Reward charts from Miggins & B – Review

Reward charts are something I’ve used at various times over the last few years with my young children but finding one that works, keeps the child interested and is durable for multiple uses is often hard to find.  Miggins & B have come up a set of reward charts that are fun, durable and a little bit different to other ones that I’ve seen and tried.

blast_off_1_grandeWe received the “Blast Off” themed reward chart to try out with 5yr old Mister B.  One of the biggest things I’m trying to tackle with him at the moment is tidying up!  He forever leaves a trail of toys across the floor, particularly little bitty ones that he has several boxes for, so I thought I’d start using the chart to encourage him to tidy up.

blast offThe chart arrived rolled up, and being made of a lightweight pvc, this unrolled immediately and was flat, ready to hang on the back of one of our doors.  Accompanying the chart is a sheet of adhesive backed vinyl stickers that stick well to the chart but are also easily removable, enabling the chart to be used again and again.  The chart is A2 in size and easily wipeable making it a durable piece.

WP_20160117_13_22_13_ProHere is Mister B with his first sticker, a little green alien.  What I like about this chart is that the child can choose whereabouts they wish to put the stickers and it allows them to make up their own adventure.  Here Mister B has put the alien on top of the red planet.

Not only that but there is a grey space at the bottom of the chart where you can stick all the stickers and when the child gets one, they just take it from the bottom and place it higher up.  This way the stickers can’t be lost and it keeps everything in one place.


WP_20160124_10_45_54_ProThe chart comes with a total of 20 stickers with one being larger than the rest, in this case it is the rocket booster which can be the final sticker that the child earns each time. Mister B loved this concept and has made his own unique story each time he’s gone through the chart and is always eager to make the rocket blast off into space.

Here is his first adventure, apparently all the spaceman and aliens had got stuck on the planets and had to make a chain back down to the rocket!

The ultimate challenge was to get the rocket booster which meant that the chart was complete and Mister B would then get the chocolate coin that awaited him.


Look how proud he is of finally achieving his goal and I can honestly say we have had a much more tidier and helpful little boy around the house this past week – a big success!

WP_20160124_17_11_09_ProMiggins & B have a variety of charts available to suit different children such as football, dinosaurs, flowers, fairies and horses.  If you are looking to encourage better behaviours in your child then do pop over and check them out as a better behaved child makes for a happier household!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the chart in order to write an honest review.

Radical Reward Charts to Improve your childs behaviour – Review

Every child needs some system of learning right from wrong and being praised for doing good things or behaving in the correct way.  One way of doing this is with reward charts which can be used for many different things.  Radical Reward Charts aims to provide something a bit different from the normal ‘star’ type of reward chart.

All our Radical Reward Charts have a 20 step progress route. We have found that 20 steps offers the best timeframe for receiving their reward, without having to dish out rewards too often or too infrequently. Younger children can be given a ‘half way’ marker reward when they reach 10!

The Radical Reward Charts are designed by artist Vita Bosque-Greene and use images from nature to add an educational element to the chart.  This also gives a talking point with the child to discuss the various creatures that we spot on the chart.  I chose ‘Orrible Ocean and Reedy River for my two, particularly as they love underwater wildlife and we visit our National Marine Aquarium regularly being members.  It gives them something to look for that they recognise and also helped them learn the names of new creatures they didn’t giving them something to learn.  Here they are just yesterday gazing into one of the many underwater tanks at the aquarium that they adore to sit and watch.

AquariumWhen I put the reward charts up on the wall, they were both intrigued and immediately drawn to the little laminate cut out of themselves which they couldn’t wait to place on the chart.  I explained that they could move up each time they did something good, helped out or for general good behaviour.

Reward ChartThe Radical Reward Charts were placed in the hallway so that they were constantly walking past them which hopefully reminded them to behave.  I also stuck a small chocolate bar at the top of the chart for when they reach number 20 as an incentive to get there.

Rather than the numbers being in a straight line they are staggered across the chart moving slowly up to start with bigger gaps as you got further up.  The only issue I found is that with having two charts side by side the ‘Orrible Oceans chart moves up more slowly than Reedy River and Mister B couldn’t understand why he was only a quarter of the way up at number 10 whereas Miss M’s number 10 was half way up the page.

Reward Charts 2Once we had used the charts for a few days they soon got the hang of how they worked and were keen to move up throughout the day.  It was an easy for them to move themselves up and they loved seeing their little image on the chart.  We’ve definitely seen some improvement in their behaviour or doing things we ask them when we prompt them that they may earn a move upwards.

I think Radical Reward Charts are a good concept, something a little bit different from the normal charts around especially with the laminated image of your child that comes from an image you provide.  They do cost £14 per chart which does include delivery although I feel this is a little on the high side for a paper chart.  The paper is of high quality though with a slight glossiness giving it a nice finish and you can use the chart again and again each time the child reaches number 20.

My children are enjoying using them and have picked out many creatures they know from the aquarium.  They are now asking what they can do to move up the charts each day so this can only be seen as successful and a chart that works.  Let’s hope the improved behaviour continues.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.