Tech Deck Finger Skateboards – Review

Tech Deck is back and celebrating its 20th anniversary as a champion of the Skateboarding community featuring a miniature replica line of action sports toys and collectibles, featuring real graphics from the world’s biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands including: Primitive, Element, Plan B, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Baker, and many more!

The 96mm Tech Deck fingerboards are great to collect with an eye catching array of designs from real companies.  They are fully customisable with various colour wheels and trucks but note that some pieces are tiny so it’s best to find a little box to store your accessories away in.  My 7yr old did require some assistance in changing these at first although fortunately had his older sister at hand to adapt them for him.

With the enclosed poster showing many of the available designs my children enjoyed ticking off the ones they have so far and were delighted to find they had an ultra rare one in their collection.

They were also pleased to see different shaped boards available reflecting the styles of real boards.  My 7yr old also liked the trainer guards that can be put on any of the boards to keep your fingers in place when practicing new tricks.

Aimed at ages 6+, Tech Deck certainly had my 7yr old interested.  He’s always had a thing for skateboards owning two real life ones of his own although he only uses them on the driveway outside the house at the moment.  With the fingerboards he’s been busy learning his technique of holding two fingers on the board and depending where they are, determines the tricks you can perform.  The ollie is a good one to get started with as it can be used as part of many others.

As much as my boy loved admiring the designs on the 96mm fingerboards it was the Tech Deck Transforming Container Ramp that really allowed him to put his finger tricks into action and set the scene for hours of play.  At £29.99 it is a great place to allow all elements of play with your fingerboards whether you are alone or with friends.  Looking like a simple shipping container from the outside, the sides and top literally unfold to create the ultimate skatepark and you can create numerous different configurations from it.  There is also an extending rail that can be added into play to do boardslides along.  There’s also a little board rack to store boards that aren’t currently being used.  The container is well made and sturdy and I love that it has little rubber feet on the bottom to stop it sliding along a hard floor during play.

If you are looking for a smaller ramp set, then the Starter Kit is ideal and retails at just £14.99 and features an assortment of slopes and a staircase that can be configured in various ways.  Together with the Container Ramp, you really in skateboard heaven and it’s time to get your friends over to play.

With both YouTube and Instagram channels alonside the Teck Deck website, there are videos aplenty to view and learn how to perfect your fingerboard techniques and pick up new tricks.  I’m sure in a few weeks my kids will be performing a full on skate show to demonstrate to me what they’ve learnt!


The Tech Deck range by Spinmaster toys is available at all good retailers

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.


Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups – Review

Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups is a fun new Barbie playset available from Smyths featuring Barbie and her two dogs.  Barbie rides a bike and the dogs ride along side on skateboards.

B1This is a fun playset with simple well built pieces that easily fit together for play.  Barbie can ride her bike alone, or you can attach one or both of the skateboards for play.  There are two dogs included, a big and small one each with appropriately sized skateboards which they simply attach to.


Barbie has a removal floral vest top, although her trousers are moulded on due to the way her legs are required to move on the bicycle.  Her boots are removal and she does have normal Barbie size feet underneath, so she can easily be dressed in other outfits you may have.  Miss M loved that Barbie has a removal bike helmet almost identical to her own.  She has long blonde hair which Miss M tied back in a ponytail to make it easier to put the helmet on.

barbie 1

The fun part about this Barbie toy is that Barbie actually cycles along as you push the bike.  Her feet clip into the pedals and her hands push through the handles on the handlebar enabling her to stay in place and move like she is really cycling.  As she moves the biggest dog nearer her moves along too and the cute little puppy on the small skateboard actually spins a full 360 degrees around the bigger dog.  You do need to try this on different floorings to get the best effect and movement for the small skateboard.

barbie 2

Miss M has a lots of fun playing with this Barbie, she loves the idea of her on a bike, being a keen cyclist herself!  With a bit of imagination you can take Barbie on all sorts of journeys with this toy and she easily fits in with other Barbie toys and can bring her dogs along to share the fun!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Barbie in order to write the review.