that added boost and glow it needs as it gets older.

The Time Bomb combination that I have been using has been perfect for my normal type of skin leaving it exceptionally soft, richly hydrated and maintaining a youthful glow!


All reviews are my own opinions and I received the products in order to write the review.