Leighton Denny Nails Rock Solid Base Coat

Leighton Denny has been in the nail industry for over 20 years winning many awards so when he brought his own brand out just over 12 years ago, it was one that was highly coveted by those in the know.  Available from selected salons, spas and high street store M&S, it’s accessible to all or of course you can just order online.

With four base coats in the range I was happy to try one out as being a regular wearer of nail polish everyday it’s important to care for my nails underneath.  Also I have natural nails which I like to grow long, but with two young children, DIY and housework etc I need something to protect them and keep them strong.

The four base coats available are:

  • Rock Solid
  • Undercover Base Coat
  • Time Repair Nail Elixir
  • Bare It All

I tried out Rock Solid which was a pleasure to use and just glided onto the nails and dried quickly.  You can use it under colour or on it’s own and build it up with a layer daily to protect nails.  I’ve tried it out both ways over the last couple of weeks and definitely feel that my nails are stronger and certainly haven’t had any breakages during that time.

I also tried the Leighton Denny colour ‘I love Juicy’ which is a bright Summery colour, it definitely has a happy feel to it and I love the application of the polish too.  Quick drying and really glossy the base coat and colour ogether make a great combination.  I have to say that over the week I had the colour on it didn’t chip at all.  By the end of the week it was wearing away at the ends which I’d expect with all the housework and gardening but overall it was a really lasting durable colour.

This is my first time trying out Leighton Denny nail care and I’m really impressed – Great application, great durability and glossy results.  My nails feel stronger, longer and are a great length right now.  I must also mention the mini glass nail file as it is fabulous, you can buy the full size one from Leighton Denny which I’d highly recommend as it files so gently, leaving nail edges smooth and exactly how you want them.  Also it will last for years so no need to buy replacements.  Head over to Leighton Denny now or check out the brand in your nearest M&S store!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Pink Gellac Gel Polish Starter Kit – Review

Pink Gellac is Europes No. 1 selling gel polish brand and is really simple to use.  I was pleased to try out their starter pack which comes with everything you need to to get your nails looking gorgeous.


The starter pack consists of:

  • 1 x Colour 156 Tropical 15 ml
  • 4 x Free Online Course
  • 1 x Pink Gellac LED Lamp
  • 1 x Pink Gellac Base2 
  • 1 x Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml
  • 1 x Pink Nail cleaner 50 ml
  • 1 x Nail file 240-180 grid 
  • 1 x Orange Woodsticks 
  • 10 x Luxury Nail wipes
  • 10 x Remover pockets

Being a busy mum of two I was really intrigued to see how a gel kit worked.  I regularly cover my nails with regular polish but haven’t tried out salon gel treatments due to the time and the expense.  To me, an at home kit means I can do my nails in the comfort of my own home while the children are otherwise occupied, and once I’ve got the kit there is minimal expense.

To apply the gel was a lot faster than I expected.  The drying time is so quick that you can literally do anything once you have cured the nails under the LED lamp. The process is simple, push cuticles back using the orange stick then clean the nails to remove oil and dirt using the Pink Cleaner.  Then apply the base coat, cure for 15 seconds, apply a couple of coats of colour, curing for one minute between each one and then apply the top coat and cure again for one minute.

Watch my video below to see the process from start to finish:

I am so pleased with the finished result, ultra glossy nails that are super smooth and just look rather fabulous!  The colour provided, ‘Tropical’ is really fresh and summery, perfect for this time of year.


The starter kit from Pink Gellac is great, it’s compact, doesn’t take up much room to store, but allows me to do my nails from home to a high standard.  It lasts up to two weeks and I haven’t had any chips or damage in this time, just a small amount of growth at the base of the nail which is to be expected.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.


Easy Nails Nail Spa – Review

Easy Nails Nail Spa from Character toys is every young girls dream, a gadget that paints your nails while you sit back and relax!  I have to say 7 yr old Miss M’s eyes lit up when she saw this and she couldn’t wait to get started and try it out.

nail spa 1The Nail Spa is aimed at ages 5+ and comes as one main unit.  The only separate parts are the brush heads, of which you get three.  They simply push in and out for easy removal to wash or if you want to use a different colour varnish.  Two nail polishes are also included in this set, a pink and a purple which sit inside the adjustable holder when in use.  Being adjustable means you can use any bottle of polish you have a home although what I did like about the ones included is that they are water based and peel off, which I actually prefer for my 7 yr old at the moment.

nail spa 2The Nail Spa does require 3 AA batteries which simply fit underneath.  It’s then time for the fun to begin.  You have four buttons, two pink and two purple which control the brush head.  Each colour does the same thing, but they have put one of each on either side so that you don’t have to reach over.  By pressing the pink button the brush moves down and dips into the nail varnish, then pressing the purple button the brush moves over and hovers just above the nail.  This is then your chance to move your finger to into place, which does take a bit of practice, so that when you press the button again, it paints your nail.

nail spa 3Miss M got quite engrossed in what she was doing and enjoyed positioning her nails and pressing the buttons to paint them.  The adjustable base where you put your finger does move side to side and up and down so it is fairly flexible to fit different shapes and sizes of fingers.  Once Miss M had painted each nail she could then choose to add glitter or gems that were included in the set.  She opted for a lot of glitter on her middle fingers!

nail spa 4Miss M has loved the Nail Spa and spent much time painting and decorating her nails.  She couldn’t wait to show her friends and I think that is where the value in this product comes.  Young girls making over their nails with their friends, having nail parties and trying different designs on their nails.  I can see this coming out every time a friend comes over!

nail spa 5We’ve been pleased with the Nail Spa and I do think Miss M being 7 is the perfect age for it as she can operate and use it alone, and is the right age to have fun experimenting without getting too messy.  Remember the polish just peels off so any mess on the side of the fingers will just peel off when dry and can be removed from nails whenever you want without needed a remover.

A great idea for something a bit different for birthdays and Christmas presents that young girls will love!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Nail Spa in order to write the review.

Nail HQ Nail Treatments – Review

Nail HQ have launched a new generation of nail treatment products containing the cutting edge ingredients that really fullfil what they set out to do.

P1010351I received the Cuticle Oil, Growth and Strengthener to try out and see if they made a difference to my nails.  I do like to grow my nails long, but unfortunately with two young children to look after and endless cleaning up around the house after them, they are constantly breaking and I have little time to spend pampering them.

I love the bottles these Nail HQ products come in, with a sleek, stylish design and lightly coloured product inside, these look great on the shelf in the bathroom!

P1010352The Growth and the Strengthener products are so easy to use.  They require just one coat onto bare nails which leaves your nails with a slight sheen.  You can also add nail polish on top should you wish which is great to add a pop of colour.

What I love is that this product dries so quickly, within a minute or two, your nails are completely touch dry which means these are so simple to apply and then you can get on with whatever you want to do without having to hold your nails out to dry!

The Growth product contains Pentavitin “Moisture Magnet” and a unique nail strengthening complex including Biotin which helps replenish the nails and avoid splits and breakages.

The Strengthener contains keratin & Multi-fruit complex of alpha hydroxy acids to make soft nails stronger and reduce any weaknesses.

The Cuticle Oil has Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil & Beta-Carotene as well as Vitamins E, A, and D3 to really hydrate your cuticles and keep them looking well maintained.  I really suffer from dry cuticles so this has been great to brush on everyday.  Again simple to do with it’s non greasy formula.

P1010444So did they work?

Well judging by the picture above, my nails look the best they have in a long while.  I love that they are all of uniform length, usually one or two break at the top of the pink bit and I have multiple lengths.  They definitely feel stronger, firmer and less likely to break.

I added a bit of colour and I think they look amazing!

P1010556I’m loving the Nail HQ nail treatment products and will continue to use them.  My nails appear healthier, stronger and are definitely more resistant to breaks and damage.  These products seem to work and the give results I need for a good length natural nail that withstands family life, housework and day to day life!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the products was sent to me in order to write the review.




Gold Collagen Forte® – Review

Turning 40 this month makes me feel old, and in turn I know that my skin is ageing quicker than I’d like.  I don’t want to feel old and am keen to try out anything to make me feel and look younger.  I’ve tried a month’s supply of Gold Collagen Forte®, a peach and lychee flavoured nutritional drink

goldThe drink is full of powerful anti-oxidants that fight against the signs of ageing and help the renewal of collagen, the main benefits being:

  • Helps protect against oxidative stress
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes skin suppleness and firmness
  • Improves skin hydration and radiance
  • Promotes healthy hair and nails

gold 2So what did it taste like?

It’s flavoured of peach and lychee, but has a very rich taste although is only 2-3 mouthfuls so is easy to take each morning with breakfast.

Did I notice any difference?

Well I have been trying hard with diet, exercise, less wine, more water on the run up to my 40th but I can honestly say my face does feel softer and more plumped.  My nails are definitely less brittle, more flexible which means less breakages (especially with two young children around).  My hair does feel shiny and bouncy at the moment.  Obviously it’s hard to tell after just a month’s use but I do feel that Gold Collagen Forte® has made some difference which is great news.  Anything to feel more fabulous at 40 is more than welcome!

How much does it cost?

Well it isn’t cheap.  A box of 10 bottles which is a 10 day supply is £40.00, but this is a high quality supplement and if you want the results then I believe this will work.

Final thoughts

I do think it’s hard to quote how much a supplement has worked over a month but I can honestly say that everything feels softer, hair, nails and skin.  A more supple feeling and if that would improve with further use of the supplement then I can genuinely say that this works and is definitely something to give you both a more youthful look and feeling.  Certainly the best product I’ve tried but then I guess you get what you pay for and if this product is in your budget then I would try it as I believe in it and think that it gives results.

All reviews are my own opinions and I received 30 days supply of Gold Collagen in order to write the review.