Lands End Jeans – great stretch & perfect for everyday comfort

Lands’ End are a long standing clothing brand with comfortable everyday clothes and have something for all the family.  What I never realised before was their extensive range of jeans in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes – you’d be hard pushed to not find something suitable for yourself!


I had a good look through the pages of jeans and settled on the Women’s High Waisted Lift & Sculpt Skinny Jeans in Curvy Fit to try out.  I also had a choice of colours and opted for the black.

They arrived swiftly and beautifully presented and I could see immediately that they were a true black and could feel that although they were a lovely thick denim they also had a really nice stretch to them.

lady wearing lands end black jeans

They were super easy to pull on and the stretch in them really allows them to mould to your body without feeling tight.  They are in fact so comfortable due to the stretch that they feel more like jeggings around my body as opposed to a tight pair of jeans.  Although being thicker and having more structure as jeans do it means they will really last – in fact I can honestly say one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve had for a few years!

I’d highly recommend checking out Lands’ End for all your warm and comfortable clothes for Winter as the site is full of them and there are some great deals to be had.  Everything looks so cosy and easy to wear which is just what I want as I’m getting older, but still lookig for stylish pieces and the jeans above certainly fit that criteria!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews. Although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

The Original Stretch Armstrong – Review

The Orginal Stretch Armstrong is an iconic child’s toy from the 1970’s that has been brought back to life for children of today.  The toy can be pulled and stretched in all sorts of ways up to 4 times it’s original size.  You can even tie his arms and legs into knots and twist him up, knowing that he will always revert back to his original form afterwards.06028 Stretch Armstrong ABS2

The doll itself is 30cm tall and he looks rather chunky.  The first thing I noticed when I removed him from the box is how heavy he is, more so than I was expecting.  He also feels rather strange, with soft maleable limbs that almost feel like rubbery putty.  The children were intrigued and couldn’t wait to try him out.

06028 Stretch Armstrong CPS


He’s initially quite tough to stretch, but once you know what you are up against you know to give him a good hard pull and his limbs extend.  I was amazed how tall and skinny he got but as soon as you let go, he just pings back into shape.

stretch armstrong

Here’s daddy and Miss M seeing how tall and skinny they can make him.

stretch armstrong 4

Once they got started they couldn’t stop and had fun contorting poor Stretch Armstrong into all sorts of poses.  It became a bit of a challenge to see what they could do next with him.

stretch armstrong 2Finally they wrapped him all up and he stayed in position without any assistance, but as soon as you start unwrapping his limbs they full straight back into shape.

stretch armstrong 3

The toy proved to be fun and certainly very different from other toys we’ve tried so was captured the children’s imagination as to what we could do with him.  If you fancy trying out The Original Stretch Armstrong, he can be purchased from Character Online.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







Easybelts – Review and giveaway

Easybelts are a child friendly belt that’s easy to do up, allowing young children to be independent and do up themselves along with stopping their trousers from hanging down and them constantly pulling them up throughout the day.

easybeltThe belts are made from high quality elasticated webbing, with an adjustable D ring and a velcro fastening.  I was impressed by the quality of the belt, it feels strong, secure with no chance of fraying edges.  I wasn’t expecting it to be stretchy but this added to the softness and comfort fit of it.  The velcro to fasten the belt is strong and a good length, meaning the belt safely stays shut once done up.

The belts come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.  You can choose a size that’s right for your child but you also have the added benefit of adjusting it further with the D ring.  There are also motif designs available, such as hearts, butterflies for girls, and racing cars and footballs for boys.

easybelt 2We chose a grey belt with a racing car motif for 4yr old Mister B to try.  He’s currently between trouser sizes but the larger ones always hang down a bit despite having adjustable elastic inside, so we have been on the look out for a easy to use belt for a while.

His eyes lit up when he saw this belt, I think due to the racing car motif!

So how did he find it?

Well he was definitely eager to try it himself and yes, he managed it on his first attempt!

This is certainly good news for us and gives him an added independence when going to the toilet.  We don’t hear the call for “mummy, can you help me?” everytime now.

easybelts 3I love this belt and would definitely recommend it for any young child that struggles with belts or want to do them up themselves.  These belts are not only suitable for children but are available in adult sizes, which are particularly useful for those with limited hand coordination or with a disability.

I’m pleased to be able to offer 3 of my readers the chance to win an Easybelts of their choice.   Why not check out the Easybelts website to see their range now?

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All reviews are my own opinions and I received a belt in order to write the review.