Real Baking for Kids with the Great Baking Set & Cake Pops

With The Great Bristish Bake Off on our tv screens at the moment, it gives us all encouragement and motivation to head to the kitchen to bake up our own creations.  My children both love this programme and it really inspires them to bake themselves and these children’s Real Baking kits have come just at the right time from Vivid Toys.  We tried the Cookie Kit and Chocolate Pen a few weeks ago, but today we are sharing with you how we got on with the Great Baking Set and the Cake Pops sets.

wp_20161002_15_51_11_proThe Great Baking Set contains all the basic equipment needed to make some mini cupcakes. You get a couple of bowls, one with a suction base to help it stick to the worktop, a 4 hole silicone baking tray, spoon measurers, an egg cracker, cake cases, icing nozzle and bags.

Miss M started off my creaming the eggs and sugar together to make a basic cake batter.

real-baking-cakesMister B being younger has not had much experience in cracking eggs so was keen to try the egg cracker.  I think this is great for really young ones as it ensures a clean break with no eggshell to remove.  Miss M being older and already used to breaking an egg prefered to do it on the side of the bowl as usual.

real-baking-cakes-2They then added some flour and cocoa powder before filling the cake cases as well as the cake pop and donut moulds from the Cake Pops set. real-baking-cakes-3The donut style moulds looked great when the cakes where turned out and the children really loved these as they looked different and fun.  Miss M was then eager to have a go with the piping bag, so she mixed up some butter and icing sugar, then added a bit of blue colouring to make her icing.  She found the icing bag easy to squeeze out of and the nozzle was a good size for icing her cakes.   real-baking-cakes-4

I love her finished creations, they look so delicious and yummy, and although I did get a little taste the children couldn’t wait to tuck in.  The cakes are actually a really good size for children and make a good treat or reward for them.  real-baking-cakes-5We then moved on to complete our cake pops.  The set contains cake pop moulds along with the donut shaped moulds, some chocolate cone shaped moulds and sticks.wp_20161002_15_47_37_proWe’d already made the cake pop ball shapes along with our cakes above, so the next step was to pour some melted Divine chocolate into the cone shaped moulds.  We put a stick in the centre and carefully balanced these in the freezer.  After about 15 minutes we took them out and I helped carefully remove the chocolate which I think looked really effective.


We then pushed the cake balls onto the top of the sticks, dipped them in some melted Divine chocolate and covered them in sprinkles.  I think they look absolutely fantastic and really effective.  It’s a shame you can only make four at one time as we would love to have made a few more at the same time.

real-baking-cakes-6 Overall we’ve had fun with the children’s Real Baking kits and the kids have been inspired to want to bake even more.  They’ve had a go at different techniques and created various things and it’s great to get them involved in the kitchen although I have to say my two are always keen when it comes to making something food orientated. wp_20161002_18_12_27_pro All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.








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  1. That looks like a really nice set. How much is it do you know? I think the cone makes mould is excellent!

    1. Fiona Martin says:

      The cake pops kit is £9.99 which I think for what it inspires children to bake is great! A few more moulds would have been nice, but the ideas are in the kids heads now and they just love baking so the kit was great fun for us!

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