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I never used to pay too much attention to foot care when I was younger and easily managed to wear ridiculously high heels, strappy sandals etc, but now I notice the aches and pain more now along with dry skin on feet especially around the heels.  A range that you can always rely on for great quality footcare is Scholl and I was please to try out some of their products below.

SchollScholl Fresh Step Spray is a simple to use spray that you use in your shoes to eliminate odour.  You can use the spray before or after wear, just let the spray dry first before wearing and it should keep them odour free for 24 hours.  I find this great to spray in shoes at the end of the day to freshen them up ready for the next time you wear them.  I tend to use this more in trainers, especially after a trip to the gym!

Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream is just what I need for my feet.  It pushes moisture deep into the skin to really hydrate them and leave them soft and smoother.  I find that although it’s rich it really sinks into the skin and used daily, you soon notice much softer skin all over.  It also has a pleasant gentle fragrance which leaves the feet fresh.

Scholl Party Feet are a girls best friend for high heels.  Even though I don’t wear high heels as often as I used to, I do have some heeled boots which these are perfect in as the balls of my feet tend to get a bit sore by the end of the day.  I also find these usefull for weddings and functions where you can be standing around chatting.  These are a new slimmer version but still do the job.  I find it useful to have several pairs and keep them in the shoes you wear most often.

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All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the items in order to write the review.

280 thoughts on “Scholl Foot Products Review and Giveaway

  1. For a feet treat – rub an intensive foot cream on your feet and leave overnight overnight – wear socks to keep your bedding clean. You’ll wake up to soft soft feet!

  2. Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them, especially between the toes which is where germs such as Athlete’s foot can easily breed.

  3. I used to have lovely, unblemished feet when I was younger too. Now I have to regularly get all the hard skin off with a loofah and moisturise

  4. Moisturise just before you put socks on, if they are really bad try moisturising just before bed and putting socks on whilst you sleep

  5. Keep heels smooth after every shower to avoid skin splitting and becoming painful. Use a file and creams for soft and silky skin!

  6. Regularly use a pumice stone (or similar) to keep hard skin at bay, and make sure you moisturise feet at night with any cream that absorbs well.

  7. Use a good quality foot moisturiser every day, preferably at night and then wear cotton socks to bed which helps the moisturiser to work.

  8. Don’t wear flip flops all Summer, a year of wearing them in Australia caused my feet to spread & I went up a shoe size!

  9. Cover your feet in moisturising cream, put on some bed socks and keep on over night for a gorgeous deep moisturise

  10. put a foot scraper in your bag when you go swimming so that you can slough off the dead skin when it is really soft.

  11. Gently rub of your hard skin, then cover your feet in moisturising cream, put on a pair of cotton socks and go to bed

  12. If you have really dry feet, lather plenty of a thick cream like a Shea butter moisturiser before bed. Pop on some socks and in the morning your feet will look a lot happier!

  13. Pop moisturiser on before bed with some cotton socks, then in the morning use a sea salt scrub, will keep that hard skin at bay all day

  14. every week i cover my feet in foot cream and put socks on and sleep in them for the night in the morning my feet are baby soft.

  15. I use an intensive moisturiser on my feet (especially heels) straight after getting out of the bath and I then put thin cotton socks on so the cream can soak in over a few hours, this mostly keeps hard skin at bay for me – just as well given I’m a bit on the lazy side with body maintenance 😀

  16. Put vaseline all over your feet if you’re going for a run/exercising. No chafing plus a moisturising treatment! Pawpaw cream can be used instead of vaseline if you don’t want a petroleum product! 🙂

  17. Remember to apply sun cream on hot days if going barefoot or wearing sandals – feet need protection from the sun too!

  18. For a cooling treat for tired feet- grab a couple of bottles of cold water from the fridge and roll your feet over them ( bottle must be round like a rolling pin ) you get a cool massage too !

  19. not got any tip thats why i cold be doing with this prize my heels are bad maybe should say dont wear flip flops all the time ?

  20. Treat yourself to a pedicure at the beginning and end of summer to help your feet deal with exposure in sandals, especially if you shower rather than soak in the bath

  21. pampering them with a good scrub and buffing away the hard skin, followed by rubbing them with some high moisture cream.

  22. Always dry your feet well after every bath or shower, then 3 times a week use a nice rich foot cream to moisture the feet, sealed overnight with a pair of thin cotton socks. Your feet deserve a treat with all the hard work they do.

  23. Step 1: Foot file straight after a shower or bath.
    Step 2: Heel cream with more than 10% urea.
    Step 3: cotton socks

    Leads to soft perfect tootsies!

  24. Use a pumice stone on dry heels/feet after you have had a shower, It is much easier because your feet are all soft!
    Rub on lots of moisturiser after you are finished too

  25. Put lots and lots of moisturizer on your feet just before you go to bed and put some old socks on. When you wake up your feet will be so soft!

  26. When applying Nail Varnish to your toe nails always apply a clear varnish or clear top coat varnish before you apply your coloured varnish then you will find when you remove it the colour won’t of stained your toe nails.
    Aqueous cream is cheap & great moisturizer for feet apply at night and wear some white cotton socks the heat absorbs the cream.

  27. when holidaying in places like India, Pakistan, Africa always wear footware as many locals use the ground as a toilet – you don’t know what you are walking in with the heat drying up everything – with risks of catching infections if one is cut.

  28. Always smother your feet in foot creme then put on cotton socks at bedtime,I used to have dreadful feet,hard dry skin,it was disgusting bus since doing this the difference has been incredible x

  29. don’t rush getting ready – make sure your feet are completely dry before putting anything on them. A quick blast with the hairdryer will help with this.

  30. Wear properly fitting, supportive shoes that suit the activity you’re doing but when your at home – air those toes!

  31. Apply lots of moisturizer to feet before bed then sleep with socks on to lock in the moisture. In the morning your feet will be so soft and smelling yummy!

  32. I honestly dont have one! I take awful care of my feet. I’m lucky they still let me stand on them to be honest! Will definitely be taking note of everyone elses comments though!

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