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Spring Cleaning with Home Bargains

The start of Spring, when the sun starts shining and you open the windows for some fresh air, always signifies the need for a Spring Clean in my house.  A bit of cleaning along with decluttering and reorganising makes the house feel fresher and clearer, ready for the summer months.  I received some goodies from Home Bargains to help me with my annual Spring clean.

spring cleaning

So without any delay, I got to work on my big Spring clean and have spent the last few weeks getting my house in order, sorting bags of unwanted bits to the charity shops and organising what I have left so it is clean and accessible.

spring cleaning 2

I loved the big spotty red bag, perfect for storing lots of items away in the cupboard or loft.  They are also really handy for putting the children’s duvets in when they stay overnight somewhere, but I used this one to tidy up one of my large under stairs cupboards.  It feels strong, has easy to carry handles and zips up for ease of use.

The hanging dress cover is ideal for hanging posh frocks at one end of my wardrobe, then I always know they will be protected and dust free for when I need one.

Keeping your house free of dust is important both for allergies and keeping it free of unwanted pests, whether that be dust mites, spiders or even more invasive vermin such as woodworm, mice or rats that require the use of a pest control company.  There are many helpful exterminators in florida and other cities that can be of good use when the need arises.

Glade Shake ‘n’ Vac has been a friend of mine for many years, great for sprinkling on the carpet to get rid of pet smells and give the carpet a good freshen.  We’ve also had many cases of spilt milk and juice from the children in recent years and this Magnolia & Vanilla fragrance works a treat on it!

spring cleaning 3

Always useful are some dish washing bits, we don’t have a dish washer (well I have a rather old, slow model aka husband) so the sparkly scourers and dish brush come in useful and rubber gloves are a saviour for my hands.  It’s always nice when you renew your dish clothes, you realise your old one’s needed binning long ago!

I love the big, fluffy microfibre mitt, a fun and efficient way to dust (and even got the kids interested in dusting).  Like a glove on your hand, you simply dust away, easily swiping up and down the spindles on the stairs, the hand rail and much more.

spring cleaning 4

These multi purpose storage boxes just screamed Lego at me!   They are ideal for any little bits and pieces you need to store, such as crafts etc, but our house has been longing for something to organise our ever increasing Lego collection.  This is perfect for the smaller pieces of which I have many more to sort but the above shows you an idea of how you can separate pieces up.  I love the fact that these boxes have interchangeable dividers so you can increase/decrease the size of the little sections inside.

spring cleaning 5

And when your house is starting to feel clean and more organised, why not sit down, relax and light a candle.  Home Bargains have a great range in store and the Neroli Lime luxury candle in a glass jar has to be my favourite.  It looks simple, stylish and smells divine!

Make sure you check out Home Bargains for some Spring Cleaning goods, you’ll be surprised what they have to offer and at great prices!

All reviews are my own opinions and I received the products in order to write the review.

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  1. Wish they open a home bargains near us! But when we go to another town, we tend to shop there! Great stuffs!

  2. Fiona Martin says:

    Wish we had one too – they look great value!! None near Plymouth either!!

  3. I think you will pass great spring in this year.

  4. Mummy of Two says:

    Some great bits there! I have one of those red spotty bags and I love how much I can get in it! Those boxes look great for storing LEGO I shall have to invest in some for Little Mr A’s collection!

  5. Spring Cleaners says:

    Awesome tips for spring cleaning! Loved them.

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