A Family ‘Big Night In’ #MSMbignightin

Everyone likes to have a good night in without leaving the house so I was excited to take on Money Supermarket’s Big Night In challenge.  We were given £50 to spend in any way we chose to have a good night at home.

We decided to have a family night and with two young children we wanted some fun things to do and play.  I went into town with Miss M for some inspiration and we soon came across a Hello Kitty version of Twister for £9.99.  I remember playing Twister years ago when I was younger but we’ve never owned a version so we bought this as I knew we’d all have lots of fun with this.

Hello Kitty Twister

This proved to be a big hit with Miss M and Mister B who thought it was hilarious getting tangled up together and giggled the entire time.  They were full of energy game after game and we found it a fun interactive game for us all to play.

Twister 1Twister 2Just as the children were starting to get a little too excited the doorbell rang…  It was the pizza man with our favourite takeaway!

PizzaThe children loved the pizza, and I took a night off of my meal plan for ‘Porridge on Tuesday’, the lovely online healthy eating plan that I’m following.  We had a couple of pizza’s, cheesy garlic bread and Nacho’s which with a discount code was delivered for £17.40.  It was all very yummy and we tucked in until we were full.

It was then time for dessert.  As it was still quite early, and very bright and sunny, Miss M and Mister B went in the back garden to eat their Peppa Pig ice creams that we picked up on offer in Tesco for £1 for a box!

Peppa Pig ice creamOur next entertainment for the night was a new Wii game, Wii Party which after seeing online for £28.99, we found a second hand version in a game shop on the high street for just £12!!

Wii Party

This proved lots of fun and giggles as we played both together and against each other in a series of mini games to complete the task of balancing Mii’s on a pirate ship!  There was a whole host of games to be played on Wii Party providing entertainment for young and old.  Mister M loved hide the Wii remote which was then found by the remote making animal noises and Miss M loved any game where she was the winner!

It was soon bedtime for the little ones, who had a throughly enjoyable evening.  Miss M said as I tucked her in bed “That was a really fun party mummy, can we do it again one day?”.  I’m so pleased they appreciated it and it was nice to spend an evening together rather than occupying ourselves separately.

With the children drifting off to sleep, mummy and daddy settled down on the sofa with a couple of bottles of wine that we got 2 for £10 at the supermarket.  A relaxing end to a lively evening.

Overall we spent £49.39 and still have two games to play on future family nights!

We received £50 from Money Supermarket to show how we’d spend our Big Night In.