Treads Boys Leather School Shoes – Review

Treads are a brand that believe they have created the ultimate school shoe, one that is indestructible during playground play, where the stitching will not come undone and the soles will not wear out.  In fact they stand by this claim and offer a 12 month guarantee by which if any part of the shoe does fall apart during normal wear then they will replace the shoe free of charge. 

With a selection of 8 boys shoes available at them moment I think the styles cover all tastes and likes so there is something for everyone. There is also a line of girls shoes due to come out next year so keep you eye out for those – I certainly am!

We decided to try out the Madrid shoe from Treads, a very sturdy looking shoe with velcro fastening, just what my little boy prefers. I was particularly attracted to the extra strengthened toe area which looks like it will stand up to a lot of wear and avoid that dreadful scuffed toe look.

The shoes also have dual fit technology meaning that by simply removing the orange mid layer inside will make the shoe wider, giving a more comfortable fit for those with wider feet.

As you can see in the pictures below the shoes look very smart on my boy and I just love how incredibly sturdy and durable they look.  They are comfortable and stylish for the school day, but also suitable for all those playground games, running around and football that take place at break times when we see the majority of damage occur to school shoes. 

We are really happy and impressed with the Treads school shoes so far and are keen to see how well these will fare over the next few months. If we can get anywhere near 12 months from them before his feet grow I’ll be very happy to say the least, normally at the end of each term his shoes look wrecked, so I’m hoping these live up to their indestructible claims.  All I can say so far is they certainly look incredibly durable, well built and tough so I have high hopes!

Head over to Treads now for a look at their school shoes range and let me know what you think?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Back to School with Term School Shoes

Term School Shoes are the latest edition to the Term range of shoes and if they are anything like their wellies then I know they are going to exceptionally high quality, durable and last well so I was keen to try them out with my little boy.  We tried the Term Chivers style with a double velcro opening which I knew would be easy and simple to operate for my boy as he’s not yet comfortable with laces.

On first inspection I could tell that these shoes look really durable, like they’ll last hopefully as long as my child fits them. They have flexible thermo rubber soles and a comfortable insole featuring cushioning for day long comfort.  Also a soft collar in the heel area protects against sores and rubs.  I like the way the sole comes high up around the heel and front of the toe area to protect against scuffs and will withstand play and tumble in the playground and after school visits to the park.  The uppers are made from high grain leather made to last and will protect through various weather and scuffing.

My boy has a wide fitting on his feet so we did go up to the next size to accommodate both this and a little longevity in the shoes life but I have to say these are generous in width and fit him really well.   He has very sensitive skin and is fussy about fit on shoes, clothes and every little label has to be cut out but first these fitted his foot like a glove, no complaints, no worries and he wanted to wear them straightaway! (If you’d known how many pairs of non school shoes we’d tried on recently but he’s refused to let me buy!!!)

So our thoughts on the Term Chivers boys school shoes?

We love them!  To be honest we can’t fault them so far.  On the first feel and look you can tell they are a quality piece and so far they are lasting incredibly well.  There are no signs of wear, they look strong and durable, the stitching is tight and I’m confident these shoes will outwear any previous brands that we’ve tried.  Yes, these are expensive shoes but are inline to the couple of market leaders in school shoes so I think this is definitely a top competitor that you need to check out as personal experience with some of the other suggest that these could even be better!

Why not try them for yourself and see? They are a solid stable shoe that is appealing to look at, comfortable to wear and easy for a child to secure – what more could you ask for?  If you are looking for school shoes for September than I highly recommend that you check Term out.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

SteryDry Shoe and Boot Steriliser and Dryer

Ever find after washing a pair of trainers that they take ages to dry?  Well SteryDry UK have come up with the answer in the form of SteryDry a unique shoe sterilising and drying product.  For me this is an answer that I have been looking for, with a sport loving daughter who’s trainers are constantly in the wash.  Throughout the Summer months it’s not so bad but in this colder weather I’m having damp shoes hanging around for 4 or 5 days before they are fit to wear again.

wp_20161028_14_42_44_proThe SteryDry consists of one unit which requires minor assembly on arrival.  It plugs in and is ready to go straight away with it’s preset programme which can be overidden for extra wet shoes.  What I really like is that you just put the shoes on and it starts, no messing around with controls and settings, just hang the shoes over the holders and off it goes with it’s infrared sensors.  This makes it ideal for my daughter to put her shoes on herself and get them drying as soon as possible.  It has a small screen which counts down the minutes left which is great to know when they’ll be dry and then it automatically stops.


What is brilliant about this gadget is it not only dries your shoes but sterilising them leaving them fresh and odour free.  It works by cleverly converting oxygen into ozone which circulates throughout the shoes killing all the fungi and bacteria along the way. How cool is that?

My daughter plays rugby twice a week so comes home with wet muddy boots, so we give them a quick wash and pop them on the SteryDry and within 30 minutes we have fresh, dry boots.  I tend to wash her trainers every few weeks as she soon builds up the mud after playing in the park and running around at weekends.  This gadget has been a godsend and makes life so much easier.  Shoes are dried and back on the shoe rack that evening, essential when things like rugby boots are needed again within the next day or two.  With two children and a husband who also wears rugby boots weekly whilst training, and cycles to work daily, so can often comes home with wet cycling shoes when it’s raining, the SteryDry will prove particularly valuable to our family home.


It retails at £69.99 which isn’t cheap but it’s a unique product that makes our life easier.  With it getting regular use in our household which I imagine will be more over the next few years, then this is worthwhile.  I’m aiming for a tidier more organised household and this helps as I’m fed up of damp shoes lying on the drying rack in the kitchen all the time.  If you have a household that regularly finds itself with wet shoes then it is worth checking out SteryDry, it’s been brilliant for us and I can’t fault it.  The only thing I would say is it’s not the most compact of items but I’ve found a home for it under the stairs so it’s easy to pull in and out the several times a week that we use it, a small price to pay for the benefits we’ve gained from it.


I must also mention SteryDry’s sister company Hospitality Quality who have a fun range of stocking filler items such as keyrings, magnets and handbag mirrors.  Available from their website or Amazon, they come with fun slogans with something to suit everyone.


I particularly like these handbag mirrors presented in an organza bag.  I have just the friend who would love this Marilyn Monroe mirror and I think the prosecco magnet has my name all over it!stery-dry-mirrorA fun selection of stocking fillers for friends and family!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.












Butterfly Twists Folding Ballet Pumps – Review

Butterfly Twists sell a vast range of ballet pumps that cleverly fold in half and can be carried in your handbag for whenever you need them.  Ideal for nights out or if you require a change of shoes anywhere, or simply just for everyday comfortable wear.


I was surprised by the choice available in both styles and colours. I chose the Chloe, a pale pink shoe with a gunmetal coloured bow across the front.  I do think they arrived a slightly darker shade than I was expecting but overall they are pinky, nude colour which pretty much goes with anything.

The highlight of these shoes is their ability to fold up.  They are lightweight but have a sturdy sole that bends in half for compact storage and easy to carry around.  Also including is a little drawstring bag to protect them and makes them easy to pop into your handbag or luggage.

Chloe 4

They are definitely designed for comfort with a soft, padded insoles which are easy to walk on.  These are perfect to slip on at any time during the day or to replace a pair of heels at the end of a day or evening.  They are a pretty design with a quality looking metal bow on the toe.

Chloe 3

I love the way these shoes fold up and I will definitely be carrying these around with me, nothing else fits in your bag so discretely without too much bulk, and I can think of many occasions they will be useful.  Butterfly Twists have a really good choice on the website so I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Character products from Brantano – Review

Both my children love having popular characters on their clothes, shoes and other items and Brantano have a great selection available.  With characters such as Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Frozen, Minions, Barbie, Disney Princesses and many more there really is something for everyone and they are sure to have your children’s favourite.

brantanoWith Mister B loving Spiderman right now, these Spiderman Light up trainers were sure to be a hit.  He absolutely loves them and doesn’t want to take them off.  At £24 they feel well made for character shoes, and have lots of thought about detail and easy to fasten velcro straps.

brantano 2The exciting bit for Mister B is jumping around and watching his shoes light up at the heel with a bright red flash!  They fit well and are comfortable, meaning he’s happy to wear them and they are great for walking about in for everyday wear, after school and at weekends.

brantano 3As you can see he loves his shoes and I always think it’s a good thing if a child likes their shoes as it’s so much easier to get out of the house rather than battling with them to put things on they don’t like.

Miss M is back to packed lunches at school this year so needed a new lunch box and was thrilled to pick out this Frozen one.  It’s a lunch bag style with a soft, padded carry handle and zips around to close.  It has some pretty detail on the side and on the back it has a place to write your child’s name.

brantano 4It’s a really good size so easily fits food for lunch, snack and a drink bottle inside.  It has a grey wipe clean interior that is easy to clean with a quick wipe round and it’s ready to use again the next day.  Miss M loves her Frozen themed lunchbox and it has daily use at school each week.

Why not take a look at the other character products at Brantano?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.




Lelli Kelly Shoes from Charles Clinkard – Review

Lelli Kelly shoes come in shiny, sparkly designs that young girls desire to own and Miss M is no exception.  Having seen the adverts on television she’s often aspired to wear a pair and now she’s had a chance to try them out.  Available from Charles Clinkard who offer a wide range of high quality branded shoes, including the Lelli Kelly brand.

It didn’t take Miss M long to spot a rather sparkly pair of Lelli Kelly Glitter Olivia Mid Boots and her eyes lit up.  She really wanted them so I agreed they would be our choice to try out.

Lelli Kelli 1I ordered the shoes online through the Charles Clinkard website and I have so say navigation was simple, the payment process was easy and delivery is free!  Delivery was a really simple process with update emails on dispatch, delivery date and even a text with the exact delivery hour – I love it when a company uses a good courier service.

The shoes arrived in a beautiful floral shoebox and came with an added make up accessory from Lelli Kelly, a make up palette in a tablet like case.  Miss M’s face lit up at the idea that she had her own eyeshadow like mummy, but I’m sure a bit of dressing up fun when her friends are round will do no harm!

lelli kelli 3The boots themselves immediately stood out to be of a really high quality, well made and looked good.  You certainly get what you pay for with Lelli Kelly shoes and these being £59.99 aren’t cheap but the quality is of a really high standard and the shoes have a lot of detail with the beads and a really solid, durable sole made to last!

lelli kelli 4I love that the boots have a zip on the inside so no need to fuss around with laces every time you take them on and off.  There is a lot of pretty, detailed beadwork on the boot which really sets these apart from any other similar type of boots out there.  Miss M certainly loves them and can’t wait to wear them out and about – they are so sparkly and look glamorous for a high top boot!

lelli kelli 2Miss M is by no means a girly girl but I like the fact that Lelli Kelly high top boots bring the best of both worlds with a sturdy rubber soled boot that she can run around in and scoot along in, but also have a purple sparkly finish that she loves making them more feminine than a lot of similar style shoes.

lelli kelli 5We love the Lelli Kelly Glitter Olivia Mid Boots and would highly recommend them along with the excellent website ordering service and delivery from Charles Clinkard.  Why not take a browse of the website today – they offer a wide variety of brands for both children and adults and you are sure to find a shoe that takes your fancy?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the shoes in order to write the review.

Shoezone Girls Shoes review

We were asked to review a pair of young girls shoes from Shoezone.

Brogues, shoes, kids shoes, childrens shoes, black brogues, laces

The shoes I received were a pair of Shoe Zone girls lace up Brogues. They are black, slightly pointed toe brogues with thin laces and my first reaction was would my daughter like these as they are quite different from the normal style of shoes she would wear. I showed them to her and she was very excited – new shoes (what girl wouldn’t be?!!).

She tried them on immediately and they were a good fit and seemed really comfortable. Being a budget style shoe they are synthetic rather than leather but the upper seemed quite soft and supple. The laces were thin and round, so were easy to put a double bow in to stop coming undone during the day. Miss M hasn’t yet mastered the art of tying a shoe lace but hopefully she’ll get a lot of practice with these!

Overall we were happy with the shoes, they are a very fashionable style, with brogues being seen in all the shops at the moment and look great with skinny jeans/leggings for the perfect little daytime outfit.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.