Our 99p Store Summer – Fun on a Budget!

We were delighted to take part in the 99p stores summer challenge, to see how much fun we could have after purchasing ten items from a 99p store using vouchers we were kindly given.

99pWhere did I start – well a trip to the 99p store of course.  I don’t usually visit this shop as it is a little out the way but my first impressions were of the wide array of products on offer.  I have to say I spent a good while browsing round picking out suitable items for my two young children to give them a jam packed summer of fun!

99p allAs you can see from the picture above we picked ten items from the 99p store, of a varied nature from sporty to crafty with elements of fun and not forgetting a sweet treat included in there.  I wanted to have things to entertain on both rainy and sunny days to ensure we wouldn’t be bored throughout the summer.

One sunny day at home we decided to try the bubbles in the back garden, but not just your normal pot of bubbles, a fun saxophone that generated bubbles as you blow into it and a fish shape that blows bubbles as you pull the trigger.  Miss M and Mister B were thrilled with these and had lots of laughs and giggles as they covered the garden in bubbles trying to pop them along the way!

99p bubblesA few days later we ventured to the park and one thing I knew Miss M would love is a new skipping rope after her old one broke a few months ago.  And the 99p stores one didn’t disappoint.  With it’s Zhu Zhu pets theme and pink/purple rope, Miss M was thrilled and couldn’t wait to run across the grass testing it out.

99p skippingThe following week turned a little rainy, so we spent a few days at home.  But luckily from my 99p store haul, I had some crafty things to keep the children occupied.

Mister B got stuck into the mini play dough pots, his fingers getting right into the squidgy dough with an excited grin across his face.  He decided to make a rainbow, adding all the colours one on top of another.

99p playdohMiss M meanwhile got to work building a wooden house, a great challenge for a girl who loves getting crafty.  And to top it off she got to cover it in coloured glitters!!  She absolutely loved it and it was the best thing she had done all day as she kept reminding me.

99p wooden house

We also picked up another craft kit from the 99p store which we are still in the process of making – a gorgeous cupcake sewing kit.  I am so impressed with the amount of detail in these, loads of embellishments included to make a delicious tray of fun cakes.  Miss M can’t wait to finish them this weekend so she can use them with her play tea set and shop – all handmade herself (with a little assistance from mummy as these were a little tricky for her but well worth making).

99p cakesTime for another date at the park, and this time we went armed with a pair of badminton rackets (shuttlecock included) and a spiderman shooter set.  What amazing value for the badminton set – Miss couldn’t wait to play and Mister B had his eye on the spiderman set which you just had to pump by hand and the end bits shot into the air.  Some great entertainment for any grassy area that keeps the children active and something different from the usual things we take to the park.

99p badmintonI was keeping an eye out for a dry sunny day for our next activity as I knew it could get a bit messy.  We got some fabulous chunky paints in a squeezable tube with a sponge dabber on the end to draw with.  I knew these would be a big hit with both of mine and decided the best plan of action was to go outside with a large sheet of paper – in this case I used some brown packaging paper that had a arrived with a parcel a few days before.


Paint2My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves doing the painting and loved being outdoors.  The paints were easy to use which was great for two year old Mister B but gave enough detail for five year old Miss M to create some great artwork – check out her pictures below!

paint3I have been totally surprised and delighted by the things I purchased from the 99p store.  The range of activities we have done has been fantastic from indoor to outdoor, at home to in the park, clean to messy.  My children have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and some have been done many times over.

I definitely recommend trying out your 99p store for summer fun on a budget.  Just look at the fun we have had with just 10 products costing a total of £9.90 – an absolute bargain.

I have just one last item to show you – I couldn’t forget something sweet for the occasional treat at the end of the day and look at this bargain box of lollipops we found!  Enough to see us through the summer – oh and two happy and contented children – what more could I ask for?  The 99p stores summer challenge has definitely left me inspired to go back for more!

99p lolly