SuperZings Collectibles – Hero vs Villain in Kaboom City

SuperZings if you haven’t already heard about them yet, are the latest collectibles to hit UK stores from Magicbox Toys  and consist of 80 multi-coloured figures, each being either a hero or villain that live in Kaboom City.  The unique thing about these collectibles are that each of the characters form half of a pair, so each hero has a partnered villain. So for example ‘Tangle Boy’ a ball of wool pairs with ‘Mad Blades’ a pair of scissors.

There’s a variety of ways to buy Superzings from little 80p blind bags, to larger ones with Hideouts (the Superzings place to live or hide), packs of Supercars and then larger blister packs and a starter pack with a comic that didn’t fail to disappoint my little boy who has read it front to back at least twice a day!!

Aimed at ages 4-8 years the Superzings have totally captured my 7yr old’s attention and he is just loving playing with the start of his collection.  With different coloured hideouts including shiny ones along with rare characters – 6 silver, 2 gold and 1 super rare Enigma, there is plenty of variety and lots of pieces to collect.

With two silver Superzings (both a hero and matching villain) found so far, my little boy uses them as leaders of the groups for the others.  Metal Crunch ruling the goodies and Darknetic leader of the baddies.

To aid play and boost their imaginations, Superzings includes various accessories, the supercars which have a little notch to sit the characters on, the hideouts, superblasters with super discs, and there is a large supertrap which we don’t have but my little boy is planning on purchasing this weekend to trap all of the baddies in when he plays out his little games with the Superzings

Available now Superzings are sold at The Entertainer, Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Spar and many more so keep your eyes peeled for these ideal pocket money toys!

For further information visit  or you can follow them on twitter  @magicboxtoysuk

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review. 

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