Jamie Raven Street Magic

Jamie Raven Street Magic from Paul Lamond Games is one of a set of four easy to follow magic kits by Jamie Raven, one of the UK’s top magicians.  The sets aimed at anyone from the age of 8+ are Street Magic, Sleight of Hand, Card Magic and Magic of the Mind.  Each set comes with every prop and accessory needed to carry out the tricks and you get a special online link to videos where Jamie demonstrates each trick simply and clearly.

Containing seven fun tricks that use everyday items, hence the name ‘Street Magic’, you can recreate these anywhere using items as you find them, although all items are included to get you started.

Tricks in the Jamie Raven Street Magic set include:

  • The Jumping Rubber Band
  • The Vanishing and Reappearing Coin
  • Currency destruction
  • Linking Paperclips
  • The Vanishing Hanky
  • The Floating Paper Cup
  • Vanishing Rubber Band

All the included accessories are perfect for performing the magic but what I really liked about the set is that the instructions are in the form of online videos which you get a special link to.  Here you see Jamie demonstrate the trick perfectly and then a slowed down version giving you clear instructions as to how to do the trick and make it look realistic to the audience.  My 9yr old daughter particularly enjoyed watching the videos to help her learn the magic.

We found the tricks really fun to learn and it’s just a case of practice to perfect your skill to really fool people.  This is a great little set and much better than other magic sets we’ve tried in the past.

Here is 9yr old Miss M showing me her magic:

I’m pleased with this Jamie Raven Street Magic set, the online instructions are really clear and simple and the set doesn’t try to cram too much in.  A few great tricks makes a good showcase of magic to show to friends and family.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Street Photography – Las Vegas

When I saw the Street Photography prompt this week it made me think back to various city breaks that I have taken pre children and got me looking back through holiday memories!!  I came across my Las Vegas break from 2006 it reminded me of how surreal the whole place is and had been so different from what I had expected.  Being in it’s own little oasis of the Nevada desert really sets it apart from any other city and you truly feel a million miles from everyday life.

The bright blue skies and constant sunshine ensured there was never a dreary moment during our stay and one day I would love to return – although it could be some years yet!!   Family holidays are now on the agenda with sandcastles, swings and swimming so taking city breaks with sightseeing, street cafes and shopping has to take a back seat for a few years!!

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