Monster High Ghoul-To-Bat Draculaura Doll

Monster High dolls are ever popular with their grown up looks and quirky features.  Draculaura is perfect for this time of year with Halloween on it’s way and she has a special lever on the front of her dress that allows her to transform her skirt into bat wings.

draculauraShe has a pretty pink dress that she wears when being a normal ghoul with a full, fancy skirt covered in hearts and  bat wings.  Her hair is black with pink highlights and comes in a high ponytail.  I like the pink heart detail on her cheek.  She also has pink high heeled shoes which are removable although stay on quite firmly during play.

draculaura-2The centerpiece of her bodice is in fact a plastic lever that can be simply pulled down to reveal a more vampy looking dress as well as lifting her outer skirt to create bat wings.  This feature works really well and is easy to do.  The wings feel sturdy once in place and gives her a new feature, being able to fly which allows children to further their imaginative play and hold her up, pretending she is flying through the sky. draculaura-3I think this doll is well made, she has limbs that can be bent and moved during play aswell as her transforming feature.  The clothes also look good and the whole doll appears durable and of a good quality.

Both my children have enjoyed playing with Draculaura from Monster High and have had fun integrating her alongside other dolls and toys we already have.  They have created a lot of fun play scenes and particularly love using her to fly through the air to move around so her dress has had a lot of conversions to bat wings which has kept them entertained!draculaura-4

This is just one of many of the fabulous Monster High dolls and they are well worth checking out if your children are fans, as they are well made, durable and have lots of fun, quirky features and endless play value.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri and Pearl Serpentine Doll

The new Monster High film Great Scarrier Reef has a fabulous new range of dolls to go alongside it.  We have been lucky to try out the rather interesting Peri and Pearl Serpentine doll.  With two heads and a fish tail body she really is very different from your usual doll but adds lots of interest and fun to play with.

monster high scarrier reef

Included with the doll is a small paper diary which includes some facts about the girls, such as their age, style, pets, favourite activities, best school subjects etc.  There are also a couple of diary entries to introduce you into their world and set the scene for imaginative play.

monster high scarrier reef 2

Peri and Pearl are beautiful creatures and love to wear lots of gems.  Another unique things about this doll, other than having two heads, is the fact that it can stand up on it’s own!  The tail moves around and if you fold it to 90 degrees, it will balance the doll upright.  This means that it is perfect to pose on a shelf in Miss M’s bedroom when not being played with.  Also the fins at the side of the doll are luminous and have a slight glow at night, which also helps the Monster High girls swim about in the deep, dark ocean!


The Peri and Pearl doll although different, is well made and will withstand play, it’s definitely caught the interest of Miss M’s friends who are always intrigued when they see it.  Don’t forget to also check out the movie which is now out on DVD, Great Scarrier Reef is the latest adventures in the world of Monster High and one that fans won’t want to miss.  There are also other dolls available from the film, each with their unique looks and qualities, certainly worth checking out!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Monster High Designer Boo-Tique Frankie Stein Doll Review

Monster High Designer Boo-Tique Frankie Stein Doll is the latest doll in the Monster High range from Mattel featuring Frankie, along with four dresses to design and decorate.  It also comes with pens, stencils and stickers to use along with your creative flair to come up with some new dresses for Frankie.

monster high8 yr old Miss M was keen to have a go at customising the dresses.  You get four including the one Frankie is wearing and they are all slightly different in design and of various colours.  Miss M was off so I let her get on with it and was keen to see what she came up with when she had finished.

monster high 2Miss M designed four great dresses, I think she did a brilliant job and most of all she had great fun doing it.  She even decorated the backs so they are double sided designs.  The dresses each come with a cardboard hanger which is useful when colouring on them, but also are fun when playing with them and helping Frankie choose an outfit to wear.  The only think I’ll say is that the dress Frankie comes wearing has velcro down the back which the other three don’t but hopefully with a little practice Miss M will get the hang of them.

monster high 4Overall this is a fun doll with the added bonus of getting to design her dresses as well as playing with her.  The dresses are pretty standard so would fit any other dolls from the Monster High range you already had.

monster high 3I think Frankie looks great in all her new customised outfits and this is a great toy for a child to play with that adds another dimension with the designing rather than just being a doll!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.