Sky Dancers Starfly Doll – Review

Sky Dancers Starfly from Character Toys is a fairy called Airabella who magically flies and twirls in the sky guided by your hand.  Aimed at ages 5+, Miss M was the perfect age to try one of these out.

StarflyMiss M’s face lit up when she saw the doll and she couldn’t wait to try this out.  You do need plenty of room to fly the doll, so we first tried this at my parents house who have a huge empty room at the moment.  The dolls comes with a base which requires batteries, you then plug the doll in the base to charge her up.  Once charged she will last 10-15 minutes in the air before requiring a recharge.

The Sky Dancer doll does seem quite plasticy and can’t be played with otherwise, but she is quite pretty in design and really appealed to Miss M.  To launch her into the air, you simply place her on the base and press the button.

starfly 1When we tried the Sky Dancer in the air, everyone got quite excited watching her whirl through the air and Miss M was keen to follow her with her hand to guide her around the room. You need to keep you arm straight out to avoid the doll coming near to your face but as you put you hand underneath her she glides higher into the air.

starfly 2The Sky Dancer is a unique toy, very different to other toys that I’ve seen and one that Miss M has absolutely loved playing, kept her active, her younger brother Mister B has been fascinated watching and my parents were impressed with seeing something a little bit different.

She can seem a little delicate when she falls sometimes, but fingers crossed she’s survived any flying into walls.  The doll is a little gimmicky, but on the whole, for the fun, novel value that we’ve had from the doll, I’d say the Sky Dancer is a good interactive toy – it’s nice to try something a bit different.  It certainly get’s a big thumbs up from Miss M who loves playing with the Sky Dancer Starfly doll.

Here’s a little video of the Sky Dancer Starfly in action:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the Skydancer was sent to us in order to write the review.

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  1. spicers1976 says:

    7yo really wants one of these. Looks great
    spicers1976 recently posted…Planning A Holiday To Disney World FloridaMy Profile

  2. we had the something similar and my daughter love it! it is fun!
    Eileen Teo recently posted…4 Summer Crafts with Baker RossMy Profile

  3. Hi, Are you able to put a copy of the instruction guide up. Wife threw them out and can’t get this to work

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