Christmas Decoration Storage by Packmate

After Christmas one of the first things I dread is packing away the tree and all of the decorations.  Finding the right storage for them can be tricky to ensure they are both safe and protected as well as quick and easy to access.

Well I have found the answer from a great home storage company, Packmate.  They have made my life so much easier, and left my Christmas accessories so much more  organised and protected.

packmate 2I just love this Christmas Decoration holder.  It comes in a transparent zip up bag, with sturdy cardboard pieces to construct three layers each comprising of 18 sections, in total 54 sectioned compartments to store away your decorations.  This bag will then easily store away in your loft until next year.

packmateI was surprised by how many decorations I could fit in here, large baubles in their own individual compartment, but I have smaller decorations where I can fit multiple in each section.  This handy Christmas storage is brilliant and I’d highly recommend, it certainly beats wrapping each item in tissue then packing them carefully in a large box!

packmate 3Rolls of wrapping paper is another dilemma I have each year, several stashed in different places, I can never remember what I have and it’s hard to keep them together.  This Wrapping Paper Storage Bag is definitely the answer.  At first I wasn’t sure how many rolls I fit inside by when I found all 18 of the rolls I currently had fitted in easily I was very happy!  There is definitely space for a couple more and also if you had any extra long ones they would easily fit too.  I also love the fact that the top of the bag is transparent as it makes it so simple to find the roll you are looking for.

packmate 4Finally the Wreath Bag, a truly durable bag that is quite frankly huge.  This will fit the largest of wreaths and also cleverly has a small cyclinder bag that will sit in the centre of the wreath to hold additional decorations.  With a smaller wreath, you could also fill the space with light items such as tinsel.

Overall I’m very impressed with all of the Packmate Christmas storage items, they are perfect for my household and I’m sure many others too.  If you want to get organised and make decorating the tree simpler next year then I’d definitely check these out as I know for me, these are fabulous!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the storage in order to write an honest review.


Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags – Review

One thing I’m short of in my home is storage, particularly since having children, so when I had the chance to try out some Packmate vacuum storage bags, how could I refuse?  I’ve never tried vacuum storage before and wondered how effective it would be.  I was sent a selection from the range available including jumbo, large and travel bags.

travel_storage vacuum_flat vacuum_volume

The first thing I noticed was the black leaf design on the Packmate bags which I found really appealing, they would look attractive even if they are stored under the bed or in the wardrobe.  The reverse side of each bag with the valve is clear so you can see what’s inside. Packmate vacuum black whiteLiving so far from my family I have a couple of spare duvets, various blankets and things that are only used occasionally and if I could condense them, I’d have more storage for other things. So the next step was to try them out.  They were easy to fill with their wide opening on one side which is easily closed by a plastic zip that slides across.  There is a simple valve on the clear side of the bag which lifts to open, then you apply the hose of the vacuum cleaner to expel the air from the bag before pushing the valve down to close it.

One item that took up a lot of room was our guest double duvet which is stored in a zipped bag under my daughter’s bed.  I took this out, rolled it up and but it in a large Packmate high volume storage bag.  I then expelled the air and result can be seen below, it takes up a fraction of the space it did before leaving me additional room to add extra items such as a couple of pillows to the bag.

Packmate duvet from thisI am impressed at how well the Packmate vacuum bags have performed, leaving me with lots of extra room in the house, these are the ideal space savers, great if you only have a small space or have a lot of things.  Vacuum bags are great for items that you don’t use regularly particularly large bedding items or cushions.  Another advantage of using these bags for storage is that they protect against moisture, mildew, bugs and dirt.  They are made from a tough tear resistant material that will withstand use again and again.

Within the Packmate range of vacuum bags is a set of travel bags.  These are a lot smaller and come in various sizes with the zip top feature but without the valve on the back of the bag.  The beauty of these bags are that you can either roll them up, press them or if you have a vacuum cleaner handy you can poke the nozzle in a partial opening of the zip to compress the bag.  How fantastic is that for travelling with limited space?  I know this is something I come across each year when we go on our family holiday.  A car full to the brim of four people’s belongings.   Being able to compress some of that will definitely be a bonus and make more room in the car.  If you are away from home you can simply roll the bag up to expel the air, it couldn’t be any easier.

Packmate travelAll Packmate vacuum bags come with a 5 year guarantee and are available from Home Storage Direct with free delivery on all orders.

I think these are a fantastic way to organise your belongings, they’ve certainly helped my family make a bit more room and will get plenty of use from them over the next few years.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.