Fairy Garden from Interplay – Review

Fairy Garden from Interplay is a really cute playset allowing for plenty of imagination creating a little world for your fairy to live in and then watch her garden grow.  The set begins as a craft kit and then turns into scene where you can watch the grass grow and play with various pieces moving them around.

WP_20160528_15_59_34_ProThe Fairy Garden comes with the pot, all the accessories and grass seeds, you just need to add a small amount of soil.  It is designed to be kept inside so you can watch it everyday, water it as necessary and cut the grass if desired.

Fairy garden 2

Miss M was eager to get started and used her little garden trowel to fill her shallow pot with soil.  The first job is then to construct the house which is made of glittery foam pieces which just attach together although she did require a little assistance to get it right but it did look pretty once built.

Fairy garden

Once you’ve put the house in it’s position on once side of the pot, there is a bag of brightly coloured stones to lay out in front of the house as it’s path and a large shell to bury on one side to be the fairy’s pond which you can later fill with water.  There’s a rather cute washing line to put up with a blanket and mini pegs, a toadstall and then a mouse who lives in the garden along with the fairy herself to place wherever you please.

Fairy garden 3Miss M really enjoyed putting the garden together, there are also some plastic flowers on stems to push into the soil and the last job is to sprinkle the uncovered soil in grass seed. As a twinkly final touch there are some glittery stars to make your garden sparkle.

Fairy garden 4With this set aimed at age 4+, you would need parental assistance to put this together.  Miss M is 8 and enjoyed it but did need me to guide her and assist in a few small areas like assembling the house and putting the washing line together.

She was thrilled just a few days later when she spotted the grass starting to grow and was surprised how tall it had got already.  She is hoping to give it a trim in a few more days.


Overall we’ve enjoyed Fairy Garden from Interplay, it’s cute, it’s fun, it gives children something to create and look after and enjoy for more than just one day!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Melt & Make Chocolate House – Review

The Melt & Make Chocolate House by choconchoc is available from what2buy4kids and is a high quality, fun to make activity suitable for children aged 4+.  The kit comprises of the house moulds, a garden scene colouring sheet, two bags of good quality chocolate buttons (one white and one milk) and a chef’s paper hat for the child to wear.

choconchoc houseMy two children, Miss M age 8 and Mister B age 5, didn’t need any encouragement  in participating in this activity, in fact their eye’s lit up in delight at the prospect of building a house out of chocolate which they could then eat!

choconchoc house 2The kit is simple and well thought out to make the job really easy and the first task was to melt the buttons in a bowl.  Miss M was in charge of the white ones, and Mister B the milk buttons.  I microwaved each of their bowls which they then stirred up to turn the buttons into gooey, runny chocolate.  At this point they were both begging to lick their spoons but I told them to fill the moulds first which they eagerly did using a teaspoon to spread the molten chocolate around.

choconchoc house 3Next came the obligatory spoon licking while the moulds were put in the fridge to set.  They also used this time to colour in the garden sheet upon which you can rest the finished house on to create a little 3D scene.

choconchoc house 4Once the chocolate had set hard, I helped the children to press the shapes carefully out of the moulds to ensure we didn’t break any pieces. I thought the pieceds looked great with a good depth of detail that was really clear and made the house look really effective.  We then put them carefully together using a little molten chocolate on our fingers to glue the pieces in place – the kids loved this idea and wanted to put ‘glue’ everywhere!

choconchoc house 5I have to say I’m quite impressed by the finished house, it looked really good for quite minimal effort.  The children were really pleased with their finished piece and looked longingly at it wondering when they could start tasting it.  I made them wait until after dinner so that we could admire our handywork for a couple of hours but when we did taste it, it was very good – the bonus of having good quality chocolate in the kit!

choconchoc house 6This kit was a great activity which both of my children thoroughly enjoyed.  The set would make great gifts for children at any time of the year, so well worth looking out for.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.