Crazy Cafe Game by Tactic Games – Review

Crazy Cafe by Tactic Games is a new fast paced, fun game that young children will love.  The thought of pulling a tablecloth off a table is always something you dream of doing, but would get you into trouble in real life!

CRAZY CAFEThe game comes in a clever box, where the bottom tray of the box turns over to become the table.  Included are a red gingham table cloth and various pieces of plastic crockery to use in turns during the game.  There is also a spinner which determines your moves.

crazy cafe 2There are six options on the spinner which are either to add one or two objects to the table, stack one or two objects to the table, remove one item from the table or the ever elusive “Pull!!” the tablecloth off the table.

crazy cafe 3

The object is to manage to pull the tablecloth away leaving the items intact on the table, a total of three times to become the overall winner.  My children loved the concept of this and couldn’t wait to have a go at pulling the cloth away.  They did get a little disheartened at how hard it was to spin to have a go at pulling the tablecloth as most of the options are aimed at building up the items on the table and obviously the more items that are on there, the harder it is to pull it off.

crazy cafe 4Overall the game is fun and something my 5yr old loved and wanted to play again and again.  He absolutely loved pulling the tablecloth off when he got the chance, I just wonder if there should be two options on the spinner to pull the tablecloth as that is the aspect that keeps the children playing.

I think this game is great for younger children as they think it’s fun and it gets them used to turn taking and used to following instructions on the spinnner.  It was a hit with my 5yr old and he wants to play it all the time, so I’d say he’s in the perfect age range for this game.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Bathtime’s gone Crazy – Fun with Soap!!

Although my children have fun in the bath with little ducks, and pots to pour water in and out of, they do sometimes get fed up and refuse to have a bath.  So when I was given the chance to review some children’s bath products called Crazy Soap by  Mummy News  I jumped at the chance – what a great way to inject some fun into bathtimes!!  And when they were delivered Miss M’s face lit up like never before – she couldn’t wait to jump in the bath that night to try them.

We had 3 different products to try:

Bath Goo – This looked like a bath gel in a pot but when we opened the pot and got our fingers stuck in we found it was like proper slimy goo which Miss M found hilarious and loved playing with it between her fingers.  We scooped a big lump out of the pot and added it to the running bath – it is bright yellow in colour and Mister B got very excited at seeing little bright yellow bits floating around in the water.  And what I was really pleased to see was lots and lots of bubbles – perfect fun for a children’s bath.

Bath Time Foam Soap – Once in the bath we decided to try out the foam sprays.  My two loved these and kept holding their hands out for more!  Daddy made some foam ball shapes and pressed his finger in to them to create eyes, a nose and a mouth.  The foam is quite firm allowing you to mould and shape it which kept them all occupied and gave them something to do in the bath.  Miss M made a ball which she threw against the tiles and then couldn’t stop giggling when it stuck on the tiles.

Bath Time Body Paint – We then decided to give the bath paints a go.  Each tube has a sponge applicator through which you squeezed the paint.  It was a little tricky to get the right consistency through the sponge and with my children being quite young it worked best if I used it and painted the children which they loved and were soon covered head to toe in war paint!!  Miss M asked for a rainbow on her back with the 2 colours we had – red and blue – although I would say the red was more of an orange colour.

Overall I would say all the products were a lot of fun and we ended up being in the bath until the water had gone really cold and I still had to drag the children out.  They kept asking if they can have foam the next day and couldn’t wait to jump in the bath again the following night.  I would say the spray foam was their favourite product as it was fun and they could play with it with their fingers.  It definitely adds a lot of fun and excitement to bathtimes and is a great way to entice them into the bath.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.