Revolution Bar – New Menu Review

Revolution Vodka Bars are renowned for a great place to go in the evenings for drinks and cocktails with friends, but not somewhere I’d really thought of going for food.  My local Revolution Bar in Plymouth has just been through a large refurbishment and are now serving a new menu which I was asked to go along and try.

We visited on a Wednesday lunchtime and my first impressions were the amazing décor, in fact I loved it.  It was totally in the style that I love with lots of interesting features, different displays, fresh plants, various seating styles from silver cafe style chairs & tables to sofas, bar stools and some large, comfy booths which we chose to sit in.

revolution 1We were welcomed when we entered the bar and once we had chosen our seats, someone immediately came over to take our drinks order.  In fact we were consistently attended to at the table which I wasn’t expecting but a nice touch.

The new menu is fairly extensive with a large range of dishes.  It has an American feel to it with burgers, salads, pizzas and lots of Mexican inspired dishes.  There are lots of interesting ingredients across the menu that make the dishes sound fresh and modern including a hint of vodka in some dishes.

Nachos are a huge favourite of mine so we opted for a sharing Nachos dish to start and we certainly weren’t disappointed.  We received a huge bowl full of crisp corn chips layered with cheese and jalapeños, topped with generous portions sour cream, guacamole and vodka salsa.  This was truly one of the most delicious bowls of Nachos we have ever had and something we will definitely be back for, perfect dish to share in n the afternoon with a glass of wine or two!

revolution 2For mains I chose the Big Easy Bean Burrito, a wrap filled with kidney beans, sweet potato, guacamole, cheese, spicy red rice, mayo, Roquito peppers and vodka salsa.  This was tasty, filling, and well presented on the plate, a very enjoyable dish.  My husband had the Moroccan burger, served with chips and coleslaw.  The chips were excellent, nice and hot with a good crunch.  My husband enjoyed the burger and was full by the end.  He said as much as he would like to have it again, there were many other dishes he’d like to try on the menu so would give something else a try next time.  The pizzas look very tempting with their stone baked bases and interesting selection of toppings.

revolution 3Although we were both quite full, I was determined to try something off the dessert menu, and opted for the cheesecake.  The most enormous slice of baked cheesecake arrived with cream on one side and a berry coulis on the other.  This was good, very creamy and rich with a crunchy base, we both had a taste but unfortunately were a little defeated and couldn’t quite finish it all!

revolution 5We found all of the portions at Revolution to be very generous in size and exceptionally tasty.  The food all tastes fresh and is served hot (not lukewarm like bar food often tends to be by the time it arrives!).  There is an excellent selection on the menu with lots of delicious looking dishes to try.  We found the service to be of a high standard with attentive staff who helped create a perfect relaxing atmosphere to enjoy during the daytime.

Both of us were impressed with both the surrounds and the food of Revolution, with it previously being a bar that we wouldn’t have thought of going to for a relaxing lunch.  It’s only across the road from the town centre so ideal to pop over too for a break from shopping or a lunch with the girls!  It is definitely on the list to go to again, I’m looking forward to sharing another bowl of the deliciously tasty Nachos over a glass of wine in the near future!!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and our meal was complimentary at Revolution in order to write the review.

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  1. spicers1976 says:

    Yummy, that meal looks gorgeous. I love nachos too

  2. Lucky you! I would love to try them when we go holiday in October!

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    You lucky thing that looks delicious! Love the look of that cheesecake!

  4. That all looks really lovely. I wouldn’t be able to finish that cheesecake either, but I’d have had to take it home in a doggy bag. I think the flags in the burgers are great 🙂

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