Doing the Bacofoil Baco-Shake

Food getting stuck to baking trays and foil is always a pain.  I’m a regular user of foil and tend to cook easy dinners on it (you know the ones from the freezer – chips, nuggets, pizza and such like!) but I always find a little corner or edge of food always sticks somewhere and I then spend the next few minutes picking off the little silver bits of foil – arghhh!

This is where Bacofoil comes in with it’s super non-stick power, along with a little trick that I’ve learnt.  Who new that it was the dull side of the foil that is non-stick?  Well neither did I and I always cook on the shiny side of foil, but having learnt this fact I was eager to try it out, not to mention it’s healthy benefits as no oil is needed and also reduces the amount of washing up – got to be a bonus!

We’ve had a few disasters with pizza over the last few months with the edges getting completely stuck to foil so I knew that it was a pizza that I wanted to do the Bacofoil Baco-shake challenge with.  Remembering to use the dull side of the foil I watched my pizza cook in the oven then grabbing my oven glove I took it out ready to do the Baco-shake.

You can watch it below here:

Well I think the results speak for themselves – it was like a miracle, the pizza just slid around the foil and lifted off with no foil attached whatsoever.  I love this product and it will be a staple in my kitchen from now on.

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Birds Eye Afterschool Challenge

Cooking for the children after school when they are tired and hungry and I’ve been at work all day, often needs to be something that’s quick and easy.  They don’t want to wait around and I don’t have much time to prepare so Birds Eye is perfect.  You can also keep your freezer stocked with a selection of Birds Eye products ready for that day that you need a helping hand and simply pop in the oven to cook within no more than 20 minutes!

birdseye 2We bought a selection of Birds Eye products to fill the freezer and then use them whenever we needed a quick meal.  I love the frozen vegetable mixes that incorporate four different vegetables in each variety, Select Mixed Veg and Country Mixed Veg.  They also come in really convenient zip lock bags to stop those runaway vegetables in your freezer compartments!

The children enjoy the Crispy Chicken Breasts along with chicken nuggets and fish fingers, not forgetting their favourite potato accompaniment Potato Waffles!

birds eyeMiss M likes to help prepare and lay the frozen items on the baking tray ready for the oven.  We also sometimes swap the veg for baked beans as a treat which are also quick and simple, just heat and serve.

birdseye 3Birds Eye are great for my family, I always keep a few products in the freezer as you never know when they might be handy and you know you’ll always get a quick after school meal if required!

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