Fred’s Box Minifigure Subscription Box for Kids

Fred’s Box is a new monthly subscription box aimed at kids and filled with a mystery selection of minifigures to play with and enjoy.  The figures are of a standard size and compatable with other similar figures.  Each month is a surprise but you can be sure to expect to recognise some figures from the box whether that be superheroes, tv characters or even someone such as Santa around Christmas time.

The figures arrive in a small enough box that if fits through your letterbox and when you open it up the figures are presented across some shredded tissue.  It looks good and the figures are protected.

We received a mixed selection of minifigures, but all of which I thought would appeal to my little boy as he just loves little figures and toys like this.  As you can see a number of them come with accessories such as a skateboard, guns, lightsaber to add to the play value and look of the character.

So it was time to give them to Mister B to see what he thought.  His grin said it all when he opened the box and then proceeded to jump up and down saying thank you mummy!  He absolutely adored the minifigures in Fred’s Box and couldn’t wait to take each one out and check them out before playing with them in his own little world.  Being very imaginative these fit into play easily for him and little figures and characters really appeal to him more than big toys do.

We’ve enjoyed trying out Fred’s Box and as you can see it’s been a hit in this house.  I think lots of children would enjoy receiving one of these through the post every month, an exciting and fun delivery.  There are different options available to suit different budgets which vary in the amount of figures you received.  Why not check them out today – I’m sure they’ll bring a smile to someone little that you know!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Lego Movie DVD – Review

I had two very excited children when they saw the LEGO movie DVD arrive through the door meaning they could watch it again and again to their hearts content.  Mister B is rather fond of Emmet and they both love singing “Everything is Awesome”.

lego movieThe LEGO movie is a good old power struggle of good and bad where the good side are looking for the special one, to fulfil the prophecy to overthrow the evil empire.  The empire is run by President Business and his right hand man Bad Cop, where everyone obeys the rules and there are rules for everything!  Those that break the rules get severely dealt with.

Emmet becomes the unwitting special one protected by the goodies Wylde Style, Vitruvius and the other Master builders including batman, superman and 80’s space man!

The film is fast paced and action packed.  There is something in the film to entertain the youngest of children to the older parents. The movie takes you through the journey where Emmet is introduced in his normal life, then plucked from that as the special one and the expectations of Wylde Style who has discovered him and determined for him to be that person.

The film goes through twists and turns where there is Lego destruction and super fast Lego building throughout. The goodies protect Emmet, who’s a bit of a good hearted bumbling buffoon being consistently chased down by Bad Cop.  The goodies then get together to challenge President Business, but is all lost?  It certainly looks that way.

The twist at the end leaving you thinking, what!!!!!  It may go over the heads of the younger audience but makes so much sense when you think back – and takes you back to your own childhood.

I have watched this awesome film several times and there is always something I see that I missed before, there is so much going on, it is a proper roller coaster of a story which is brilliant on so many levels. The kids and parents love it equally and you will end with a reminisce of yesteryear and a warm fuzzy feeling and a big smile on everyone’s face.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the dvd in order to write the review.

LEGO Friends Magazine – Review

LEGO Friends magazine is a new monthly title that hit the shops last week aimed for girls around the 7-11 age range.  Each magazine features a free LEGO gift, the first one being Charlie the puppy dog set.

lego friendsThe first issue has introductions to some of the LEGO Friends girls such as Olivia, Emma and Mia, giving you little bios about each of them.  There are also several comic strip stories, posters, quizs, puzzles and some fabulous LEGO sets to be won in competitions.  There is a also a nice craft activity included to make tissue flowers.

Lego friends magazineMy daughter Miss M is 6 and became a fan of LEGO friends at Christmas when she received a few sets and then some more on her birthday.  I’d say this is the perfect magazine for her, lots of fun things to do and is totally aimed for someone of her age.

She is a competent reader for her age and happily sat reading through the comic strip stories.  She couldn’t wait to get the LEGO pieces off of the front and put them to together, which she did completely unaided.  These are cute pieces that easily go alongside any other LEGO that you have.  In fact she is incredibly excited about the free gift on the next issue, a cute beach set with a LEGO bucket and flippers for the LEGO friends to wear on their feet!

lego friends 2For me, this is the perfect magazine for my daughter, the content is just right for her and I don’t have to worry about what she might be reading.  She’s enjoys sitting reading it in bed before sleeping, played with the LEGO during the day and doing the puzzles during the day.

When I asked what she thought about the magazine, her reply was “I love it!”, and I have to agree, this is just the sort of magazine I’d buy for her with a lovely quality toy attached.

The first issue is in the shops now, so why not grab a copy?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the magazine was sent to us in order to write the review.

Lego Friends Olivia’s Rainbow – Book Review

Lego Friends Olivia’s Rainbow activity book from The Works is excellent value at £2.99 and comes with a small Lego kit to make to add to your collection.   My daughter Miss M who is 6yrs old has become interested in Lego over the last year and already has a collection of Lego Friends sets.  She was thrilled to see this book and couldn’t wait to get the little cat out and build it’s bed and milk bowl.

Olivias Rainbow Lego FriendsThe book is a lovely quality for an activity style book with 32 full colour pages with a multitude of activities inside.  The contents have really been thought about and I’m really impressed at all the things there are to do.  There is quite a long story called Olivia’s Rainbow which is great for slighter older children to read along with facts about characters in Heartlake City.  There’s many puzzles such as spot the difference, sudoku and quizs along with some more unusual activities such as a simple experiment with water and a mirror to make a rainbow, mixing paints to make different colours and a song to add words to and make into a tune.

Lego Friends bookMiss M has really enjoyed this book, it has given her plenty to do and a story she can read again and again.  The little Lego cat fits perfectly in with her other Lego Friend’s sets and has added to her creativity in playing with Lego.  I think this is a lovely book for a young Lego fan and the activities are fun and a bit different from others you usually see.

lego friend olivia's rainbowAll reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the book was sent to us in order to write the review.

Lego Robbery – a Carcraft Challenge

Lego is a toy that took our house by storm at Christmas, with general building sets, Lego Friend’s, animal set’s and some of my original Lego from the 80’s thrown in, my children instantly took to building with small blocks.  I have been amazed at 6 yr old’s Miss M’s ability to whizz through the instruction booklets, building whatever set comes her way with minimal assistance from a grown up.

We were delighted to be sent the Lego High Speed Police Chase (60042) to play with.  Miss M was eager to open the box and build the pieces for us.  3yr old Mister B was zooming the motorbikes up and down the roads as Miss M finished off the police car.

Then it was time to create a story, I left it to the children’s imagination to create a scene predominately using the Lego High Speed Police Chase set that we had been sent.  They decided that the policeman was daddy (he was at work at the time being a real policeman) and Mister B wanted to be the baddies on the motorbikes.  Trying to film them in action was a little challenging with Mister B going a little camera shy but Miss M did her best and here is the result:

Here is my pictorial version of their story:
























We had so much fun playing with our High Speed Police Chase from Lego.  My children love anything police related as it reminds them of daddy, and Lego is a new favourite toy of theirs.  We’d like to thank Carcraft for sending us the Lego and making our weekend more fun.  Hope you enjoyed our story too!

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