Mixit Magazine featuring Lego Friend, Shopkins, Barbie & more…

Mixit magazine is the latest release from DJ Murphy and features a whole host of branded characters such as Shopkins, Barbie, Glimmies, Lego Friends, Puppy in my Pocket, The Powerpuff Girls, Lalaloopsy, Lady Bug, Masha and the Bear, Little Live Pets, L.O.L Surprise, Molang, DC Super Hero Girls and much more.

If you haven’t already caught it in the shops Issue 2 is available now from most supermarkets and newsagents.  All issues come with a fun pack of goodies on the front and as you can see below Issue 1 had a 36 piece nail kit including polishes, files, stickers and gems.  Issue 2 had a Ladybug dance wand, lip gloss and hair bands.

Inside the magazines are pages packed full of branded character activities with everything from stories, puzzles, unboxing and other activities such as features with Youtube favourites Emily Tube and Creative Celeste.  I also noticed (or rather my daughter spotted) a whole host of competitions and giveaways that she’s eager to enter.
















Aimed at ages 4-9yrs, both my children were keen to get stuck in and do the activities.  They loved the characters that they recognised and each page they turned gave out sounds of joy, or “look who it is” and “I want to do this puzzle”.  Some of the characters are part of collectible series which are really popular at the moment and seem to appeal to children of these ages.

With the magazine packed back to back with popular and recognisable characters, the children were kept occupied and became excited to turn the pages and see who was on the next page.  Mixit magazine is fun, up to date and full of things children love and want to see.  With familiar faces on every page it’s sure to be a hit with everyone that reads it so check it out in shops now!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset – Review

Shopkins has been a big hit with my children since we reviewed the Shopkins supermarket last year and they were excited when the Shopkins So Cool Fridge playset arrived.

shopkins fridgeConsisting of an American style refridgerator with various compartments, two shopkins and a tray of eggs, their eyes lit up when they saw it.  This has been particularly popular with my youngest, Mister B who can sit playing with it for hours and adds other small characters he has to let his imagination run wild!

shopkins 1The fridge has a large opening door with three shelves inside, and two shelves on the back of the door.  This holds the egg seesaw, a shelf that tips from side to side depending on how many eggs you have sitting on there.  Six eggs with different expressions on their faces are included.

There is a drawer at the bottom of the fridge and on the left is an ice dispenser.  This comes with a yellow ice bucket that if you push into the bottom of the dispenser it will fill up with any items you have stored in the small cupboard at the top of the dispenser.

Also included are two shopkins, a soda bottle and an ice cream sundae, both perfect for chilling in the fridge!

There are also two sheets of stickers to decorate your fridge with and the children had fun applying these on the doors and around the sides.

shopkins 2Shopkins do seem to have a much higher play value than I initially thought and my two really have played with this for long periods of time and got engrossed in a world of little characters.  They’ve used other play figures they own to come and buy things from the shop and fridge, they’ve added other tiny figures and things into the fridge to boost the play potential.  They love all the different little places to hide things in the various doors and drawers, not forgetting shooting things down the ice dispenser!

shopkins 3What more can I say?  Shopkins has definitely been a hit with us and kept my children entertained for longer than I expected.  It’s made of a sturdy plastic and is not at all flimsy, therefore withstanding falling over etc.  The doors don’t just fall off like some toys we have.  I think this is a toy that will be revisited many times for some imaginative, fun play that both children enjoy!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

Shopkins Small Supermarket – Review

Shopkins are a collectible series of mini grocery characters along with shop playsets and accessories such as shopping bags, baskets and trolleys.  I hadn’t heard of these before but it seems these are a huge craze and sure to be a hit at Christmas.

Shopkins We received a Shopkins Small Supermarket to review and the children were immediately excited and wanted to play.  Aimed at children aged 5+, mainly due to the small pieces I imagine, it’s actually been a huge success with both my children, Miss M who is 6 and Mister B who’s almost 4.

shopkins 2The set comprises of a double sided supermarket play scene with doors that swing open. There’s shelves and a small basket that you moves up like a lift to a helter skelter slide for the food to slide down into the trolley. There is a separate check out with moveable conveyor belt.  Also included are two shopkins, a tub of butter and a bottle of moisturiser along with two shopping bags.

shopkins 3This playset is very durable, the plastic is durable with some parts being slightly rubbery.  The biggest surprise for me though was how fascinating both my children found this.  They have really enjoyed playing with it and got into role play with the little characters.  They’ve even used some of their own figures to go into the shop to buy the items.  As there are a few moveable parts, it’s had enough to keep them occupied and it is something they have gone back to each day to play with again.

shopkins 4This is definitely going to be a hit this Christmas and with the grocery items being released in series in various sized packs, it means children can buy pieces with their pocket money.  We’ve loved Shopkins and had lots of play value out of it!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received some Shopkins in order to write the review.