Back to School essentials

With most children heading back to school this week, there are lots of things us parents need to think about in order to prepare for the new school term.  I have one child starting yr 3 and my youngest just starting school in foundation.

One thing they both need is school uniform and somewhere that has a comprehensive selection is F&F.  With a vast range available you can kit them out head to toe with uniform, bags and shoes.  You can read our full F&F review here.

f&fOnce you’ve got the uniform, comes the all important job of labeling clothes and other items and I found that My Nametags were perfect for this.  Stick on labels that can be added to labels inside clothes, or easily stick on pencil cases, in shoes or on lunch boxes, these have made labeling even easier for me this year!  Read more about my thoughts on My Nametags here.

nametags 2


As well as the everyday items, maybe your child has music lessons, something I know my daughter Miss M is keen to start this year.  This Wavy Stave Music Bag by Musicroom is perfect for carrying about music books and sheets.  The bag is well made, comes in different colours and is has a lovely musical design on the front.  There is a carry handle and a little see through section to slot in a name label for your child. The corners are reinforced to make this durable for carrying to and from school/music lessons as required.

music bag

Something we all dread but unfortunately it’s the reality of school life, is head lice!  I know throughout the year we get slips of paper home warning us of an outbreak and to check our childs hair.  Teangi have formulated a range of products containing one of my favourite antiseptic oils, Tea Tree.  I’ve long been a fan of Tea Tree and always have a bottle in the cupboard, it works wonders for blemishes and other lumps (ingrown hairs etc) and you see a reduction and less pain immediately.

Tea Tree is also a great head lice deterrent and Teangi have incorporated this into their shampoo and conditioner that’s gentle but contains 2% Tea Tree oil.  They’ve also added a special detangling agent to make combing easier.  I found the shampoo really easy to massage into the hair and it definitely left the hair feeling soft and manageable.  It does have the distinguishable tea tree fragrance, but it feels good knowing then when my children return to school, hopefully their heads won’t attract any of the dreaded lice!


Teangi also do a Tea Tree & Witch Hazel cream which is really useful for cuts and grazes, perfect for children’s knees and elbows which seem to get frequently grazed in the school playground or after school at the park.  I would love to try this as I love the power of Tea Tree and will be looking out for this as I’m sure it’s a great quality product along with the rest of the Teangi range!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the items in order to write the review.

School Uniform Name Tags – Nametags4u Review

With the start of a new school year nearly upon us, one thing we all need to think about is labelling our children’s school uniform.  It’s one thing I dread and tend to leave to the last minute so finding easier and simpler ways of doing things is always handy.  For the first two year’s of Miss M’s time at school I have spent a lot of time using sew on tags so was keen to try something new and that’s were Nametags4u came in.  They sell a variety of different labels from stick on, to sew on and the one I was keen to try, Easyfix Clip.

name tags 1I received a selection of Nametags4u stick on labels and Easyfix Clip on labels.  The stick on labels are well made and perfect for things like books, pencil cases, lunchboxes etc.  I tried these on drinks bottle and a lunch box and they were simple to apply and looked good.  I like that you can choose a little picture logo to go alongside the name, I chose a butterfly for Miss M and a helicopter for Mister B.  You can also choose from various colours for the names to be printed in.

name tags 3The Easyfix Clip system comes with thin fabric labels that you fold in half and place on to the item of clothing.  You then place a plastic pin underneath and press the clothing and label over the top to pierce a hole through which the pin comes.  Then press a flat plastic cap over the pin against the label.  Then using the tube of a biro pen (included in the label pack), you place this over the pin and bend to the side to snap off the outstanding bit of the pin to reveal a flat surface.  A clever little idea that does make labelling quicker than the sew on method and probably a little more durable than an iron on label.  I preferred to secure the Easyfix clips through the clothing label inside the uniform rather than the fabric itself but that was my personal choice.

name tags 2I found the Easyfix Clips easy to use and once I’d done the first few, could quickly add labels to items of uniform ready for September.  The quality of the labels and clips seem good and durable and have certainly made my life easier this year when it comes to naming the school uniform.

Why not check out Nametags4u?  They really do have a good range of types of labels as well as a bit of personalisation with the colour and logo.  Something for everyone!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and some Nametags4u labels were sent to us in order to write the review.