Poonicorns – a combination of Unicorns and Emoji Poo

Poonicorns are the latest creation from Bandai toys, combining two of the hottest trends ‘unicorns’ and ’emoji poo’.  The plush collection contains an array of different size characters including little blind packs of Squishiez so let’s take a look below.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of emoji poo, my 7yr old little boy is and along with that is fascinated by the lastest unicorn craze so these ‘Poonicorns’ have been a huge hit with him and covered both bases.  What I really like about them is their bright neon colours which help you forget the emoji poo aspect and then they have the unicorn elements in the form of a yellow horn and rainbow hair.

My 7yr old just adores his Poonicorn pillow which at approximately 40cm tall is a great size along with being ultra soft and cuddly.  It lives on his bed and is cuddled religiously every night!

Smaller Pooincorns in the range include a 9cm hanging Plushiez, 6.5cm Droplingz, and a 15cm Plushiez priced at £3.99, £4.99 and £6.99 respectively.  This makes them great prices for pocket money or gift items.  They are all really soft too, meaning kids love to cuddle them and the clips allow them to be hung to bags or used as keyrings etc.

The Droplingz come in brightly coloured specked eggs which add to the excitement of not knowing which one you will get inside.  My boy also loved the egg casing and has kept it to play with.

Last but not least are the little collectible Squishiez Poonicorns (shown in the picture below alongside a Droplingz egg) which each come in a single coloured round plastic ball but you won’t know until you open it which colour you will get. The casing also doubles up as a little stand to display your Squishiez on and my little boy has these displayed along his windowsill.  These characters are soft and squidgy and are fun to play with.

How cute are these once on show in there little egg stands?

So I think you can tell these have been a big hit with my boy – he loves his collectibles along with emoji poo and unicorns so I think Poonicorns are the perfect answer to his favourite things!!

Have your kids caught onto the latest Poonicorn craze yet?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Meet the Zomlings Series 5

The latest range of pocket size toys from Magic Box Toys are Series 5 of the Zomlings.  This pocket money range of toys seem to have mass appeal especially my little boy who was excited to check out the new range.

The range comes in various size packets, ideal for pocket money to be spent on or a as a small treat.  We recevied a selection which once opened out gave us the selection of Zomlings shown below.  The series consists of not only characters but city towers (buildings) and big zom-mobiles (vehicles). Everything is bright and colourful and attractive to children to play with.

There is a also a big town guide map which is double sided, one side lists all the characters which my little boy loved matching his figures onto and picking out others he’d like to own.  The other side consists of a play map with places to house each of the buildings and vehicle stations.

Each building has a sign saying what it is that folds out.  The door also opens so that you can put Zomlings inside and the buildings cleverly stack upon each other to save space.

My little boy loved the play map, it encouraged lots of ideas and fun and he loved moving the Zomlings around in their vehicles across it.  The vehicles have a fold up roof and then you can fit the figures inside.  There are two notches on the base of each vehicle which a figure will sit on so that they are upright.

There are many other fun packs to buy in the Zomlings range, there is so much to collect, you can create a whole Zomlings world.  Why not check them out today – I’m sure your kids will love them as much as my little boy does!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.