Planning our new Bathroom #TileMountainFacelift

Having finally moved house in February after almost 16 years in our first house, which I was sad to leave, we now have the seemingly endless project of redecorating our new house which initially I thought wouldn’t take too much work compared to the complete renovation we carried out on our previous property.  But unfortunately it needs more doing here than we first realised which is never easy with two children in tow!  The more you look around, the more poor workmanship you see, wonky door frames, ill fitting hinges, lumps on walls, lack of plug sockets, dodgy paintwork, budget fittings, the list goes on in general maintenance but the biggest expenses come in the form or a new kitchen and bathroom.

With all these stunning ideas below that I’ve picked up and added to my bathroom inspiration board on Pinterest you will understand when I show you the pictures of my current bathroom as to why I feel a little depressed at seeing what the previous owners have left me with!

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A new bathroom is a project we are planning to carry out later this year, so we are in the early planning stages and are looking at options of turning the bath around in order to accommodate a sink unit as currently we have no storage in there. We are looking at adjoining the end of the bath to the shower cubicle but still having a full larger than normal shower cubicle in one corner.  For me the tiles in this bathroom are an eyesore, dingy brown with cracks, holes where all the fittings and fixtures were taken out, poorly aligned and just plain boring.  Due to having no fixtures at the moment we literally have nowhere to put anything and have plastic storage boxes on the floor!  We also have no mirrors in there and nowhere to stand one which is increasingly frustrating but the one rather poor central light is rather pointless so we are also planning new lighting throughout for the bathroom in order for it to be adequate for applying make up and the such like!  Just don’t get me started on the fake wood effect floor panels that move, curl up at the joins and just quite frankly are totally unappealing to me due to their mismatching nature.  Who would want a bathroom like this?

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

Moving on from what I have, I’m looking forward to the future, with palettes of grey and silver, along with shiny storage units, mirrors to brighten and reflect and a more modern, sleek look with a twist of vintage inspired style thrown in.

I am totally inspired by these vintage inspired tiles Skyros Delft Grey Wall and Floor Tiles from Tile Mountain, which in the picture below shows a clean, functional bathroom but with a vintage twist, a bit quirky and different.  They also do plain tiles so you can mix and match where you have them so I’d love to play around with the combination of these in my new bathroom fitting the patterned tiles maybe behind the bath or a stripe of them above the sink etc, somewhere where their beauty is highlighted and meets your eye when you walk in.

bathroom 3

If I was to take a more slick, modern route, I absolutely adore the Metallic Swirl Floor tiles, shiny, reflective, although with a bit of texture to provide some grip, these really would make a statement piece that would be the highlight of the bathroom.  Would need to look into how practical these are but you could equally feature them on the wall, maybe inside our large shower cubicle to add reflection?

I’m also looking at the Inverno Grey Marble Rectified Wall and Floor tiles which are light, bright and would just give the bathroom a clean and fresh look and in this instance I would pay more attention to interesting accessories.  For one thing I have particularly fallen in love this Heated Towel Warmer from Living House – if I can fit this into my budget then I will be one very happy lady indeed!


I can’t wait to get beyond the planning stages of my bathroom and finally see the images and ideas come to life.  Important for us is that it works for all the family, has plenty of storage and is reasonably easy to clean but I’m sure one of the tile combinations above from Tile Mountain will work for us and I’d love to have the opportunity to try them out.  One things for sure is that I will have a new bathroom for Christmas, and have my fingers crossed for Tile Mountain to help out with the tiles to enable more budget elsewhere in the room (**thinking radiator**).

Keep your eyes peeled for more interior projects on the blog, I have yet to introduce the new house as we had a few complications on selling the old one, but now that it has finally completed I am planning a complete look back on our previous renovations followed by a room by room makeover of the new rooms and garden.

This is an entry into Tile Mountain’s blogger competition to win tile vouchers to revamp your bathroom or kitchen #TileMountainFacelift

Bath Crayons with Bathtime Buddies

Bathtime Buddies Bath Crayons were an instant hit with my two children, the idea of drawing in the bath was fun, but actually being able to draw on the bath itself and the tiles proved even more exciting.

Bath crayons 1Each pack contains five crayons, in bold looking colours although they aren’t as bold as they look, so don’t worry, these aren’t going to stain your bath!

Both my children were very excited to see these and they were thoroughly entertained in the bath using them.  They bounced off each other with ideas as they used the crayons to write their names, draw round their hands and draw rainbows!!

bath crayons 2Miss M even drew the words Bathtime Buddies and spelt it all correctly, I was very impressed!  She then decided she wanted to write numbers as Maths is her favourite subject at school at the moment, so she proceeded to write the numbers 1 all the way up to 100!!

bath crayons 3Mister B drew lots of squiggles but kept rubbing them out when done so it was hard to capture them.  But without a doubt, this is one of the most occupying activities we have had in the bath, the children kept on squiggling until the water was cold!!  They were washing a lot off as they went but the bits that I did have to rinse off after came off with minimal effort just using the shower spray over the tiles and it instantly washed away!


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If you want to have a go and try the crayons with our children then email to request a sample and if you are one of the first 50, you’ll be sent a sample of crayons for your children to get creative with in the bath!

Just upload your child’s creation to the Bathtime Buddies Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning a weeks worth of shopping!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the product was sent to us in order to write the review.