Little Live Pets Butterfly Jungle Fashion – Review

Little Live Pets Butterfly Jungle Fashion is one of the new Series 2 range of butterflies from Character Options, a collection of butterflies that magically come alive and flutter their pretty wings in your hand.  They come in a choice of six designs:

  • Jungle Fashion
  • Frozen Iceland
  • Precious Paris
  • Tropical Beauty
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Precious Wings

little live butterfly

The Little Live Pets Butterfly Jungle Fashion has a brightly coloured body and wings that immediately appealed to 7yr old Miss M, and she couldn’t wait to get the butterfly out to play.

The butterfly comes with a base, a suction window holder and requires 2 AA batteries for the base.  The base is a solid sturdy piece that the butterfly happily sits on and “feeds”.  Once the butterfly has fed, you can place it in your hands and watch it flutter.  The more you feed and play with your butterfly, the longer and smoother the sequence of flutters will be on your hand.

little live butterfly 2

Both my children have become really attached to this butterfly which I wasn’t expecting but after school each day, they make sure they let the butterfly feed then have a flutter in their hands.  It has become like a little pet for them that they take turns in interacting with.  I think the bright, attractive design helps as my daughter tried one last year but wasn’t so keen.

I think this is a great little interactive toy that encourages children to look after something.  I’ve ensured they are gentle with it so as not to crush it’s wings and taught them how to handle it with care.

little live buttefly 3

The Little Live Pets Butterfly Jungle Fashion has been a hit with us and Miss M likes to put the butterfly in the sucker holder on her bedroom window at night.  I think if your child enjoys this then they are pretty good value for money.

Overall a cute little interactive toy that’s well made and is fun for children!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the butterfly was sent to us in order to write the review.

Butterfly Masks Craft Set – Review

Butterfly Masks from 4M is a craft kit for children where you can make and decorate three different style butterfly masks using paint and glitter glue.  Aimed at ages 5+, this is the perfect activity for Miss M to do and something that she would enjoy.

butterfly masks 1The set comes with 3 butterfly mask templates, 5 coloured paint pots, a paint brush, tube of glitter glue, 3 sticks and some sticky strips.

Miss M couldn’t wait to start painting, and carefully used the brush to paint the butterfly masks.  She really enjoyed choosing different colours for each section and happily sat painting away.

butterfly masks 2Once she had finished painting, we let the masks dry and then we could apply the glitter glue to make them sparkle.

butterfly masks 3We then turned them over, put a stick down the centre and secured it with a couple of the sticky strips.

butterfly masks 4When the masks were finished, the children happily played around the garden with them pretending to be butterflies, hiding behind trees.  It was very cute watching them and the butterfly masks looked so pretty.

butterfly masks 5I think the Butterfly Mask kit is really good, the finished masks look really effective as well as bright and sparkly.  A great craft kit of a good quality that any child will enjoy.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Butterfly masks in order to write the review.


Little Live Pets Butterfly – Review

Little Live Pets is a new range of butterflies and birds from Character Toys, that come alive in your hand to become your pet friend.  The more you feed and play with them, the more they interact.  We received Angelic Wings, one of the six butterflies in the range to collect.

little live pets 1Angelic Wings is a pretty gold and silver butterfly with a pink sparkly flower base.  The base requires 2AA batteries and this is used to feed (charge) the butterfly.  The butterfly is aimed at children aged 5+ due to being slightly delicate.  It has thin wings that flutter at different speeds and length of time depending on how much it has been fed and played with.  It also comes with a press on window holder so that you can display your butterfly on your window if you wish.

little live pets 2You can let the butterfly just rest in your hand and it will flutter away showing you how happy it is, the happier it is the smoother and longer it will flutter for.  If it is not very happy then it only flutters for a short time with fast rapid movements.

Miss M was intrigued by the butterfly and liked the idea that the more she played with it, the happier it became but was also a little disappointed that all it did was flutter it’s wings.  I think she had seen the bird, also from the Little Live Pets range which sings to you and you can record a tune with and had expected something similar with the butterfly.

For £12.99 you get what you pay for although I would have been happier to pay a little more to get some additional features with this.  The children do let the butterfly flutter in their hands each day for a few minutes but there’s not enough to keep them interested long term.  For a child that loves butterflies then they may love this and with six different coloured butterflies in the collection, there is something to suit all tastes.

little live pets 3All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the butterfly was sent to us in order to write the review.


Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise – Book Review

Fairies of Blossom Bakery is a wonderful series of books aimed at young girls that centres around Blossom Bakery and a group of fairy bakers that live in Fairycake Kingdom. WP_005342Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise is one of the books in the series and is a story about Butterfly getting organised for her birthday as she doesn’t want any surprises so decides to arrange everything herself.  Unfortunately things go wrong but luckily her friends are there to work together and save the day in this cute, Blossom Fairy story.

Butterfly bookAt the start of the book is a map of Fairycake Kingdom, which Miss M was eager to explore and see all the names of the different places.  She liked Blossom Bakery best with it’s big pink roof covered in blossom.

We then read the book, which is a good length for Miss M who is 6, not too short but longer than a lot of picture books.  This was a great story to sit and read in one sitting and although I read most of it, Miss M did have a go herself.  She thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and was keen to follow the pictures as I read to bring the story alive.

This is a lovely book for young girls and even includes a recipe at the back for Butterfly’s Fluttery Wings Cake, a delicious looking double layer sponge with cream and strawberries topped with sponge wings of course!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write the review.