Garden Ornaments – Review

Gardens2you is a garden ornament and accessory online store, brimming with beautiful items to decorate your garden.  From pretty planters to lighting, bird care to decorative pieces there really is something for everyone and lots to make your garden look fun and interesting.

gardenThis pack of three steel wind spinners are really attractive.  I love the shiny silver that adds reflection in the garden.  The pack contains a diamond, heart and flower shaped spinner all approximately 20cm across.  The spinners have a long thread with a ring at the top to simply hang over a hook or branch of your choosing.

garden 2The spinners sections can be easily bent round to make them 3D and help them spin round in the wind.  I think they look really pretty in the garden particularly on a sunny day when the light is captured on them.  They are frost and weather resistant, although I think I’d keep them inside during the wettest months and hang them out again in the Spring.  A lovely addition to brighten up any garden!

I wouldn’t say I’m normally a fan of garden gnomes, but this cute little pair have brought me round and sit proudly in different places in the garden.  The children have taken to them rather fondly and have chosen one each which they have positioned in the garden.

garden 4“Pike and Pine” are a nature inspired set of mini gnomes perched upon things they’ve found in the garden.  Approximately 12.5cm tall and made from weatherproof resin, this are great for a fun feature, or little objects to hide around your garden.  Being green and brown they blend well into the outdoors and look quite at home.

garden 3We love these little fellas who’ve made our garden their home and keep the children occupied moving them about and trying to find them again.  There are many other pairs of gnomes like these available so you should pop over to Gardens2you to check them out.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the ornaments in order to write the review.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross has a fabulous range of home craft kits and the box of summer crafts we received from them certainly didn’t disappoint.  My two children love arts and crafts and couldn’t wait to get started! baker rossWe started with the Rainbow Lacing kits which they did when a couple of friends came over.  All the children were totally engrossed and loved this craft.

baker ross rainbow 1Firstly they had great fun using a pencil to punch out the centres of the pre cut holes in which the laces go.  Then they laced around the rainbow adding beads at the end before sticking cloud and sun stickers to give it a 3d effect.

baker ross rainbow 2Another lacing craft we did was the Wooden Frame Lacing which I wasn’t sure how keen they would be but both of them were so enthusiastic and wanted to do these, it surprised me.  They sat eagerly in the garden totally engrossing themselves in picking coloured strands of wool and threading them across the frame.

baker ross threadAnd here are their finished results!

baker ross thread 2The Garden Gnome Wind Chimes caused a lot of excitement over who was going to colour which design.  We also received some acrylic decoration pens which I was very impressed with.  They were so easy to use and left really vibrant colours on the wood as we coloured without any mess.

baker ross gnomesI loved the children’s creations and couldn’t wait to hang them in the garden.

baker ross gnomes 2Finally we set to work on this cute little craft baskets which the Deco pens worked perfectly on.  We also had some stick on gems, which had a simple peel off back to add some glitz to the baskets.

baker ross bags4yr old Mister B did his own designs, while 7yr old Miss M decorated some baskets especially for Nanny as it’s her birthday coming up and we are going to get some chocolates to put inside and use as a gift bag.

baker ross bags 2My children have absolutely loved the Baker Ross craft kits and have sat down over many days trying out different ones.  These are all perfect to occupy little ones over the summer holidays and are simple to do, but effective when completed.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.