Pom Pom WOW! Decoration Station – Review

Pom Pom WOW! is the lastest craze in kids crafting and the Decoration Station is a fun filled kit with everything you need to design and colour pom poms as well as create fun pictures and designs.

pom pom wow

The set comes in a handy fold up carry case contains all the decorative equipement along with pom pom holders for a number of the pom poms included.

The contents are:

  • 75 Pom Pom’s
  • 85 Adhesive dots
  • 1 x adhesive roll dispenser
  • 1 x glitter glue pen
  • 2 x markers
  • 1 x paintbrush
  • 4 x watercolours
  • 4 x stamper pads
  • 1 x pipette
  • 1 x blotting cloth
  • removable trays
  • instruction leaflet

It only takes a few minutes to put everything together when you open the set and 8 yr old Miss M was eager to help me set it up ready to use.  We do like that it all folds away for easy storage and is self contained so you don’t loose and bits.

pom pom wow 2

It was then time to try it out and I have to say Miss M became totally engrossed in colouring her pom poms in various ways.  She loved trying out the stamper, glitter, pens but her favourite had to be the pipette which you could add some watercolour too and squeeze drops onto an unopened pom pom to give it a tie dye effect.

pom pom wow 3

Once you’ve decorated your pom poms, it’s time to use the to create a picture or decorate something with them.  Miss M decorated a wooden picture frame and loved the idea of attaching a sticky dot to each pom pom then removing the tube and puffing the pom pom out!  Even 5 yr old Mister B joined in and wanted to create his own pom pom to add to the frame.

pom pom wow 4

Miss M loved both decorating her pom poms in various ways as well as sticking them on to things, it really kept her occupied and she sat down for quite a while playing with the different options.  She certainly enjoyed it and has asked to do it again another day.

Here is her finished picture frame:

pom pom wow 5

You can find out more about Pom Pom WOW! on their pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The Pom Pom Wow! set are available in all large toyshops (The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Smyths)  or online at www.character-online.com.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Mister Maker – Watch & Make DVD – Review

When we received the latest Mister Maker DVD from Abbey Home Media to review, Miss M’s eyes lit up – she loves making things and craft – and always loves watching Mister Maker create his masterpieces with gloopy glue, googly eyes and pom pom’s. 

Mister MakerUpon opening the box containing the DVD, we also found a craft kit to make Twiggy the giraffe – this contained lots of pom poms, a glue stick, googly eyes and sticky felt circles amongst other bits so Miss M was in her element and couldn’t wait to start making.  I suggested she watched the DVD first and we would do the crafting later.

The DVD lasts for approx 95 minutes and contains five episodes with 20 different makes – lots of great ideas to inspire little ones on things to do when the craft box comes out!!

Miss M loved it and at the end of the DVD she jumped up and said “Can we make Twiggy now?”.  I kindly obliged and we got to work on getting crafty.  Miss M was very excited and wanted me to read out the step by step instructions for her to follow.  To be honest I thought it would take 5-10 minutes and it would be over but we actually sat there working on Twiggy for a good 40-45 minutes as we carefully glued the bits together – Miss M did find it a little tricky and required some assistance but insisted I had as little involvement as possible!! 

TwiggyThe final result was a yellow and brown giraffe called Twiggy – little Miss M was very pleased with her achievement although did feel a little downhearted that he was a little tricky to stand on all fours but did enjoy wiggling his head around using the attached stick.

The Mister Maker DVD is an excellent way of inspiring children to get more interested in crafting with lots of ideas and simple materials used.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.